Why Prince loved purple so much

Prince or not, there was something truly royal about that star, and that seemed to be part of why he liked wearing purple so much...

Why Prince loved the color purple, and always wore it

What makes you real musical icon? Well, some of the same factors that can contribute to success in any walk of life: charisma, motivation, talent, opportunity, a chance fateful encounter that can also change the course of one's life... But it's not just about that. To truly stand the test of time and become a pop culture legend, you need certain person. A sense of style. Those rare musicians who reach the very pinnacle of success have something special. They have a commanding look and image that literally puts the audience in a trance...

No doubt about it: Prince was an icon in the truest sense of the word. In January 1997, in an interview, emphasizing his then-identity as an artist known as Prince of Pophe looked around his luxurious property with his hand and said:

"As you can see, I'm not broke, as rumor has it."


By that time he had sold More than 100 million records around the world, which cemented his legendary status. Prince or not, there was something truly royal about this star, and it seems to have been part of why he enjoyed wearing it so much purple. So much so that some fans even dubbed him "Purple.

A Little Background: Why Tyrrh Purple is Such an Expensive Hue

Purple Rain movie (pictured by Prince)
Purple Rain movie (pictured by Prince)

The world's nobility, royalty, and other dignitaries tend to have a taste for the finer things in this life. This penchant for luxury is often associated with travel in higher circles, since, historically, rich people like to dress in purple.

Chief Librarian Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, Jennifer Coleman Bracchi, explained the reasons for this association and how long ago it came about. The fact is that the dye known as Tyrrh purplewas something more special than simple combinations of blue and red. It is reported that Tyrr purple dates back to the Phoenicians in 1200 BC. Snail slime was used to create this rare hue, and the creation process was so painstaking and expensive that only the upper classes seem to have been worthy of it.


According to history, the leaders of the Byzantine Empire literally lived in purple: they wore clothes of this color, decorated their houses with it, and so on. And some Roman emperors even forbade their men to wear this color! But that was kind of silly and pointless. In fact, they had nothing to worry about. Tyrrh purple was such a rarity that only its shade was revered, and its production was so expensive that on an average worker's annual salary he could buy only a small amount of wool. What are we talking about?

The production of an ounce of dye required about 250,000 Bolinus brundaris sea snailswhich made it clear that it was the very last word in luxury. Prince, being a superstar himself, seems to have fallen in love with purple for that very reason. And his half-sister later confirmed it.

Not one, but two: whether Prince loved yellow


You may not have known it, but Prince's name was his real name: Prince Rogers Nelson was born in 1958 and grew up in Minneapolis in an African American family. He subsequently became a star attracting worldwide attention, and it seems that his great love for wearing purple is related to the royal image he created for himself.

In August 2017, after the star's death, his half-sister Sharon Nelson discussed the subject. She stated that wearing purple "always made him feel like a prince," going on to say that "he especially loved purple because it represented royalty." However, Nelson also noted that her brother had room in his heart for other colors. And, perhaps, for devoted fans who are used to associating Prince's name with "Purple."It became more than just a loud statement...


Tika Nelson - the musician's own sister, who visited the exhibition after his tragic death "My Name is Prince." (which opened in London in October 2017 and showcased many memorabilia belonging to the icon). Among the rarities was a guitar cloudThe models came in a variety of colors, but the most noteworthy was the bright yellow instrument, of which Tika said the following:

"It's weird because people always associate purple with my brother, but really his favorite color was yellow. Or at least it was another one of his favorite colors.

Prince's legendary guitar
Prince's legendary guitar

Unfortunately, the musical maestro himself is no longer around to settle the dispute, but this statement is quite consistent with the vibrant lifewhich he led.

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