A selection of the best Chris Columbus movies

Love a good movie? We have compiled the TOP 10 most popular films directed by Chris Columbus!

Top 10 most popular films of the famous director Chris Columbus

A whole generation has already grown up on the films of this talented director, and some of them have become classics of the genre. In today's article, we decided to remember and discuss the brightest and most memorable pictures.

Columbus on the set of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Columbus on the set of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Each of these films has been nominated for many awards in the film industry, as well as highly acclaimed by professional film critics from around the world. Annually collecting tens and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, Chris Columbus' paintings never cease to amaze with memorable characters and captivating storylines.

«babysitting adventure"

Eighty-seventh year. The director presented the public with a kind and warm comedy about a not quite ordinary nanny, her wards, who had to face quite dangerous adventures. Plus, the nanny has to take care of not the most ordinary kids in the conditions of a large and dangerous city, but about real tomboys with character. Of course, a good ending awaits us, when the children and the nanny are happy with the adventures they have experienced.

«Alone at home"

Probably the story of this brave boy has become one of the most beloved Christmas films in the world. The magnificent script of John Hughes and the tandem with Columbus guaranteed the success of the pictures. Amazing picture of a boywho so wants to become independent, to resist adults, but, left alone with an adult and a dangerous world, is forced to show a strong character. So subtly feel and convey the world through the eyes of a child, even in a dangerous situation, like Hughes and Columbus, perhaps no one managed.

Plus, a beautiful and correct ending, forcing the young hero to understand that despite all the achievements, victories and problems in relationships, it is simply necessary to appreciate your family. The special warmth and atmosphere of this story make millions of people review it from year to year.

«Mrs. Doubtfire"

Of course, one of the keys to the success of this work was the wonderful work of Robin Williams. When the father of the family is faced with a choice and is limited after a divorce in the ability to communicate with children, the main character is forced to make a creative move. Probably, only by putting on the Miss Doubtfire costume, the unsuccessful artist understands the true feelings of his already ex-wife and the reasons for her resentment towards him.

«bicentennial man"

Robin Williams is amazingly accustomed to the role of a robot, which turned out to be familiar and close to human feelings. Surprisingly, when this film was released, the public received it rather ambiguously, and the critics smashed. But after the audience noticed that fiction can be touching and make you experience a whole range of emotions.

«Harry Potter - all movies"

It seems that the whole world can be divided into a period before the advent of Potter and after him. The writer managed to turn children's fiction into a true work of art, a direction that has affected and conquered even adults. Columbus managed to transfer the amazing work to the screens, revive it, attract a new wave of fans. It was he who created the paintings based on the first two books of the cycle. Sadly, the work of other directors and their Potter films have lost a certain zest and soulfulness.


Another warm and instructive story of the director about how difficult it is for a woman to become part of a family with children. A reverse look at the problem and situation where the new wife of the father of the family has to take care of the children, who lose their mother. A very warm and sincere drama that makes you look at the problem from the other side.

"Nine month"

The eternal theme is an attempt to have a child, his expectation and surprises for a young family. It seems that talking about this interesting stage in the life of the family has already been decided millions of times and even raised the issue in series and projects. Only the serve from Columbus, as always, turned out to be strong, with amazing and subtle humor. Moreover, an amazing cast has also contributed, giving the story a special charisma and character.

Frame from the movie "Nine Months"
Frame from the movie "Nine Months"

The only negative can be called insufficiently high-quality dubbing, but this omission rather, domestic figures in the film industry. Quite good jokes, but sometimes situations look comical and ambiguous. In fairness, it should be noted that this story is far from the best in the director's piggy bank.

«Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief"

Another story in a series of books by author Rick Riordan that have received well-deserved bestseller status. Since the director received a fairly high mark for his work in the case of Potter, he was entrusted with another film adaptation. What can you praise? Quite good selection of actors, colorful solutions, dynamics. Quite good humor, pleasant atmosphere and unusual plot twists. Reasoning on the topic: "What if the myths not such a fiction, but fairy-tale characters live next to us? Why didn't the work get the best marks? Rather, it is not for every audience, and not everyone can understand it. Perhaps fans of the original novel do not agree with the transmission of the story on the screen and catch inaccuracies. But overall, this movie is worth watching at least once.

«Christmas Chronicles 2"

Even the first part of the film turned out to be quite good, largely due to the cast. Work on the second part was entrusted to Columbus and expected a miracle. Alas, initially the script turned out to be quite boring. disadvantage in the form plot predictability also easy to notice. On the other hand, every Christmas story ends with a happy ending. Only Kurt Russell and his amazing wife manage to pull out the film, and this was not enough for the high ratings of the work.

«Only the lonely will understand"

A classic and light comedy from the nineties. Light jokes typical of that era that can make you smile. Probably, this story lacked the correct selection of actors and chemistry between the performers of the main roles.  Insufficiently worked out the line of relations mother of the hero and future daughter-in-law. Mutual understanding and respect between such different relatives is not born from scratch, but develops gradually.

Cover of the film "Only the lonely will understand"
Cover of the film "Only the lonely will understand"


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