Who was listened to in the USSR in 1976

We suggest taking a little musical journey back in time, and recalling some of the most beloved hits of 1976, which the entire Soviet Union enjoyed listening to!

What people listened to in the USSR in 1976 - the most popular music

There was a lot of great music released in the 1970s! There were a lot of fun songs with a funky disco motif, but there were also more lyrical compositions "for the soul". In general - there was really a lot to listen to. But which tracks were especially popular in 1976?

Today we propose to take a little musical journey through time together, and remember some of our favorite hits from 1976that the whole Soviet Union listened to with pleasure! Let's start with the foreign hits.

Eagles - "Hotel California"


One of the most popular songs of that year is Hotel California groups Eagles. This romanticized ballad, with its slightly dark and frightening lyricism, instantly appealed to Soviet music lovers.

Generally speaking, the Eagles were very much loved in our country. But it was exactly "Hotel California." made these rockers the idols of millions. By the way: there are still legends that our native ballad "Summer Evening." groups "Flowers" by Stas Namin was inspired by this particular foreign masterpiece...

ABBA - "Money, Money, Money"


ABBA became a favorite band in the USSR almost immediately after their first appearance on stage. And almost every second track of theirs became a big hit - and not only in our country, but all over the world!

A rocking song "Money, Money, Money" was no exception. A beautiful hit with a great melody and a dynamic performance. But then again - what else would you expect from ABBA? Definitely one of the brightest hits of the 70's, which is a pleasure to listen to today, decades later.

Afrik Simon - "Hafanana"

Afrik Simon
Afrik Simon

Despite the fact that the famous "Hafanana" was released in the middle of the decade, and in 1976 it was still being listened to with great pleasure.

It may have been the single greatest success of his career. Africa Simon. But the song became a classic of the genre, and forever imprinted in the minds of millions... As we think - the Mozambican singer deserved his place in the history of music.

Boney M. - "Daddy Cool."

"Boney M"
"Boney M"

If ABBA is to be compared in popularity with anyone else, it is only with Boney M. In the 1970s this disco project became a world titan of popular music! It was the first foreign band of its kind to swirl through the Iron Curtain.

In the USSR Boney M. were not just loved, they were adored. Almost all of their songs were known by heart. Today tracks like "Daddy Cool." are firmly associated by domestic music lovers with the best years of their lives, their youth.

Pussycat - "Mississippi"

pussy cat
pussy cat

Penetrating "Mississippi." from pussy cat was also a popular hit of its time. Many people who grew up in the USSR still fondly love this track to this day.

And now a little bit about ours. of the national chants of 1976!

Alla Pugacheva - "I like it"

Alla Pugacheva in her youth
Alla Pugacheva in her youth

When, in the mid-'70s, the film "The Irony of Fate, or Easy Vapour!", song "I like it." sung by Pugacheva became an instant hit song!

The composition "I Like It" was actively listened to in 1976 - and in the following years as a whole, right up to the present day. A classic, I might add.

VIA Pesnyary - "Vologda"

VIA "Pesnyary"
VIA "Pesnyary"

"Where is my black-eyed where, and Vologda-where-where-where-where." - these lines have already become iconic!

Composition "Vologda." It was heard all over the USSR - practically from every iron. At the time. VIA "Pesnyary" were incredibly popular, and their heartfelt songs still resonate in our hearts today.

Igor Ivanov - "From the Vagantes"

It's a very bright, groovy song! It's still being covered to this day.

To many people the composition "From the Vagants" brings back exceptionally warm memories of youth and youth...

Alla Pugacheva - "Kings Can Do Anything"

Another primadonna hit that needs no introduction.

"All kings can do, all kings can do!
And the destinies of the whole earth are sometimes decided by them
But, you never know, marrying for love.
Not one, not one king can!"

"How young we were"

And the list is completed by a classic, the hymn "How young we were". Everyone has sung this song, and each one is beautiful in its own way. Here's our choice:

What 1976 hits do you remember the most?

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