Top songs about Baikal-Amur Railroad performed by cult vocal groups, according to Fuzz Music magazine

In those years, artists sang about labor, thereby underscoring its importance. The musicians sang for the people and about the people, to cheer up the hard workers who were going to build this large-scale project...

Recalling popular Soviet songs addressed to BAM

BAMwhich stands for Baikal-Amur Mainline - This is something much larger and more significant than just a Soviet project... This is a real world phenomenon - Stretching among the rugged ridges Siberia the railroad is more than four thousand kilometers long! No wonder the BAM has become the most expensive project in the history of the Soviet state! The construction of this phenomenal pathway took more than 12 years old! People worked hard, and this construction site was multinational - both Latvians and Azerbaijanis came here...

The harsh climate meant responding to unforeseen challenges in a timely manner and dealing with them effectively! But given the scale of the project, this seemed impossible... Big shadow of tragedy froze over this majestic highway: how many people died here - how many drivers alone... The people who finished this great job described how "there was a basic lack of axes and saws." But all these victims make this railroad even more important and valuable today...

To keep people fighting spiritx, this is where the artists from all over the Soviet Union! And not only that: even the American handsome Dean Reed visited the Baikal-Amur Mainline! He also starred in the film "I Wish You Happiness.". Valentina Paciorawho was the organizer of almost all the concerts and festivals on BAM at that time, recalled:

"Dean Reed performed with us in the summer of 1979 - he was accompanied by the Verasy, which at that time was not well known to anyone. But after the band appeared with Reed, the whole Soviet Union started talking about him!

Dean Reed
Dean Reed

The woman continues:

"I'll never forget the first time we met: he was walking toward me, all imposing and handsome... And what a lovely smile he had! I involuntarily smiled myself - it was impossible not to reciprocate! When he performed at the Yunost Cultural Center, there were no vacant seats: people were squeezing in the aisles, so eager to see and hear Dean Reed! People applauded so loudly that their ears popped! And then he addressed the audience..."

During his address, the American singer, whom in the USSR loved morethan in his homeland, he said:

"You live in a wonderful free country. You could easily live better, richer... But you are generous, kind and generous. Thank you very much, bow before you..."

After these words the whole hall gave me a standing ovation. - Some people had tears on their faces...

Dean Reed performing at BAM, 1979
Dean Reed performing at BAM, 1979

Considering BAM scaleIt is not surprising that this great construction site has been the subject of so many beautiful compositions! We suggest to remember the main songs about BAM performed by popular Soviet VOA!

"Bam's Waltz."

This composition 1977 of the year is capable of touching hearts with its sincerity and shrewd performance...

At the time of its execution, the group "Gems" experienced difficult times of "internal perestroika": in the mid-1970s the ensemble literally fell apart! Fortunately, Yuri Malikov managed to assemble a new lineup in almost 20 days!

"Building BAM".

"Building BAM". - Another beautiful composition from Samotsvetov on our list!

"Cheer up, guys,
It fell to us
To build a path of iron,
And in short - BAM!"

And here is the version performed by the ensemble "Flame.":

"Before the Train Departs."

Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov
Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov

This song, which was beautifully sung by VIA "Nadezhda"was written by the famous all-Soviet Union creative tandem, as well as the family tandem. Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov!

By the way, almost every masterpiece by these authors has become hit! A clear proof of that - "How young we were" Or, for example, "The main thing, guys.".

"Give us the Amur! Give us Baikal!"

"Verases" performed this wonderful song about the Baikal-Amur Mainline. "Give us the Amur! Give us Baikal!"

This song was written by the composer By Vladimir Shainsky and poet Lev Oshanin. The most interesting thing is that before the performance at BAM with Dean Reed "Verases" were a little-known and virtually unpopular ensemble... However, the magic they did with the sweet-voiced American made history and made the band widely famous!

Today the Verasy is one of my favorite ones VIA among domestic listeners...

"Tynda is the extremity of Moscow."

VIA "Gems"
VIA "Gems"

This composition was written by the composer Seraphim Tulikov and poet by Mikhail Pliatskovsky. From the pen of the latter were born many famous songs, such as the loud hit of the 1970s "I'll take you to the tundra"The voice was given to him by an equally beautiful performer. Cola Beldy!

"Tynda - Moscow's Extreme Point" was performed by VIA "Gems".

"The Iron Road."

Beautiful The performance is simply above all praise!

"The iron road, Like a thread, stretches...
And what's built will be left to the people..."

Why then were there such sincere heartfelt songs? Such beautiful clear voices? What a pleasure to listen to! Even such a short and seemingly uncomplicated song warming What a pity they don't record anything like that today...

Bonus - "Big hello from the big BAM"

Eduard Khil
Eduard Khil

Our selection includes the main songs about BAM performed popular VIAsBut we couldn't leave out this solo composition... Not to include "Big Hello from the Great Baikal-Amur" performed by the esteemed Edward Khil to this list would be an atrocity!

Also a great version belongs to To Alexander Morozov!

Here they are. Soviet nightingales! In those years, artists chanted laborThe musicians sang to the people to cheer up the workers who were going to build it. The musicians sang for the people and about the people, to cheer up the workers who were going to build it large-scale of the project! What the artists are singing about today is ridiculous. Nothing important, real, sincere... Oh times! Oh morals! We hope, our selection was helpful to you.

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