Pop bands that broke stereotypes and became "classics

Today we decided to remember the bands that broke stereotypes and became classics! Their hits are still relevant today, although they are several decades old...

These pop groups "broke stereotypes" and became classics

Speaking of contemporary pop musicAnd if you think that this is a "problem" only in Russia, we have to surprise you: foreign music lovers are also not happy with what they play on the radio and "pass off" as hymns. This is what, for example, users of a well-known Western forum write:

"I don't like modern pop music; it can never be considered a classic, even though it makes up a large part of the music industry. The fact is that today's songs pander to current trends, which tend to last a few months. I mean, six months from now, or even sooner, no one will sing it, or remember it... These are doomed tracks that lack depth and uniqueness... More and more often they're parodies of artists on each other."

Unfortunately, in most cases this is indeed the case. The Pop Industry "impoverished." (as many critics subtly point out), which is why this genre is often seen as a "passé," a "one-night stand. But that's not true at all! There used to be much more bands and performers who didn't work for the sake of commercialism, but for the sake of sound uniqueness, beauty of lyrics, depth of lyrics... In general - they did masterpieces. And today we decided to remember the groups that broke stereotypes and have become classics! Their hits are still relevant today, even though they are several decades old!



Pop music - is, in fact, popular music. And personally, we can't imagine the history of popular music without this iconic Swedish quartet! ABBA - It's youth and youth (and even childhood). It's great rhythms, groovy melodies, and beautiful lyrics... And also the delightful voices of beautiful women. Agnethas and Anni-Fridae! And although today these ladies are no longer "20-somethings," in our minds they will always remain ringing, beautiful and charismatic girls.

The songs of ABBA have long been classicand no one has any doubts about that. Even today they are actively played on the radio, and to be honest - we are sincerely happy about it. After all these years we are not tired of our favorite songs, such as "Happy New Year" or "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

Duran Duran

Duran Duran at a photo shoot
Duran Duran at a photo shoot

And yes: millions of people from all over the world still love music Duran Duran! Their groovy rhythms and beautiful voice Simon Le Bon It's hard to confuse it with anything else.

This group is rightfully considered one of the major stars in the world pop industry! And some critics even attribute Duran Duran "the second british invasion" - only in terms of its pop sound. The multi-million circulation and the ardent love of the public are the main evidence that this is a "classic.


Members of A-ha: (left) Magne Furuholmen, (center) Morten Harket, (right) Paul Voctor
A-ha band members

Another classic popular band on our list is a-ha. This Norwegian band has always been good at hit tunes. And their biggest breakthrough remains "Take On Me" - song, whose captivating music video has garnered over 1.5 billion views! This means only one thing: even these days, this kind of creativity is highly valued and attracts the attention of the modern generation.

I would like to mention the amazing vocals Morten Harket - he's really good at his craft!

Bee Gees

bee geese 1
Bee Gees

Speaking of iconic pop groups, we can't ignore Bee Geeswhose legendary hit "Stayin' Alive And it was with this song that the band began to be associated with the disco genre, which the members themselves did not like at all...

But "Stayin' Alive" wasn't the only thing that made the Bee Gees timeless. In fact, the band has Lots of worthy tracks - The loyal fans certainly won't let you lie.

Boney M.

Boney M.
Boney M.

Boney M., primarily the world's disco kings. But as it seems to us - they can be safely attributed to the category of popular bands.

In the '70s and '80s, there wasn't a person who didn't know about Boney M. It is a cult band in every sense of the word: its influence on subsequent generations of artists and its contribution to culture is inestimable...

Ace of Base

The band Ace Of Base...
The band Ace Of Base...

We are sure that most of our readers remember the Ace of Base. If not, we suggest you refresh your memory and listen to their landmark hit "Happy Nation.".

A beautiful band and beautiful motifs - light and unobtrusive, but quickly memorable.

Modern Talking

Modern Talking (Modern Talking)
Modern Talking (Modern Talking)

And this duo needs no introduction. Music by Modern Talking - are terrific hits to which more than one generation has passed.

The whole world has fallen in love Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Andersand felt bad when the project broke up. Despite the fact that their hits are several decades old, they still sound fresh and original... As if they were released only yesterday!



The same can be said about Roxette.

This Swedish duo conquered the world stage with their pop-rock motifs, and many of their songs have become timeless classics - even the modern generation is crazy about them! And the beautiful Marie Fredriksson became one of the most beloved performers of millions of people. And it's a shame she's not with us today...

The Beatles

Photo of The Beatles, 1960
Photo of The Beatles

And to complete the list we decided to by the iconic Beatles.

Though The Beatles The first of all, they had a tremendous impact on the development of rock, they were "popular." band. And many critics (and colleagues on stage) describe their music as "rock 'n' roll pop". As he once said Charlie Watts:

"The word 'pop' didn't mean much to me until I met the Beatles.

No offense to classic rock fans, much less the band itself, but it seems to us that the Beatles should have been on this list!

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