Who was listened to in the USSR in 1976 - part two

So, who did they listen to in the USSR in 1976? Here is the second part of our selection!

What People Listened to in the USSR in 1976 - The Most Popular Music: Part Two

Music - The best way to go back mentally to the days of our youth. As a rule, certain songs evoke warm memories and pleasant sadness, because the best moments of our lives can be associated with them!

Hits from 1976The Soviet Union, which we will continue to talk about today, is associated in many people with the carefree days of their youth, or maybe even childhood. So: who did people listen to in the USSR in 1976? Here is the second part of our selection.

Queen - "Somebody To Love"

"Queen, 1975
"Queen, 1975

One of the band's most rhythmic and uplifting romantic compositions Queenwhich was very much loved in the USSR! In fact, the band itself was very much loved in our country as well. Queen quickly conquered the hearts of millions with their melody, bright stage presence, as well as the charisma and inimitable voice of the vocalist Freddie Mercury.

Today the band is considered a cult and its songs are immortal classics.

Slade - "Nobody's Fool"

slade 4

Another British band that Soviet music lovers adored in the '70s was Slade. Remarkably, these glam-rock pioneers enjoyed much more recognition in our country than in their homeland! The secret of their success in the USSR remained a mystery even for the band members themselves...

If we're talking about 1976, the song that was particularly relevant that year was "Nobody's Fool". But that's not the only hit in the performance Noddy Holderwhich was listened to with pleasure in the Soviet Union.

Smokie - "What Can I Do"

Group "Smokie"
Group "Smokie"

"What Can I Do" - The song that instantly made tens of thousands of Soviet citizens fall in love with the British rock band from Bradford... It was very melodic, lyrical, and heartfelt. It didn't matter whether you understood the lyrics or not. The composition went straight to the heart.

Remarkably, some humorists gave the hit its own, more accessible and understandable name: "I'll find some vodka!".

ABBA - "Dancing Queen"


About the love of Soviet citizens for the band ABBA It's not surprising, because at one time ABBA were a kind of "Swedish Beatles", only in the disco and pop genres. There's even such a notion, "ABBA-mania.". Ring any bells?

"Dancing Queen" - one of the Swedish quartet's most beloved hits, which is not at all outdated these days! Anyway, the number of views of the clip on YouTube is steadily approaching a billion, which says a lot...

Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

We thought for a long time about what other foreign hit to include in our selection, and decided that we would like to skip the iconic «Bohemian Rhapsody» would be a terrible mistake. Queen were masters of their craft, and almost every song has become a classic. But "Bohemian Rhapsody" is still the band's most recognizable calling card, sung by everyone, young and old.

What about ours, domestic hits?

VIA "Blue Bird" - "Maple"

VIA "Blue Bird"
VIA "Blue Bird"

We are sure: for the majority of Soviet citizens this song became a symbol of love. Extremely sensual, romantic, beautiful... Before the song "Maple." it was hard to resist.

Today, when listening to this tune, many people willy-nilly return mentally to the warmest moments of their lives. And that's great!

Alla Pugacheva - "Arlecchino"

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

A resounding hit performed by PugachevaThe new version of the song is the most popular and the best of the new generation of children. What's more, even today's generation of children are delighted by the wind-up "Harlequino."!

No matter how anyone may feel about the diva, but still it is impossible not to admit that in her time she gave the country A lot of great hits... And many of them we still enjoy listening to from time to time.

Yevgeny Martynov - "Swan Fidelity"

Evgeny Martynov
Evgeny Martynov

Beautiful song, beautiful performance, beautiful lyrics... No wonder so many people loved it so much and still love it to this day. "Swan's Fidelity.".

"Where are you, my beloved?
Come back soon.
With its tender beauty
Warm my heart."

VIA "Kalinka" - "Everything is all right"

Another love song, but...why not?

"It's all right." - a bright hit, which was listened to with pleasure in 1976 and not only! Eh: those were the days when there was music...

VIA "Dobry Molodtsy" - "Natashka"

And the list concludes with "Natashka." ensemble "Dobry Molodtsy".

"Natasha, Natasha,
If a marvel
It happened, and it became
You're suddenly ugly..."

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