Meet Pritish, the world's fastest 11-year-old drummer

"When I was very young, I used to beat the rhythm with toys all the time. I couldn't sit still and play - the fact that my hands weren't beating anything seemed wrong to me. That's where my journey to the drum kit started!"

How an 11-year-old boy became the fastest drummer in the world

What comes to your mind when it comes to the fastest drummers? Bearded and very brutal heavy metallers with muscular arms? Young and energetic musicians with long hair? In fact - the image can be absolutely anything, because in the speed of arms and talent it does not play no role!

Today we decided to introduce you to a very promising and, so far, the youngest and fastest drummer in the world! And his name is Pritish (or Pritish ARas stated on the YouTube channel). This guy doesn't have a beard or muscular arms... And yes: he's only 11 years.. But he's already broken the Guinness record - the kid gives out 2,370 beats in one minute!

"The Longest Minute in Life."


At the moment, Pritish, native, by the way, down underis the fastest drummer on the planet! This kid is a real prodigy when it comes to rhythm. Already in 10 years he passed his drumming exam. But it would have been too easy to stop there. And boring. The boy had a new goal - to beat Guinness World Record! The following months Pritish devoted to practicing daily and very hard, beating the rhythm as clearly and as fast as possible... It is worth adding that before that the record belonged to Siddhartha Nagarajan from India.

After "working off" a series of punches, Pritish noticeably picked up speed! And a special device started counting down one minute. Pritish managed to break the previous record by giving 2,370 beats in one minute! The beats were also recorded with a pressure-sensitive microphone, and then experienced sound engineers counted them to confirm the drum-meter readings.

According to Pritish himself, it was The longest minute in his life. He was very nervous, but he was completely focused on his wands.

"When I sat down at the rig, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach..."

Passion for rhythm since childhood

During the interview, Pritish recounted: passion for rhythm he felt from an early childhood.

"When I was very young, I used to beat the rhythm with toys all the time. I couldn't sit still and play - the fact that my hands weren't beating anything seemed wrong to me. That's where my journey to the drum kit started!"

Parents couldn't help but notice their son's eagerness. They enrolled Pritish in private lessons to reveal his talent. And when the boy was barely 5 yearshe received as a gift his first and now beloved drum kit!

"Of course, it was a bold move on our part - not having the means to install a fully soundproof studio to buy a kid a drum kit in the house! But it was worth it!" stresses the head of the family.

It is unclear at this time whether we have another Dave Grohl. Pritish's current aspirations seem to remain in the realm of instrumental prowessnot rock music. In the future the kid hopes to break more records and learn to play other percussion instruments such as bongos and mridangas. Hopefully, he won't abandon this great endeavor and will delight the world with his talent when he grows up (and maybe start his own band).

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