These terrific songs were not performed live, which was a great omission.

Sometimes the track became a classic without ever being played live. And it's very upsetting for the fans of these rock monsters to this day...

Fans love these rock masterpieces, but the mystery is why they have never been performed live

The best way to make sure a song is true masterpieceis to present it to a live audience! Although... it's not that simple. The history of rock remembers the cases when the future hits, performed for the first time in front of a crowd, did not make the slightest impression on the gawkers! "Stairway to Heaven" Led Zeppelin is a clear evidence of that.

And there are a lot of examples when a track became a classic without ever being performed live (well, almost...). And it's very Saddening fans of these rock monsters to this day... Who are we talking about? We suggest you find out below!

"Flame Thrower" (Judas Priest)

Judas Priest
Judas Priest

In this case Judas Priest a small indulgence may be made, for "Flame Thrower" - is a relatively fresh track from 2018. But still, its absence in the concert set lists is the greatest omission from the British heavy-metal players, because the song is really awesome! And incredibly driving. We are sure that many fans would love to see their favorite band play this heavy masterpiece live.

I should add that the track was the jewel of the album. "Firepower."It's very hard to find a bad episode on it. That's what we understand - the band is 50 years old, but the quality and enthusiasm have not diminished at all over the years!

"The Show Must Go On (Queen with Freddie Mercury)

Amazing Freddie Mercury...
Amazing Freddie Mercury

Why this song has never been sung Queen in person, we don't think we need to explain. This is a death rant Freddie MercuryOne of the greatest vocalists who ever lived! The song was released in October 1991. Just six weeks later the artist was gone...

For the first time in front of an audience "The Show Must Go On" was sung by Elton John. Subsequently, the track became an important component of May and Taylor's solo concerts. Later, as part of Queen +It was performed by Adam Lambert, which did not please Freddie's devoted fans at all:

"What the hell, this song is too personal for Freddie!", I managed to find such a comment on foreign forums.

And this despite the fact that May contributed a great deal to its writing, and once said that he thought "The Show Must Go On" his brainchild. Perhaps he still has the right to decree who is worthy to perform it?

"Tomorrow Never Knows" (The Beatles)

The Beatles
The Beatles

"Tomorrow Never Knows" - is as good as a dozen or two other Beatles songs! But for some reason the Great Four didn't dare to include this track in their set list during the band's lifetime (not the members, but the band as such).

Why Tomorrow Never Knows never not performed live? The problem was the unique sound of the studio version, which was impossible to reproduce on stage. Producer George Martin was not lying when he said that this song was unrepeatable. By then the band had also stopped its concert activities.

"Hey Hey What Can I Do" (Led Zeppelin)

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

"Hey Hey What Can I Do" - a fine example of good old '70s rock! And as it seems to us - from the outside Led Zeppelin it was a grave mistake to overlook this track during the live performances. At least it's as good as "Good Times, Bad Times" or "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" from the first album.

Perhaps it's all about a style remotely resembling country music? Although there are plenty of rock 'n' roll notes and acoustics here too! It's a very rhythmic uplifting track that has been neglected for a long time. Only since the 90's have the ex-Zeppelin (the remaining members) remembered it at their concerts.

"Lazarus" (David Bowie)

David Bowie
David Bowie

Very dramatic a composition that is not an easy task to listen to until the end. At the time of recording Bowie But the fact that even in such a deplorable condition he put his art above everything else speaks volumes about him as an artist (as about Freddie, who, despite his pain, continued to record and even star in music videos).

This last Bowie's single released during his lifetime. In addition to the heartbreaking music video - Bowie's voice sounds so that we can feel all of his pain: he doesn't want to leave, it's hard for him, but he's determined to cling to life at all costs...

"Orion" (Metallica with Cliff Burton)

Cliff Burton
Cliff Burton

Almost every song Metallica The band managed to get on the live set list, but for some of the "favorites" it came very late. As in the case of "Orion." - a gorgeous 8-minute instrumental that shows us the mastery of Cliff Burton!

Alas, Burton never had the chance to shine his skills in "Orion" on stage (with its classic tones and crushing riffs), and the song did not have the honor of being performed live until demise guitarist.

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