How It Was: Nirvana's Last Show

The legendary rock band Nirvana broke up after the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain. From this article you will learn the cause of death of the legendary vocalist, how the last tour of the group went and what happened at the last concert

Nirvana's last tour and concert

Even though the group Nirvana ceased to exist in 1994, even now it is difficult to find a person who would not have heard of her. The legendary band was formed in 1987. Initially, it consisted of two people - a soloist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krista Novoselicha. The team for a long time could not stop at one drummeruntil in 1990 he came Dave Grohl, who held this position until the end of Nirvana's existence.

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain), David Grohl (Dave Grohl), Krist Novoselic (Krist Novosleich)
Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain), David Grohl (Dave Grohl), Krist Novoselic (Krist Novosleich)

In total, the group released four album (one album was a compilation album). The last disc was "In Utero", which was released on September 13, 1993.

Nirvana's first major problems

The audience liked the next release, but European tour in support of the record became the worst failure. While on tour Kurt Cobain seriously ill, due to which all the remaining concerts had to be cancelled.

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) in concert
Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) in concert

The first performance took place on February 6, 1994 in Lisbon. Even then, Kurt looked, to put it mildly, not very good - he was lethargic and walked with a blank look. The reason for this condition was the regular use of prohibited substances. In addition, Cobain began to take tranquilizers, which further affected his physical and psychological well-being. At times, it felt like he had completely lost his mind.

When Kurt was in France, he bought himself pistol and managed to scare the audience and photographers with a fake attempt suicides, and also directed the muzzle of a pistol at all those present. Journalist Steve Diggle, who at that time was in the same dressing room with Kurt, said that he did not understand what was happening and whether he had a real gun in his hands or not. Emotionally, it was difficult to determine what he was ready for.

In France, the legendary pictures of Kurt were taken with a gun.

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) with a gun in France
Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) with a gun in France

This detrimental action for him was the explanation: Kurt Cobain experienced not the best period in his career and experienced a serious personality crisis. Increasingly, fans saw in Kurt not a musician, but a symbol addiction and ugly lifestyle. But not only listeners and fans thought so - his bandmates Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl often held a similar opinion regarding the vocalist.

Also, the soloist of "Nirvana" began to show problems with voice. Novoselic once said that Kurt already needs to perform on stage nurse.

February 1994: the beginning of the end

As a result, February became the starting point for Kurt's suicide. TOconcerts were lethargic and boring. There was no longer that energy at concerts, and the musicians played as if they were on rehearsals.

in Milan with Nirvana local performers from "Flor de Mal" performed. Lead singer of the Italian band Marcello Cansolo later said in an interview that it was the first time he had seen Kurt in such a bad state. Vocalist Nirvana stood in a leather jacket, and when he turned to Marcello, the Italian saw emptiness and darkness. He was very sad to see Cobain like this.

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain)
Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain)

There were rumors that before the final concert in Munich doctors strongly recommended Kurt pause and try to maintain at least the health that he has left - the use of drugs has greatly spoiled condition of the vocalist.

But, despite the recommendations of the doctors and a very poor condition, Kurt still entered the arena stage. Terminal 1 in Munich March 1, 1994. Prior to this, the concerts were not going very smoothly, and this performance was no exception. Kurt Cobain he sang two songs well, but already from the third composition the vocalist began to get out of tune and completely broke his voice, which can be heard clearly on the recording. Kurt nevertheless continued the concert and was able to perform all the songs. The last concert performed by the legendary band lasted a total of one and a half hours and ended with the song «Heart Shaped Box».

List of songs of the last concert
List of songs of the last concert

The tour had to go on and ahead Kurt I had a busy performance schedule. But the next concert, which was to be held again in Munich March 2, had to be cancelled. Cobain's doctors found laryngobronchitis in severe form - it was already impossible to delay treatment. On the same day, Kurt flew to Rome, where he canceled the remaining 33 concerts. Here he made his first suicide attempt - he swallowed tranquilizers. This was the first nail in the coffin of an outstanding performer.

On March 3, the wife came to the vocalist courtney, and already on the 4th he was found unconscious. A few days later they flew to Seattle, and after in Los Angeles, where lay down rehabilitation center. In the hospital Cobain did not stay long, and soon he managed to escape. Upon returning to Seattle on April 8, 1994, Kurt committed suicide. suicide putting a bullet in his head.

There were a lot of rumors on the net about Cobain killed his wife Courtney. In 1999 the writers Jan Halperin and Max Wallace released a book titledWho killed Kurt?". It said that Courtney did not kill her husband, but by her actions she pushed him to kill herself.

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) suicide
Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) suicide, staged photo

Six months before the tragedy, the group was doing more than well. November 18, 1993 Nirvana managed to write to «Sony Music Studios the best concert in history. It was performed in New York for the series "MTV Unplugged”, and on December 16, everyone could see the performance on TV. After Cobain's suicide MTV endlessly ran the tape of this show.

Kurt Cobain became a living rock legend and his songs are still sung and covered to this day.


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