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A provocative clip that conquered foreigners...

RAM (aka Dirty Ramirez) - Sweat (2019)

The energizing RAM track “Sweat” was released at the beginning of 2019. It became part of Dirty Ramirez's solo album "TRAUMATIX" and instantly caused a lively reaction from the audience, especially after the release of the video clip, where the author appears in three vivid images at once.

About the album "TRAUMATIX" (2019)

The album, released in the winter of 2019, combines everything that was previously characteristic of Dirty Ramirez's work: loud and energetic musical accompaniment, expressive lyrics, irony over himself and the world around him. ATL, Bumble Beezy, Killa Sof took part in the creation of the album. So, ATL performed the second verse and bridge in the track "Position", where Ramirez emphasizes that for everything that is important to him, he "will stand only because he is not like everyone else."

Album cover of Ram - "Traumatix" (2019)
Album cover of Ram - "Traumatix" (2019)

From sarcastic and hooligan motifs in the lyrics, by the end of the album, Ramirez moves on to a lyrical reflection on his place in life and ways to rise from the bottom. This can be seen, for example, in the track "Exit". The composition "Sweat" is one of the liveliest and brightest in the entire album - the rocking musical accompaniment impresses from the first seconds.

Clip RAM - "Sweat"

The video for the track “Sweat”, recognized by many hip-hop fans as the best video of 2019, attracted a lot of attention. Caricature images from everyday life are mixed here with a dark, surreal atmosphere, where dark figures dance and an unknown religious cult is held.

From the first frames, the viewer enters the gym, where a cheerful and agile young man is trying in vain to lose weight. The track really became popular in gyms - it becomes much easier to do exercises with such energetic music and incendiary lyrics.

Eldar Garayev, the director of the video, obviously managed to make not just a passing video. The accuracy of the composition in the frame catches the eye and does not let go of the viewer until the very end of the clip. The unsuccessful athlete is replaced by a crazy, but extremely charismatic "dark side", who talks about his life and releases sarcastic remarks both to the viewer and to himself. The third image of Ramirez "goes" especially hard.

In the last part of the clip, the viewer is transported to a church, where a clergyman in a mask, an important element of the performer's stage image, speaks to his followers. Impressed by the sermon and blessed by their idol, they begin to dance vigorously to the fast and vibrant track.

It is enough to watch the backstage video to notice how large-scale the work on the production of the video was. A lot of people in the crowd, the active work of make-up artists and the director - the creative atmosphere instantly captivates.

Dirty Ramirez: attitude to creativity

In an interview with The Flow, Ramirez talks about his life before starting his career and shares how he sees his own work. According to him, the performer plans to develop and go beyond surrealism and the grotesque.

Ramirez does not like to talk about his life before the creation of the group - in his opinion, this is too personal information that should not be discussed in public. One thing is certain: since childhood, hip-hop culture has been an important part of the artist's life, and at the age of 15 he was actively involved in break dancing. Later, he even taught choreography to children and successfully performed with them at concerts. During his student years, he, along with his friend, working under the pseudonym Sidoji Duboshit, created the SIDxRAM project. For a long time, the group’s performances were just a hobby, but the “Mereana Mordegard” video recorded in 2014 unexpectedly brought fame to the rappers. After a casual conversation with the musicians in a chat-roulette, Oksimiron draws attention to "SIDxRAM". After he posted a link to the work of the group on Twitter, she gained a lot of fans, and already in 2016 she released the album Mochivils, which caused a positive response from listeners. According to fans, the Russian scene lacked the madness that SIDxRAM demonstrated in their tracks.

By 2019, the band members were focusing on solo projects. So Ramirez created the albums "TRAUMATIX", its continuation "TRAUMATIX ULTIMATE", "SADEASTWOOD" and others.

Songs with which "Sweat" is compared

Such bright works as "Sweat" RAM cause heated discussions. Users often share the associations they have while listening. Often they are subjective, but the atmosphere of chaos and madness is definitely present in the tracks below.

  • "Mushrooms" - "The cops don't like us that much." The composition was created by a Ukrainian group in 2016. With the track "Sweat" they are related by an energetic motive and provocative text. In addition, the clip recorded by "Mushrooms" also received a lot of attention.
  • Little Big. With the work of the famous group, the video clip has in common surrealism and cheerfulness. However, in terms of atmosphere, they differ in many ways - Ramirez's work reflects much darker sides of the human soul.
  • "2rbina 2rista". The creativity of the two teams is related both by the defiant text and the bright presentation of the clips. Perhaps fans of the track "Sweat" will also like the composition "Leaves".

The track RAM - "Pot" is provocative, causes an ambiguous reaction, and this is what attracts the attention of the audience. It is impossible not to note the work of the director of the video, which surprises with the level of quality and fresh artistic solutions. RAM continues to create, and plans to release many more of the same energetic and catchy compositions in the future.

The reaction of foreigners to the song RAM - Pot (2019)


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