Die Hard's attempts to become a rock idol - why Bruce Willis failed to conquer the music scene, and who Bruno Randolini is

His musical exploits were marred by criticism and many downfalls. Although, it must be given credit, despite the setbacks Willis never stopped singing.....

The musical exploits of "Die Hard" Bruce Willis.

Today, this man is known and adored all over the world! One of the most recognisable and highly paid Hollywood actors, Bruce Willis has given us all charismatic heroes of the big screen, the main one being "Die Hard" John McClane.! But in the 80's Willis dreamed of a career as a rock star, and made active attempts to achieve this title. In 1987, he released his debut album. "The Return of Bruno"which reached the top 20 on both sides of the Atlantic! The actor has also contributed to tracks by other musicians, including Pointer Sisters и Temptations. Nevertheless, his musical exploits were marred by criticism and many downfalls... Although, it must be given credit, despite the setbacks Willis never stopped singing.

First singing experience in advertising

Bruce Willis as a young man
Bruce Willis as a young man

1986 the year is notable for the fact that Bruce Willis has become a representative of the company Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers. Then he got a chance to showcase his many talents, one of which was singing. The actor sang a song using a wine bottle as a microphone! In another video, he showed off his best dance moves before grabbing a harmonica and starting to jam....

It is worth noting that during this period Willis suffered from serious alcohol addiction. When he decided to get on the path of truth and forever say goodbye to his addiction - he quit Seagram's. It was in 1988 year.

Moonlight debut.

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.
Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

From the mid-'80s to the end of the decade, Willis starred in the "Moonlighting. - American detective series with elements of comedy, parody and the grotesque, which was broadcast on ABC. The film was a great success, largely due to the well-chosen actors, between whom there was a fantastic chemistry: Willis' colleague was charming Sybille Shepherd

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.
Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

Bruce played a ballsy aspiring private investigator in the series, heading up a detective agency "Blue Moon.". But not only the cast was the highlight of Moonlighting: the project was also famous for its music! It was a great opportunity for Willis to make a name for himself and his talent ...

For the series, Willis sang several times, including. "Do Wah Ditty." and the famous "Good Lovin'"which became part of the soundtrack.

Debut on the charts with "The Return of Bruno."

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis, debut album cover

In between jobs, Willis found time to record his debut album: "The Return of Bruno" came out in 1987 year, and included 10 assorted tracks ranging from bluesy "Respect Yourself." to the tender "Under the Boardwalk.".

What is noteworthy is that the record was not released under the actor's real name, but under a pseudonym Bruno Randolini! As a result, the character created by Willis took on a separate life of his own, becoming a vivid image of the rocker from the New Jersey. And the biggest hit from the disc was the aforementioned "Respect Yourself," which featured the recording of June Poynter.

A pseudo-documentary film of the same name has revealed Bruno's "real" identity

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

Along with the album, a film of the same name was released, which was produced by famous music stars - Elton John, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson.... And they all described how Bruno's music influenced their own work. So, Starr stated that "without Bruno, the Beatles wouldn't exist.". А Paul Stanley admitted that it was Bruno who inspired the band. KISS to the brightly coloured make-up. All in all - quite an interesting comedy film that will definitely cheer you up!

The film also featured songs from the album, and at the very end Bruno gives a rousing cross-dressing concert! And while the film received high praise from critics, the record itself did not... Once Upon A Time Stephen Thomas Erlewine from AllMusic said:

"Willis may deeply believe he has vocal talent, but the album is more a testament to Reagan-era celebrity excess and baby boomer nostalgia than a piece of music."

Willis has become Hollywood's top restaurant musician

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

At the beginning of the 90-х Willis and other Hollywood superstars such as his then-wife Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone и Arnold Schwarzeneggerinvested in a chain of restaurants Planet Hollywood. Willis benefited financially from investing in the Hollywood business, and also committed to appearing at restaurant openings! Thus, he became a stage regular.

Willis often performed with his own blues band Accelerators.

Willis released his second album under his real name

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

In 1989, Bruce Willis released his second album called "If It Don't Kill You, It Just Makes You Stronger.". It also includes 10 tracks, including a cover version of . "Save the Last Dance for Me" groups Drifters. Bruno's pseudonym was not mentioned this time.

Alas, the album was not a success.

In the early 90s, he played a singing mugger

Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello in the film "Hudson Hawk."
Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello in the film "Hudson Hawk."

In 1991, the actor starred in "The Hudson Hawk. - of a rather bizarre film comedy Michael Lehmann. In the film. Willis and Danny Aiello played singing robbers who use long songs to time their crimes.

The film was brutally criticised at first, and even won the Golden Raspberry Award as a worst film of the year. Today, however, it is a classic of the genre.

"Bruno's encore."

"Little Bruno."
"Little Bruno."

The famous Bruno once again visited the public near the end of the 90's! But this time in cartoon form. In 1996, Willis voiced a character called Bruno in the animated series "Little Bruno."which tells the story of an 11-year-old spy.

The actor produced the show with his brother David, and even wrote the title song, which he performed with his band Bruno and the Accelerators.

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