The history of the popular romantic song of the group "White Eagle"

“Then I had several weddings and several divorces behind me ... It seemed to me that this song served as the beginning and continuation of this state ...”

“Because you can’t be beautiful like that”: the history of creation, meaning, interesting facts

“Because you can’t be beautiful like that” - famous hit Russian group "White Eagle". He was born from the pen of the legendary composer Igor Matvienko and no less influential poet Mikhail Andreev. The song was first released in 1997: then it was performed by a businessman Vladimir Zhechkov, however, for the listeners, the identity of the vocalist remained a mystery for a long time.

History of creation

Poet Mikhail Andreev
Poet Mikhail Andreev

Once a poet Mikhail Andreev admitted that his own, very touching story formed the basis of such penetrating lyrics:

“Then I fell in love very much! There was a girl I loved madly! I still remember her scent, her facial expressions... My heart was pounding wildly when I thought about her. But I don't want to talk about our relationship. No, this is really superfluous, ”Mikhail Vasilyevich told reporters.

In the same interview, Andreev recalled how he put a piece of paper with a love poem in an envelope and sent it by mail Igor Matvienko. At that time, Mikhail Vasilyevich lived in Tomsk, and Igor Igorevich - in Moscow. When the latter received a letter, he was fascinated by the penetrating lines, the beauty of the lyrics ... Matvienko immediately wrote a song! Later he will say:

“Then I had several weddings and several divorces behind me ... It seemed to me that this song served as the beginning and continuation of this state ...”

Igor Matvienko
Igor Matvienko

The result was a first-class hit, which was released in 1997 year. However, if everything is clear with the authors, then the identity of its performer has long been shrouded in mystery. And that was the reason for the music video.

Video clip


The music video for the song was filmed in 1997 director Yuri Grymov. As of 2022, the video has gained more than 600 thousand views on YouTube.

The main role in the clip was given to a young and hot stripper and model Tarzan, he is Sergey Glushko. Later, he would become a popular figure on the Russian stage, thanks in large part to his marriage to singer Natasha Koroleva. However, in the late 90s Tarzan could not boast of such influence.

In the video, we can see how he and the girl - his partner - open their mouths to the soundtrack, imitating the performance. This led the public to a dead end. The fact that the original vocal belongs to Vladimir Zhechkov became known only at the very end. 90s. The man never appeared in the music video.

Cover versions

We bring to your attention the most interesting and impressive versions of this hit. Below are presented as professional covers, as well as curious interpretations of enthusiasts that have gained tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

Interesting Facts

Vladimir Zhechkov with guitarist
Vladimir Zhechkov with composer Alexander Dobronravov
  • Group "White Eagle" was educated in 1996. A year later, the debut album saw the light "High flying bird". However, she did not bring much success, and it was the compositions “Because you can’t be so beautiful” from the second studio album that glorified the musical group. She remains a calling card. "White Eagle" to this day.
  • Notably, but quite successful tracks, in addition to “Because you can’t be beautiful like that”, steel and other compositions from the second album, including "How delightful evening in Russia".

  • Because of the music video, listeners have been wondering for a long time who the real performer of the romantic hit is. That it's not Tarzan, it was obvious: his imitation of the pronunciation of words was evident! And so the secret has been revealed on New Year's Eve, at the very end of the 90s: businessman Vladimir Zhechkov turned out to be the vociferous "eagle". At that time, his advertising agency was promoting drink "White Eagle". He, in fact, inspired Zhechkov to create his own group. As for the star of the video, Tarzan, he later became a celebrity, but the song “Because you can’t be so beautiful” never performed.
  • At first Vladimir Zhechkov did not plan to perform this song personally. As a performer, he considered the solo artist Alexander Lensky, whose producer he was. However, in the end, he was not satisfied with the result, and he decided that he himself would give this touching composition his voice.
  • In 2010, the public heard two bright and interesting versions of the old hit at once: first, performed by Sergei Mazaev, a little bit later - Alexander Marshal.

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