Ukraine's Yuri Bardash released an anti-Kiev track and was persecuted in his home country. What happens to him now

In early July, Ukrainian artist Yuri Bardash released a new track - POZICIYA 2022. In it the musician criticized the Ukrainian government and was persecuted in his home country. What's with him now and who else of the famous Ukrainians supports Russia? We will find out in this article.

Poziciya (2022) - Yuri Bardash from the band Gribi was hounded in Ukraine because of his new anti-Kiev track

At the beginning of July, the Yuri Bardash came out new track. He has already gained popularity because in the song the musician came out in support of Donbass and instead of criticizing Russia's actions, as other Ukrainian artists did, Bardash criticized the Kiev authorities.

Yuri Bardash
Yuri Bardash

For those who do not know who Yuri Bardash is, let us remind you that he was producer groups "Quest Pistols"and founder of the group "Mushrooms"He was also the producer of the singer and the singer's music video, "Melting Ice. He was also the producer of the singer Moon and the popular Ukrainian pop-rock band "Nerves".

Also in 2018, Yuri Bardash released a track that became a hit PRAKTIKA about the everyday life of the working class. Since then the musician has been treated not as a mere rapper, but as a meaningful creator with unique works.

Yuri Bardash POZICIYA 2022 Antique track

Yuri Bardash's track is called POZICIYA 2022. In it, the artist sings about how Ukrainian stars were partying and dancing while murders were taking place in Donbass:

"Again, I know these people.

For eight years a cemetery of children grew up.

And we kept circling and circling, we were getting paid royalties for it.

With the easy hand of the crooked jester.

Well, really, what's the big deal?"

The singer himself - native of the LNRHe was born and grew up in the city of Alchevsk. For some time the musician lived and worked in Kiev. In 2022, after the start of a special operation, Yuri Bardash called on Ukraine to capitulate to Russia and said that Ukrainians' condemnation of Russia's actions leads to confrontation between peoples. In the track he develops this thought:

«Father and mother blessed it:
To kill my brother.
Yes, parents are heavy content.
She is the country and he is the president.
Well, really, what's the big deal?
Turned soccer hooligans into murderers,
Stranglers and bloodsuckers.»

Yuri Bardash
Yuri Bardash

Before the release of this track, Bardash criticized the Ukrainian government and the development of Russophobia in his homeland on instagram (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation). He criticized the Ukrainian leaders and for what happened to Donbass. The musician believes that it was their fault. For this, the artist was harassed by the Ukrainians. In a conversation with Readovka, Bardash said that they wanted to initiate a criminal case against him:

«Good friends told me that Zelensky had decided to make a case against me, and I had to leave immediately. I took only my backpack with me. I wandered to Georgia, then to Abkhazia.»

Why Yuri Bardash was hunted down in Ukraine

After the release of the track POZICIYA 2022 on the same day the music video was made for it. The video was directed by Vasily Kharkov. Now the clip has been viewed by over 100,000 people on YouTube.

The clip shows footage of atrocities by the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass. The video and the song became manifesto against the massacres of the AFU army and fighters of the National Security Forces. But his wife stopped communicating with the musician because of this video. As a result, she left the musician and forbade him to communicate with the child.

And the musician himself recently arrived in Moscow. He was warmly received there, and Bardash said that he was very happy to come to Russia. Even though this arrival was somewhat forced. But the musician came to Russia for security reasons - he is not going to stop making music. And his attitude to the Ukrainian government did not get any better after the harassment.

In Russia, Bardash plans to continue making music, criticizing Ukrainian politics and supporting his fellow countrymen from Donbass. By the way, the singer damaged relations with Ukrainians by the fact that he spoke negatively about musicians who support the Kiev government and the Ukrainian armed forces:

"How long will you kill Ukrainians with your stupidity? They are collecting for "Bayraktar"... Are you kidding, the Americans can print so much "dough" for it! That's not why they need you. They need you to legitimize the war. I don't feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for those who didn't wait and didn't wait for their boys, their grandfathers, their men. They all lost them. I pity those people. Your job is to stand in front of the cameras, to collect money for a bailout, and what we had a tax on the military levy, where is it all?

Who else among Ukrainian celebrities supports Russia

Yuri Bardash is the only popular Ukrainian who was not afraid to speak so loudly in support of Donbass and Russia and to criticize the Ukrainian government. But there are some Ukrainian stars who either simply do not speak out about the special operation or have remained in Russia since it began and continue their concert activities here.

Potap and Nastya
Potap and Nastya

Such stars include, for example, the pop duo Potap and Nastya. Even at the beginning of the conflict, they were calling for peace:

"We have a lot of concerts in Russia! And we are very grateful to the Russian audience, the Russians, that you love us! Believe me, we Ukrainians love you no less! We don't understand why there can be any conflicts! We are for peace, we are for love, we are for friendship! We are your brothers!"

Now the duet Potap and Nastya continues to give performances in Russia and thanks the Russians for not chasing the artists from Ukraine off the stage.

Ani Lorak
Ani Lorak

A similar position is held by the singer Ani LorakShe has been calling for peace for years, and she does not condemn Russia's actions. She has been calling for peace for years and does not condemn Russia's actions. For this she is fiercely criticized in Ukraine and has been the subject of numerous photo-jabs.

Vladimir Bystryakov
Vladimir Bystryakov

But among the not-so-famous stars there are many who openly criticize the Ukrainian government. For example Vladimir Bystryakov, a famous composer and pianist. He regularly appeared on opposition TV channels, criticized nationalists and blamed them for the plight of his country. The musician is now living in Berlin because of the possibility of criminal charges being brought against him in Ukraine.

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