A selection of the best songs of ZZ-Top according to the magazine "Fuzz Music"

The hottest hits of the Texas blues-rock band!

A selection of the best songs of the group ZZ-Top

The bright image of the trio with luxurious beards attracts the attention of people all over the world and even becomes the object of parody, but the real success of ZZ-Top is not associated with hats, beards and cars, but with their incredible blues-rock music. Jimi Hendrix once called bandleader Billy Gibbons his favorite aspiring guitarist, and Jimi knew exactly what he was talking about!

ZZ-Top's music has stood the test of time. Today we will talk about the 10 most popular songs of the Texas trio. So let's start from the end.

Eliminator (zz Top) album cover
"Eliminator" album cover (ZZ-Top)

10. Legs

By the time 1983 hit, ZZ-Top were already famous, charting and opening for bands like The Rolling Stones and The Doors, but it was the Eliminator album released that year that made them top stars. and, according to Gibson, set the direction for their work. On this album, the song “Legs” stands out, which was written, of course, under the impression of the legs of a girl whom they once saw on the street in New York during the rain. When the guys stopped to offer her to get into the car, the beauty disappeared. “This girl has great legs and she knows how to use them,” they said and created a new song.

9. Cheap Sunglasses

The song "Cheap Sunglasses" was released in 1979 and was very popular, it played a lot on the radio and was called the best on the album. In terms of the development of the group, it is also interesting, because it was here that synthesizers were first used, although, according to Gibons, they then "didn't really know how to use them."

8. "Heard It On the X"

Song from the album "Fandango!" has a rather unusual origin story. In the band's hometown, Texas, there was a network of radio stations whose call signs began with "X". Once these stations were blown up. Since it was with them that the future members of the group began to get acquainted with rock, country and blues, they recorded a song in honor of these radio stations.

7 Arrested Driving Blind

A song from the group's fifth album. Its name translates as "Arrested for blind driving." Many perceived this song as support for drunk drivers, but the band members themselves deny this. Dusty Hill explains in an interview: “People seem to be encouraged to get drunk and drive. Of course, this is not true at all. Billy calls this song "Don't Get Arrested for Driving with Your Eyes Closed". That is, we do not tell you: "Do not drink!", We just make music!

6. "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide"

Coming from the same album as Cheap Sunglasses, the song was written as a tribute to Texas bluesman Joey Long, a friend of the band who died in 1995. The song became very popular and was featured on the band's albums again and again until 2019's "Goin '50".

5. "Sharp Dressed Man"

Bright and stylish clothes have always been an important part of any show, and ZZ-Top know this very well. Their signature style is fluffy guitars, cowboy hats, ponchos and other Wild West-inspired paraphernalia, and of course synchronized movements and incredible guitar riffs. All this is in the song dedicated to the theme of style,
"Sharp Dressed Man"!

4. "Waitin' for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago"»

Tres Homres was ZZ-Top's next leap forward in sound and riff complexity, and finally established them as one of the best bands of the 70s. The songs "Waitin' For the Bus" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago" blew up charts and charts in different countries. Serve these two songs separately in some circles is considered a sign of bad taste.

3. "Gimme All Your Lovin'"

This song, which became the first single of the album "Eliminator", set a new direction for the band's work. In this composition, ZZ-Top took the risk of making full use of synthesizers and recorded a video for the first time in their history. "Gimme All Your Lovin'" has been called an icon of 80s pop culture.

2. "Tush"

In this song, the vocals were taken not by Billy, as was usual, but by Dusty Hill. The song came up quickly and easily when the band got together after dinner and played for fun. This lightness is also felt in the melody. "Tush" was ZZ-Top's first song to reach the Billboard Top 20.

1. "La Grange"

If other songs from this list can be arranged in different ways, then most people agree on this song - this is the group's most famous song, and a landmark one, because it set the direction for all their work. The song has been featured on many movie soundtracks and has been included in the Billboard 100 Greatest Songs list.

The main part of the tune was played on a 1955 Fender Stratocaster guitar. The song tells about one of the oldest brothels in the USA, which is located in Texas, in the town of La Grange (here's the name of the song). Ironically, the brothel closed three months after the song's release...

Of course, far from all of the group's cool, positive and relaxing songs are included in this list. Take "Doubleback" from the movie "Back to the Future" or "Blue Jean Blues". Everyone has their favorite ZZ-Top song. And most importantly, the band continues to delight us with their creativity, making a huge contribution to the world of music!

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