His royal wickedness: Prince's wildest beliefs according to Fuzz Music magazine

At times he did things that no other musician would even think of! And here are the most unusual ones...

What You Might Not Know About Prince - Pop Idol's Top Oddities

Rising above the world of music as an indispensable beacon of creativity, Prince was a real mystery and someone who has struggled to keep his cards close to his chest throughout his career… This man’s influence on popular culture extends far beyond just music… Often dodging questions that reveal too much of his personal life, Prince never let the media get too close, which only added to his mystique. The singer rarely allowed "mask slip off", and while more stories about his personal life have surfaced since his death, it still remains unlikely we'll ever know. The "real" Prince... He lit up the world with his bright artistry, creativity! He had more talent in one finger than most musicians in their entire body! However, Prince's demeanor and general oddity is just as important to his legacy as the albums he has released. At times he did things that no other musician would even think of! And here are the most unusual of them ...

He did not believe in time


The singer saw the concept of time as a social construct and never followed it. He claimed that because of this, he remained young, despite aging in the traditional sense of the word. Prince lived his life in his own time zone, and when the magazine Notorious Magazine asked him about it, he said:

“Maybe your magazine won't print it, but I don't believe in time. I don't count. When you count time, you get old ... "

He hated eye contact

Michael Jackson, Prince...
Michael Jackson, Prince...

It's amazing that Prince never been forced to defend himself before an industry tribunal given how he treated his team… He had a penchant for firing employees for harmless things! For example, he once fired a member of his team for making eye contact... In the same part with Notorious an anonymous member of his team said:

“We were not allowed to look at him or talk to him. I literally saw him fire a guy for looking at him! He just said, “Why is this guy looking at me? Tell him to leave!"

He was a nightmare tenant


At some point, Prince rented the former striker's mansion. Chicago Bulls Carlos Boozer in Beverly Hills. And soon the insane repair work began ...

“Prince has changed the entrance gate by adding his sign on it! He turned the master bedroom into a barbershop, he added a lot of purple to the interior, and he also chiseled out the walls and changed the molding on the top of the ceiling!” recalls former teammate Carlos Boozer. “Buz was furious. He was so angry, so angry... He said, "I'll go over there and beat him up!" But then some man said, "Here, Boozer, here's a check for a million, he'll take care of everything, return everything the way you want it." And Booz said, "That little man is fucking cool!"

He hated small talk

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

Matt Damon used all his star power to face Prince backstage after he took his daughter to her first concert when she was 10!

But... things didn't go as planned. When they met backstage, Prince didn't have time for small talk with Damon. The actor recalls:

"I asked him, 'You still live in Minnesota, don't you?' And he just turns around and looks me straight in the eyes and says, “I live in my own heart, Matt Daemon.” We could reach out and touch him! But in a way, he was out of reach… I turned to my wife and said, “We have completely ruined this child. This is her first concert!

He refused to release an album

Plate The Black Album was postponed after Prince lost confidence in her: he could not understand whether his last work was suitable for the current landscape. The musician came to this decision after he took illegal substances and talked himself out of the record he had previously believed in.

During that lucidity of mind, Prince believed the album was an "evil" entity and demanded it be put on the shelf - just a week before it was supposed to go on sale!

He hated the Kardashian family

The Kardashian family
The Kardashian family

The musician was a big fan of the series "New Girl", and even contacted the actress Zooey Deschanelto make a cameo appearance in 2013 year, which, of course, they did! However, things didn't go so smoothly on the set... The writers created a storyline to involve the musician in the series, and in the end decided to throw him an exclusive celebrity party at their house! Given that it was a high-profile party, they needed to fill the room with real celebrities. As a result, the production staff managed to attract Khloe Kardashian and her mother Chris Jennerhowever… their efforts were never appreciated.

According to Deschanelon the day of filming Prince asked who they hired to attend his celebrity party: "I hope it's not Kardashian", - he said. Prince reportedly told the production staff that he would never invite the Kardashians to any of his real parties, so why would he invite them to a fictitious party? As a result, production personnel had to quickly withdraw Kardashian and Jenner from the set before Prince noticed them. They then went so far as to destroy all evidence that the Kardashians were ever part of the episode, literally burning the script and call sheets so that the musician would never know of their involvement.

He changed his name to a symbol


“The first step I took towards the ultimate goal of freeing myself from the chains that bind me to Warner Brothers, there was a change in my name from Prince to a symbol," the musician once explained in a press statement. IN 1993 year Prince faced a difficult working situation after his record label demanded that he stop releasing music at such a high rate if the market became saturated… However, the business side of things never occupied his mind.

"Prince is the name my mother gave me at birth," he wrote in a statement, "Warner Brothers has taken that name, trademarked it, and used it as their primary marketing tool to promote all of the music I wrote. I became just a pawn used to make more money for Warner Brothers…”

Therefore, the singer changed his name to a symbol and fought for his creative freedom!


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