Why the USSR Was Better: A Comparison of Old and Modern Domestic Performers

Why has contemporary music degraded so much since the days of the Soviet Union? Where have the talented musicians gone, and why is modern society willing to admire mediocrity? We try to get to the bottom of it all in this article.

Why modern music is worse than old music

To this day we remember legendary musicians from the USSRMuslim Magomaev, Vladimir Vysotsky, Kaia Kristalinskaya, Polad Bulbuloglu, Joseph Kobzon, Valery Obodzinsky, Eduard Khil and others, and how many talented Soviet VIAs there were! And all these Soviet musicians were recognized talents.

These are not empty words: if they were untalented, they simply would not be allowed to perform. The Soviet Union was strict about that. There was a certain GOST on everything, including musicians.

Muslim Magomaev
Muslim Magomayev - performer of the hits "The Best City on Earth," "Queen of Beauty," "About the Sea, the Sea..."

In addition, the music was created mainly by professionals. In the USSR there was specialtyOne person, usually a recognized poet, wrote lyrics, then some talented composer wrote music for his lyrics, and then the whole thing was put together by another professional. The result was good music that is not embarrassing to listen to today.

Vladimir Vysotsky
Vladimir Vysotsky was valued primarily for his poetic talent

The only people involved in this process were with a musical background. And now "music" is created alone in one evening, put more bass and auto-tune, and you will be listened to. Why does this happen, how has the attitude of listeners to music degenerated over time, and in what way is contemporary music inferior to Soviet music? Let's try to find out.

There was no autotune in the days of the Soviet Union 

Officially auto-tune registered in 1997. And there were voice processing programs before it, but they were rather primitive and too obvious for the listener. I had to sing alongThe vocal flaws were easily noticed both by the listeners and by the Committee for the Arts under the USSR Council of Ministers.

Vocalists had to hone their voices for years. And the path of the most talented musicians was as follows: music school - School of Music - numerous concerts at the DK solo or with a group, and after all this the performer could be recognized: when he earned credibility among the intelligentsia, and when his voice became impeccable.

What is it now? If you do not go into detail and listen to the text, you can even admire Olga Buzova. It seems that she, too, is capable of making some musical sounds. But this impression is not created by the talent of Olga herself - it is entirely the fault of the talents of the sound directors and managers. The same is true of other contemporary performers...

In the USSR, people were smarter and didn't want to admire mediocrity

Education in the Soviet Union was better than it is now. This is recognized in Russia and all other CIS countries. Soviet children, in addition to knowledge, received worldview, Parenting, and studied Respect themselves and the people around them. Today's schools don't provide half of that.

Schoolboy in the USSR
Happy schoolchildren in the USSR

At least today's schoolchildren have no idea of culture. It is no longer shaped by educated teachers, but by untalented musicians, bloggers, and other often uneducated elements.

In the past, because of the Soviet school and its upbringing, the musicians themselves would have been ashamed to give out something second-rate to their listeners. They would try to surpass themselves. On the whole, the culture in the Soviet Union was such that something had to be surpassed: whether it was America or the five-year plan in four years...

Now there is no need to excel at anything - anything in between will do, as long as it is "properly packaged.

The poverty of contemporary music and the quality of the performers themselves

Popular Russian rapper Pharaoh - reads about money and women of low social responsibility
Popular Russian rapper Pharaoh - reads about money and women of low social responsibility

The main genres of modern music are Pop and rap. And listeners used to have a wide choice: blues, jazz, rock 'n' roll, pop song, bardic song, disco, new wave, and many others. There was almost nothing left of this variety. Everything turned out to be unclaimed.

Let's remember another one Soviet hit:

Now lyrics and melodies have also become unclaimed. Now the same unprogressive beat can be played throughout the entire song. To it some twenty-year-old guy rhymes in a monotone voice one mate with anotherand it resonates with the audience.

Everything was clear from the beginning with rap, but the situation with pop is no better - 90 percent of modern pop singers can't sing. This applies to Buzova, Brezhneva, Kostyushkin, Ovsienko, Koroleva, Nusha, Savicheva and others... It would be too long to list them all.

The commercial orientation of today's performers

Vladimir Vysotsky's Car
Vladimir Vysotsky's car. Vysotsky himself joked that only he and Brezhnev had such a Mercedes

The original concept of "creativity for creativity's sake" was replaced by "I'll pretend I can sing if I get paid. Yes, in the USSR talented singers got paid, too big money. They lived in luxurious houses, often went abroad. But the money that goes around in the music industry now is nothing compared to what it used to be.

But Soviet musicians got the money they deserved, and it's hard to explain why our singers become millionaires and billionaires. Some of them are releasing some songs per year, but are removed In 5-10 commercials and go to various shows. It's all about the money.

The lyrics of the most popular Russian artist, Morgenstern, is just something. In a bad way, of course: every other song he writes is either about women of low social responsibility, money, or illegal substances. And some of his lyrics are. complete advertisement. Can you imagine a person passing off blatant advertising as music, and millions of people listening to it...? It's the norm now.

And that's what songs used to be about, when music was created not for money, but for the pleasure of listeners:

Musicians are making millions, but at the same time there is depletion. The impoverishment of their listeners and the impoverishment of Russian musical culture. It is not clear how long this will go on, but as long as such music finds its listener, talented performers will remain in the shadows...

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