Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury - Incredible friendship and fun...

Most likely, we will never know if this amazing night actually happened ... But we would very much like to think so!

The story of Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury's friendship: Night escape from the palace, fun at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern…

This amazing story happened when both of our heroes seemed to be at the peak of their international popularity ... In 1981, Diana marries Prince Charles. From that moment on, her ambiguous "love" story, unique style and pronounced personality were admired by millions of people ... Actually, the public has retained love for Lady Di to this day.

Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana
Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana

Since Diana was the wife of Prince Charles, heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, her every step was under strict control ... And both the royal family and the yellow press. However… the lady managed to elude her duties more than once. And a trip to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern is one of the highlights!

How did Princess Diana get into the walls of a scandalous nightclub?

The story goes that Diana, Freddie Mercury, Cleo Rokos and Kenny Everett gathered at the latter's house for a drink and some relaxation. They decided to watch one of the princess's favorite TV shows, the Golden Years show. Soon a funny game was invented: they lowered the volume of the TV and improvised the dialogue of the characters on the small screen, creating funny stories, much more spicy and carefree ... Everyone laughed, including Diana, who, according to Cleo Rokos, shyly covered her face with a pillow ...

Freddie, Diana
Freddie, Diana

Diana later asked what the trio were going to do that night? To which Freddie replied that they were going to have fun at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. The princess was fascinated by the mysterious name of the place, which she had never heard of... Diana expressed her desire to accompany them, but Freddie, Cleo and Kenny tried to dissuade her. Such a scandalous place had nothing to do with her aristocratic position as a princess! But she wanted to continue the evening and did not accept the refusal as an answer ...

The potential consequences of getting the future Queen of England into a noisy nightclub, and even in the wild 80s, horrified Rokos:

“We begged her: “Think! What will be the headline if you get caught in a fight, and even in a scandalous bar? But Diana was full of excitement ... ”the actress recalled in her memoirs.

In the end, Freddie reassured his friends and accepted Diana's request.

“Okay, let the girl have some fun!” - he said.

What happened in the club?

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is one of those infamous places where late-night squabbles are treated as normal. This club has always been full of people, and if there was any incident with Diana, it would be immediately reported in the media! And obviously the princess would be in serious trouble...

Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Royal Vauxhall Tavern

But the first lady of Great Britain came up with a cunning plan that seemed perfect: she disguised herself by wearing a military jacket, sunglasses and a leather cap! The story goes that a princess disguised as a man easily entered a scandalous establishment...

Later, a participant in the evening - Cleo Rokos - spoke about this in her book:

“We slowly made our way through the crowd until we finally reached the bar. We laughed and pushed each other like naughty schoolchildren!”


“When we entered the club, we thought: “Damn! Obviously, this is Princess Diana! She can be exposed at any moment ... "But people seemed to simply not pay attention to her ... And she liked it!"


“Diana and Freddie were giggling all evening. Later they ordered white wine and beer. Looking at her in the semi-darkness, we decided that the most famous icon of the modern world can just ... Just pass for an eccentrically dressed gay model!

Life of Princess Diana: Details that many did not even know ...

Princess Diana is one of Freddie's famous girlfriends
Princess Diana is one of Freddie's famous girlfriends

By that time, Diana was not just the future Queen of England: she was perhaps the most famous woman in the world. Her wedding to Prince Charles was watched on television by a staggering 750 million people - that's over 16% of the world's population at the time! And yes, this day has been declared a national holiday in the UK. The paparazzi hunted for photos of Lady Dee wherever she was. Already a young mother, her every move was carefully analyzed and published in the tabloids...

It may seem like a joke, but the royal was a big fan of rock stars like Elton John, Freddie Mercury… And while her relationship with Elton was well documented, her friendship with Freddie largely went unnoticed… At least until 2013 until actress Cleo Rokos told the incredible story of the couple in her memoir.

Princess Diana was a big fan of Dire Straits!
Princess Diana was a big fan of Dire Straits!

Diana's relationship with the royal family finally deteriorated after she divorced Charles ... And, despite the fact that she was staying at Kensington Palace, she made sure that "spy cameras" were installed throughout the residence. This was later confirmed by journalist Andrew Morton:

“She left the walls of Kensington Palace, with its spy cameras and overly vigilant courtiers, and headed for her favorite stretch of beach on the Dorset coast…”

Diana is one of the first and most influential LGBT advocates!

Despite the objections of Queen Elizabeth, Diana often spoke on behalf of AIDS patients at a time when the public (often due to erroneous press reports and medical misinformation) was full of misconceptions about the emerging plague ... In 1987, Diana was talked about around the world when she met and shook hands without gloves with a dying AIDS patient at the opening of Britain's first clinic specializing in the treatment of the disease. At the time, many people thought that HIV and AIDS were still transmitted through superficial physical contact and saliva, which made her gesture a shock to millions...

Diana visited hospitals around the world and also made donations to the National AIDS Foundation and other charities. She continued to hug patients and explain to the world that it was safe.

“HIV doesn't make people dangerous, so you can shake hands with them and give them hugs. They really need our help…”, said Diana in 1991.

Her beliefs have clearly been passed on to her children: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have spoken openly on social media about LGBT rights.

Lady Diana was a close friend of fashion designer Gianni Versace, who tragically died just a few months before Diana died in a car accident ... It's an amazing fact, but the death of the princess was the impetus for the creation of the song "No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young) » group Queen. It was during the work on this composition that the classic composition united for the last time ...

In conclusion…

Over the years, a sea of speculation has been put forward about Diana's trip to the famous Vauxhall tavern. Was it really? Or is it just a beautiful story that is nice to read? Here is what Freddie's assistant, Peter Freestone, had to say about this:

“Perhaps, but it didn’t really happen. After 1980, Freddie had very little in common with Kenny Everett. If he went with the princess to the club, he would never shut up about it. He would tell this story to everyone who came to his house. Who knows, but I believe that this is not true, because it would be very difficult for Diana to slip out of the palace ... Yes, and this disguise ... The paparazzi saw her so often that no costume would have saved her ... "

Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett
Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett

Most likely, we will never know if this amazing night actually happened ... But we would very much like to think so!

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