How Paul McCartney turned a failed Beatles song into a successful solo hit

"We thought, "Why not make something up?" So we came up with a riff and arranged it around that riff. So it's 50/50 John and I, composed on the spot and recorded on the same night." - Paul McCartney.

Unrecognized Song The BeatlesThe hit song

«The Beatles»also known colloquially as White Album, is the ninth studio album The Beatleswhich is their best-selling record. Alas, as is usually the case, not all the songs of the album were hits and were highly appreciated by listeners and critics. One such song is "Birthday". But in 90s years Paul McCartney released a live version of this song in the form of singlesand that's when she got her "a second life." So what was the path of the English rock band's initially unsuccessful song?

The Beatles' album cover (The white album)
The Beatles' album cover (The white album)

A tense atmosphere in the studio: how the recording of "The White Album" went

"White Album" practically from beginning to end was recorded in a very tense setting. Most of the songs were created during the band's visit to Indiawhere the entire group took a course Transcendental meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, which included long periods of meditation, conceived by the group as a spiritual retreat from "worldly affairs.

Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Rishikesh (1968)
Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Rishikesh (1968)

But The Beatles returned to their home country before graduation course. First, he left. Ringo, not even lasted two weeks, McCartney left after a month in India. Lennon and Harrison were more interested in Indian culture and religion and continued the course.

But in April, there was an outbreak of scandal because of inappropriate behavior Maharishi As for the attendants "The Beatles. women. Because of this, the remainder of the group in India left Rishikesh. But after a while it became known that the charges turned out to be false (which the first wife later confirmed Lennon - Cynthia), so The Beatles have offered their sincere apologies Maharishi.

The Beatles in India, 1968.
The Beatles in India, 1968.

But the problems did not end there. According to Returning In the wake of the war, the group was busy creating the famous The White Album. And then, as if a cat ran between the participants. More disagreementsThe musicians' estrangement from one another increased, and everything went wrong.

"The White Album. stress album. Never before or since have we worked in such a way that we had to spend the night in the studio. That's where people came to see us, that's where business and other meetings were held. - Paul McCartney, 1987.

Controversy The group was not just about creative disagreements - the Lennon There is a new partner Yoko OnoThe recording studio has become a regular guest, thereby undermining the entire creative process The Beatleswho are used to the unspoken rule of not allowing outsiders in the making of music.

"At first it was even entertaining, but after a while it became clear that she wasn't going anywhere, and we got uncomfortable because we were working and used to doing it our own way. Perhaps it was already habitbut usually it was just us and George Martin in the studio. - recalled Harrison.

The Beatles and Yoko Ono
The Beatles and Yoko Ono

During the writing of the album, everyone's nerves were on edge. Drummer Ringo StarrHaving failed to endure, at first left studio during one of the recording sessions, as he felt he was being sidelined and then resigned from the group for two weeks in August. The same tension continued throughout the following year and led to the breakup of the group.

The Beatles, July 1968.The Beatles, July 1968.
The Beatles, July 1968.

Having endured all the critical moments, disagreements and quarrels, on November 22 1968 year work on the famous album The Beatleswhich began back in India, has finally been completed.

"Every song is. the fruit of individual creativityThere's no music. The Beatlesthere's John with the band, Paul with the band, George with the band." - John Lennon, 1970, interview to the magazine Rolling Stone.

Already after the collapse Paul McCartney described the recording sessions  The White Album how turning point For the group.

"The problem for us has always been the world around us, not us. That has been the best quality The BeatlesUntil we slowly began to disintegrate, like during the recording White Album. Then even the walls of the studio seemed tense, strained.

"Out came the junk": the birth of "Birthday"

"Birthday" was not initially appreciated and was not very well received by the critics. The composition was born in one day, September 18, 1968. It was recorded, for the most part, Lennon and McCartney.

bitlz the beatles v studii zvukozapisi 1968 god
The Beatles in the recording studio, 1968.

"We thought, "Why not make something up?" So we came up with a riff and arranged it around that riff. So it's 50/50 John and I, put together on the spot and recorded on the same night." - Paul McCartney.

But, in fact, the song is mostly belonged and was almost entirely invented by the Paulas can be seen from the memories of Chris ThomasI was a friend of George Martin's, who was away that day.

"I told Paul a couple of days ago that there was going to be a movie on TV. «There's nothing a girl can do about it.. We decided to start the session early and then stop by Paul's house on Cavendish Avenue to watch a movie and get back to work.

Paul came into the studio first, he was just playing the riff from "Birthday"when the others began to arrive. By the time everyone arrived, he had the song almost ready. At 8:30 we recorded the rhythm track, watched the movie, as agreed, and then finished the song. It was done in one day!".

"Birthday" - an example of a return to the past, to traditional rock 'n' roll forms and motifs, although at the time of writing the song the music The Beatles In general, I have long outgrown this style.

How Paul McCartney Turned the Fate of the Track

October 8, 1990 "Birthday" got a new, more successful, life. On this day in UK was released concert version songs performed by Paul McCartney. The composition quickly became a hit.

The single was originally performed on the first recital McCartney. It rose to No. 3 and No. 29, respectively, on the Italian and UK Singles Charts

A special date in the "biography" of the composition "Birthday" became on July 7, 2010, when Paul McCartney together with Ringo Starrom performed this song for Ringo Starr's 70th birthday.

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