The consequences of the one time Blondie canceled their concert

All of the singers we're going to talk about today literally sparkled, ignited the hearts of millions, inspired... They had a spirit of freedom and identity, and they never cared much about their status.

Why Blondie canceled the first concert of their career, and how it turned out

blondie - a legendary band of its kind. Pioneers of new wave and punk rock (which already sounds curious in itself), they became famous for their unique sound, great tracks, which were often played on the radio waves, and a pretty Debbie Harry at the microphone! In fact, it was thanks to her that the band got its name and fame, because the charismatic Debbie attracted the audience like a magnet.

In their long career, the band has been through a lot: chart success and accusations of pop, breakups and reunions, tedious filming and touring... Blondie has successfully played more than a dozen concertsand only once did they cancel one performance. And that decision cost them a lot of money...

Backstory: a crowd of 1,200 people on the rampage

Debbie Harry, Blondie, 1980. Photo: Lynn Goldsmith
Debbie Harry, Blondie

Brisbane - one of the most beautiful cities in Australia! It's home to Her Majesty's Theatre (Her Imperial Majesty's Opera House), where a suggestive crowd of 1,200 people. They were all on edge, emotions running high... Relatively young, but already popular stars were about to emerge. We're talking about a New York band blondiewhich recently became a hit in Australia. But behind the scenes, the heat was much higher...

The band's tour manager, Ray Maguire, worried about how the crowd would react when he made the announcement that there wouldn't be a concert. He asked for additional police officers to come to the venue, just in case, and that was a smart move. When the audience heard the news, they booed and shouted loudly. Then all hell broke loose

By then Blondie already had several hits under their belt. They were still relatively unknown in their home country, but had achieved success internationally, especially in Australia and Japan. They took advantage of this success with an international tour in 1977 and 1978. But when they got to Brisbane there was a little "embarrassment".

Debbie Harry's fondness for fruit had unexpected consequences

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

On the eve of a scheduled concert in Brisbane that night in December 1977 Debbie Harry suffered from an upset stomach that had lasted several days! She went back to their motel and a doctor came to see her. Blondie had to cancel that night's show and reschedule. It was the only concert the band had ever had that had been canceled. And there was a good reason -- Debbie was sick. Ray Maguire believed that the most likely culprit for Debbie's stomach aggravation was fresh fruit. Subsequently, he said:

"In New York we don't see a lot of fruit, but here we've been going crazy for it ... I think Deborah has eaten too many cherries in the last few days."

Debbie Harry, vocalist
Debbie Harry, vocalist

But not everyone believed in this theorem. For example, some critics were convinced that Harry was not unwell at all because of the fruit, but because of excessive consumption of heavy substances. The fans had their own thoughts on the matter. But the crowd that had waited so long for this concert cared little for the real reasons. They were too busy trashing the venue...

Consequences of the cancelled performance

Blondie in 1979. From left to right: guitarist Frank Infante, guitarist Chris Stein, bassist Nigel Harrison, Debbie Harry, keyboardist Jimmy Destry and drummer Clem Burke.

Sometimes fans can be a lot tougher than they first appear. On that crazy night in Brisbane, the band's drummer Clem Burke made a big mistake when he personally went on stage to apologize to the disappointed fans on behalf of Blondie... He got up on stage, and the next second he was pelted with cans and bottles! Another moment later the angry crowd was already storming the stage, and even managed to get into fist fights with members of the band's road crew. Meanwhile, backstage, another group of disgruntled fans was throwing cigarettes at Blondie's amps, and nearly setting them on fire.

This revolt has become. main sensation in the press. Punk, which at the time was often confused by newspapers with New Wave, already had a reputation as a genre with questionable behavior, and Blondie, as one of the first New York bands associated with these styles, attracted much attention. By the end of the decade blondie will become superstars.

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