The meanings of the names of famous groups. Part one

The history of the names of popular bands ...

Names of musical groups. What do they mean?

Let's talk about famous bands and their names. Who came up with such words and what events were associated with it? What meaning do they carry? What do they mean?


Australia, Australia, Australia... According to ancient legend, in Australian slang, AC / DC stands for "bisexuality", that is, for ours and for yours. The group repeatedly denied this version and referred to another: it turns out that the sister from the Young family, Margaret, read the abbreviation indicating that the device can be operated from direct and from alternating current, on a sewing machine. The name was bright and memorable, so it was immediately approved and accepted by all participants.



And Australia again... The abbreviation of this rock band came from an unusual combination of incongruous, namely from the name of the English band XTC and the name of the Australian jam. The band's manager, Gary Morris, once saw an ad for an IXL jam where the guy said "I excel in all I do" ("I am excellent in everything"). At the same time, the group XTC was touring Australia, its name sounded like "ecstasy", and everyone liked it. Gary decided to add one to the other and got INXS ("In excess").


The Prodigy

Everything is simple here: Liam Howlett named the band after his first synthesizer - Moog Prodigy.



The group is named after a girl (now she is 69 years old), a member of the crime family "Family", organized by Charles Manson. Her name is Linda Kasabian, she was the mistress and follower of the ideas of the insane criminal.



Judging by the early interviews of Boris Grebenshchikov, the rock band is named after a two-story "glass" in Kupchino, on the second floor of which there was a beer bar "Aquarium".


Linkin Park

The band members drove past Lincoln Park every time they drove to rehearsal. Lincoln changed to Linkin because of its uniqueness on the Internet: the Lincoln domain was already taken, and the guys decided to change it.


The Residents

The American avant-garde music group struggled with the name for a very long time. It was not so easy to come up with it. However, this did not prevent them from sending their work to labels. One fine day, their own record returned to them once again. It was marked "To: The Residents" ("Residents"). The group decided on this and converge.



It is not known how long the guys came up with the name before or not - this is already a mystery of history. However, in the end, Joey Santiago just poked his finger into the dictionary and landed on "naughty little elves".


Led Zeppelin

The group is famous, and therefore, meticulous fans and nosy journalists got to the bottom of the original version of events. According to her, in 1966, Jimmy Page was responsible for recording the Jeff Beck song. There were musicians in the studio who took part in this. Among them was Keith Moon, drummer for The Who.Then, for the first time, Jimmy suggested creating a new band, in response, Keith joked that the group would fail miserably (“to go down like a lead balloon” - the literal translation is “to go down like a lead balloon”). It's been two years...


Page did not forget Keith's remark and suggested the name "lead zeppelin" to the band's manager Peter Grant...


He nodded approvingly, but asked to remove the letter “a”, adding: I don’t want “stupid Americans” to pronounce the name of the group as “Led Zeppelin”.



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