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Grandpa's rocking out really hard... The young ones can't even dream of it...

Everything about the album Point (2020) by Yello

The Swiss duo Yello is a cluster of contradictions and mysteries. Before forming the band in the late 70's, singer Dieter Meyer was already a millionaire, Boris Blank had no formal musical training and was a truck driver. They have been providing an excellent sound for a long time, but they are never mentioned in the same lineup as the Kraftwerk band, and it's a little strange, but understandable... They are deliberately hidden, they don't need to be: their sound is instantly recognizable. They look like investment bankers, 75 and 68 years old respectively, but they sound as futuristic as possible.

Album description and a short review

Point (2020) is their 14th studio album, which has all the hallmarks of Yello and references many of their past releases. The album's opening track and single "Waba Duba" are eerily reminiscent of their biggest British hit "The Race" with its rhythm and bass saxophone. "Way Down" is deep dub peppered with Blade Runner synths. "Out of Sight" references their biggest success in Europe, "Bostisch" even reuses the phrase "I want to see you dance" and overflows with baritone rhymes...

Each track is a miniature movie and a joy to the ears. They're just as good when they play with jazz or use the stylistics of Cold War movie soundtracks, and even the song about popcorn ("Hot Pan") is so exciting that it conjures up images of convertibles hurtling down mountain roads somewhere. On the final track, "Siren Singing," the musicians are joined by London-based singer Fifi Rong. Latin American rhythms and images of cinematic atmosphere that appear and disappear at will of the listener...

All Songs of the Point (2020)

Point continues the pure sonic prowess that is Yello's trademark, it's more than awesome. References to genres like Lounge, Trip-Hop and Trance. The mastery of Dieter Meyer and Boris Blank will allow you to put on your headphones and immerse yourself in an absolutely cosmic world of sounds. The album "Point" is now on the Polydor Records label.

1. Waba Duba

"Waba Duba" was the first single released as part of the 2020 campaign, and it's also the opening song of "Point." There's even a reference to the song "The Race" in some places, and the video is kind of fun. Welcome to the crazy musical world of Yello!

2. The Vanishing Of Peter Strong

"The Vanishing Of Peter Strong" is much darker. The sounds confirm the story told in the vocals. It's a great atmospheric arrangement.

3. Way Down

The first three songs of the album are very different... "Way Down" is very groovy and rhythmic. It reminds me a bit of the pop music of the 90's, only with the "chips" from Yello, of course: the electronic sound is on top!

4. Out Of Sight

"Out Of Sight" is the second single of the "Point" album. The Swiss guys just know how to make a good electronic sound. The composition sounds cool, makes you smile, makes you move. The whole thing is really not bad...

5. Arthur Spark

The song works with distorted voices and a wide range of synth sounds. The composition "Arthur Spark" is slightly different from the previous ones. Here the departure into psychedelic and cosmic sounds is pronounced. And the hue changes a little to a dark... To a darker hue of nostalgia.

6. Big Boy's Blues

Big Boy's Blues" features a guitar. The song is a great style to convey your song, your message. The band just creates a new atmosphere, a new world for three and a half minutes. And even though it seems to be the worlds of electronic music, they catch you!

7. Basic Avenue

"Basic Avenue" is 2:55, the shortest song on the album. The rhythm is very strong and the voice is altered. The song doesn't stand out as much, but it doesn't think to fade into the depths of the album!

8. Core Shift

In this composition, the electronic vibe of Yello again hits the pulse and rhythm perfectly and lifts the mood. Core Shift is a danceable boogie woogie. Three minutes that evoke a strong sense of race. Very simple and cool rhythm.

9. Spinning My Mind

"Spinning My Mind" is a very atmospheric track, a bit like lounge music. The rhythm is definitely not as focused as in the other tracks. However, it has a pulsation to it that will easily put you in a trance state...

10. Hot Pan

Wow! "Hot Pan" has a lot of power and is therefore quite a distinctive and outstanding track on the record. It is definitely the most brutal track on "Point".

11. Rush For Joe

"Rush For Joe" has a great arrangement, and the song itself plays with a lot of different sounds. The brass parts are great, and the track itself creates a whole new style and sound in just 3:25 minutes. Yello fans will appreciate this track!

Siren Singing (feat. Fifi Rong)

For the gorgeous finale of this album, the Swiss legends teamed up with fellow countrywoman Fifi Rong, who also does electronic music. Her voice adds a great new sound to the album - a fantastic addition and a chic ending.

Score : 5/5

The Swiss guys are still doing their thing, their music. And they're still doing it in their own style. Yello in 2020 is not so far from the music that made them famous. Fans of electronic music will point to the great evolution of the Yello band, including the technical and instrumental parts, and the sound is just...Yello! It's what made them popular, what they are today. The album has too many ups and downs to be perfect, but that still doesn't stop it from being gorgeous!


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