Top of Prince's "guitar magic" moments

Today we decided to present you the best moments of his "guitar magic" and, perhaps, to dispel doubts about Prince's abilities as a guitarist.

Remembering Prince's Best Guitar Moments

The famous singer and all-round musical idol, Prince - Much more than just a pop star. An incredibly gifted performer, he was far from the title "dedicated guitarist."but is still regarded as one of the finest players on that instrument the world has ever seen. While it is easy to get lost in the pomp and pageantry of his performances, one must never forget that underneath it all was a searing, incisive and brilliant guitarist who managed not only to capture the world's attention, but to integrate it into his coherent sound...

Throughout his time in the spotlight, Prince was never tied to one style or genre. He would pick up and then put down more and more instruments with unparalleled ease, which meant that many of his skills blended seamlessly with his creativity. But consequently, it made Prince one of the most of underappreciated guitarists of all time. And that's too bad, because this man was a genius in everything that concerned the guitar. Today we've decided to present to you the best moments of his "guitar magic" and maybe dispel doubts about Prince's abilities as a guitarist.

"I'm Yours"


Prince's 1978 debut album presented 19-year-old Minnesota nativewho played all the instruments, sang a great falsetto, and was also the main producer! And it was on the final track "I'm Yours" a kid who is not yet known to anyone has challenged the guitar...

The five-minute composition showcases the bright sound and astounding talent of a young boy who was confidently treading his way to Olympus. At the age of 19, Prince could already produce the kind of amazing soundswhich for many people took decades to perfect...


The second album showed how strongly matured artist in just one year! With his track "Bambi." Prince brought a much dirtier, much more dangerous and certainly more exciting vision, while the rock world seemed to be taking a nap, letting the figures of previous decades be the center of attention...

"Bambi." is endowed with a gorgeous roaring solo that gives you goosebumps! The young artist plays as if he were already the legend (However, it will become one very soon).

"Lady Cab Driver."


Prince and Funk have always gone hand in hand. This probably won't be a revelation to devoted fans, but if you're far removed from his work, the track "Lady Cab Driver." will allow you to get to know our today's hero a little bit better, to understand who he has always been and where he was going.

"Lady Cab Driver." - An eight-minute jam in which Prince combines all facets of music and expression. The influence is clearly felt here. Nile Rogersand there is a rousing rhythm as well. As the performer himself once put it:

"If you have no rhythm, you might as well take up embroidery or something like that!"

"Let's Go Crazy"

Legendary Prince!
Legendary Prince!

The opening track from "Purple Rain" is certainly landmark moment in the seminal album.

The song is bubbling and just buzzing with life, but it's Prince's guitar that takes it to the next level, matching the joyful intensity and letting the audience know what's next for the record... "Let's Go Crazy" not only hides some of the idol's best riffs, but also contains two terrific solos! In keeping with the title, this is one of Prince's craziest songs.

"Computer Blue."

"Purple Rain" is by far the most guitar record Prince. In fact, many, including Eric Claptonhave proclaimed this album to be a defining moment in the continued spread of rock on the airwaves. And it's hard to argue with that, especially if you listen to the whole track list.

"Computer Blue." - a gem, endowed with dynamic riffs and serious playing.

"When Doves Cry"

Singer Prince!
Singer Prince

"When Doves Cry" - is not just a classic song: it is also an indication of how incredibly musical Prince was. He demonstrates sincere guitar talent throughout the entire song! But perhaps nothing is more impressive than the unusual squeaks he extracts from his guitar at the beginning.

Definitely: one of the strangest pop singles in the history of music, but also one of the best.

"Purple Rain"

Purple Rain movie (pictured by Prince)
Purple Rain movie (pictured by Prince)

Classicwhich needs no introduction: as far as milestone moments are concerned, there is no more to a musician's career than "Purple Rain".

"I never meant to upset you,
I never wanted to hurt you,
I only wanted to see you laugh once,
To see you laughing in the purple rain..."

And lastly, we offer you more 3 great tracksThe guitar magic of Prince, one of the most passionate and revolutionary artists in history.

"Electric Chair."

"She's Always in My Hair"

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

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