How Girl in the Bar Became a Breakthrough and an Obstacle at the Same Time - The Story of Primus

Many listeners note that their acquaintance with Primus began with the album "Journey to Rock and Roll" with Loza on vocals. And that after the departure of the latter, the interest in the work of this group actually faded.

Do you remember "The Girl in the Bar" - what became of the band Primus after the success of the hit

Today, this team has many forgottenbut once his name was legendary all over the USSR! In the 80's hit "The Girl at the Bar" or "Buy me mom." The song was played by Yury Loza, and it turned out that it was performed by Yury Loza. Alas, along with its resounding success, Primus was subjected to a barrage of criticism. The band was "blacklisted", after which its history was no longer the same.

The story of Primus itself began with an introduction in the 1980s Yaroslava Angeliuka and Alexander BodnarThey complemented each other perfectly: one had talent and the other had the latest equipment. But as fate suddenly brought them together, they later split them apart...

The Early Years and Introduction to Loza


The band was formed in Moscow, and its founders were the mentioned Angeluk and Bodnar. At that time YaroslavHe, who already had experience as a musician under his belt, had well-established connections and could effortlessly obtain the most state-of-the-art equipment - synthesizers, speakers, amplifiers... In general, he was mainly responsible for the technical issues, but the guys wrote the lyrics together. They called themselves "Primus." (from Latin "first") and really became the "first" Soviet electronic band.

The group included a pilot Igor Plekhanov and emergency physician Sergey Korovin. But despite the specific professions, there was definitely musical talent. The emphasis was on the sound, which they tried to bring closer to the standards of the new wave. No one knows how the fate of the project would have developed had it not been for a fateful acquaintance with Loza. It was with Yuri Eduardovich that the landmark album was recorded "Journey to Rock and Roll."which turned out to be a success as well as a problem.

The success of the album

Primus Group
Primus Group

"The Journey to Rock 'n' Roll remains big hit of its time! Songs from this album, such as "Girl in the Bar" or "Baba Luba," came from every iron! Circulation was cosmic, and even some foreign music lovers were delighted. Today it's hard to believe that the future masterpiece was recorded on a "Note" tape recorder, so the quality left a lot to be desired. want more. But people were stunned by this result, and they didn't care about the defects in quality.

Suddenly, at the height of his fame, Loza leaves project and literally disappears from the radar. The reason? An extremely furious article in Komsomolskaya Pravda, in which the composer Alexander Morozov he trashed the song "Girl in the Bar," describing it (and Primus's work in particular) "anti-Soviet." and "the corruption of young minds.

Big problems.

"Old Primus."
"Old Primus."

On the wave of success, the band hits the "blacklist" The Ministry of Culture at number one! The participants of the "anti-Soviet and mind-destroying" project begin to receive special attention. Since Angeluk was a profiteer, he had to fear the most: for a long time he was literally "hopping" in rented apartments in the capital, because he was threatened with a serious article...

Not giving up hope, the Primus dare to play a concert in Golitsyno-2, which was not a rescue for them, but aggravation positions. It is worth noting that many in the political department of the military camp were on the side of the musicians and were in no hurry to believe in the "anti-Soviet" sentiments of the band. But an unknown crank, who decided to buy all the tickets to the concert, not just "ruined the raspberry", but literally "threw a piggyback"! This story is very long and confusing, but in short - the members of "Primus" were accused of in ticket speculationThe band had a very hard time afterwards: they didn't let us perform or work properly. Subsequently, it was very hard for the band: they didn't let them perform or work properly, and in the mid-80s there was a complete stagnation.

"Old Primus" with a new sound

"Old Primus."
"Old Primus."

Soon the group had a new unpleasant test - They stole their base with equipment! This was the last straw: the participants were on the verge of moral decline, and the founders, Angeluk and Bodnar quarrels. Their paths diverged, and the history of "Primus" ended there. But there was more to come...

For some time Alexander worked as a sound engineer in "Blue Guitars", but at the end of the 80s he made up his mind and founded "Old Primus.". The band switched to the side of electropop, and even enjoyed popularity. The most popular songs of that period were "Two Subway Stations", "A New Year's Tale", and "Don't Drive Me". But no matter how you look at it, it was already a completely different project, and it's impossible to compare it with the Journey to Rock 'n' Roll era.

Many listeners note that their acquaintance with "Primus" began with the album "Journey to Rock and Roll." with Loza on vocals. And that after the departure of the latter, interest in the work of this group actually died out.

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