Prophet Sunboy: The story of a hippie who was broken by the Soviet regime and human envy

We decided to recall one of the saddest stories - the story of the fate of the Prophet Sanboy. From childhood, the musician was a kind-hearted man who wished good and love to the whole world, but the world itself experienced him and spat him out ... Why did this happen to the musician and what is he doing now?

Prophet Sunboy: who is it and what happened to him

Often happens in the world injustice. Especially often they happen to kind people who do not expect any dirty trick and evil from others. Such people are the most vulnerable and often the world breaks them ...

Sunboy with guitar
Sunboy with guitar

It happened to one very talented musician - Gennady Chernetsovwho calls himself Prophet Sanboy. He had many problems in life, but his will to create and create music is respected. In this article, we decided to talk about how his fate developed and what he had to endure.

White streak in the life of Sanboy: childhood and first songs

Gena was born in the USSR in a simple family of workers from the village. He spent all his childhood in the town Yartsevo Smolensk region. The first musical successes of the future Sanboy are also connected with this city.

But then he still did not suspect any success, the boy lived an ordinary life, walked with friends. But since childhood, he suffered from obesity. But on the other hand, he was a very musical child: for the first time, Gennady performed on the stage of the local recreation center at 4 years old, and at the age of 6, his grandmother gave him a guitar, which he began to play every day.

But every year the boy got bigger and bigger. Moreover, it grew very disproportionately: in other words, he got fat. To solve this problem, the parents gave Gene a bicycle, and he began to learn to ride.

He liked it so much that he began to ride every day. When he mastered the bicycle to perfection, he began to ride it for the next Lake. There he sat for a long time in solitude. And then he began to bring a guitar there, he played for hours by the lake and wrote lyrics for his future songs there.

Sunboy (rare archive photo)
Sunboy (rare archive photo)

As he grew older, he began to ride his bike farther and farther. It even got to the point that he could drive without problems cycling marathon. And then an idea came to his mind: he decided to become famous by combining his two hobbies - guitar and bicycle. sunboy drove by 80 kilometers on a bicycle without holding the steering wheel while playing your songs on the guitar. For this he got into Guinness book of records.

Along the way, he developed his musical talent. Also in 1986 Sunboy became the leader of the musical team "Basement". The musicians decided to name their group that because their concerts were held in a club located in the basement. But the group did not last long: the musicians broke up due to the fact that some of them had problems with work and study. Then Sunboy, the most talented member of the group, decided to go to freestyle swimming.

But first he embarked on a free journey on a bicycle. He traveled from the USSR to the Czech Republic. When he arrived in Prague and told everyone how he did it, the locals were shocked. They wrote about Sunboy in a newspaper and invited him to a TV show:

Even to President it became interesting to meet a musician-cyclist. When they met, the president decided to give Gennady a memorable gift and brought him a bus so that the musician could get to his hometown in comfortable conditions.

Sanboy with the President of the Czech Republic
Sanboy and the President of the Czech Republic - Vaclav Havel

Sunboy said in one of his videos that the President was ready to give him anything. He asked what Sunboy wanted and he, without thinking twice, replied that he wanted a new one. 21 seat bus. Then Sunboy wanted to live the lifestyle of a real hippie wanderer ...

Black streak in the life of Sanboy: loss of faith in people

When Sunboy was returning to his homeland, he was met at the border by some vandals. They attacked the bus, looted and damaged it, and they also beat up Sunboy himself. This was first hit, which made Gennady doubt people. Before that, he had not encountered such obvious malice and envy, he sang about goodness and justice, but after this incident, something already clicked in him.

Bus Sanboy
Sunboy's bus before he went home

Miraculously, he reached his hometown along with his bus. Immediately upon arrival, he went to tour of the Smolensk region. When he returned, the neighbors complained to the authorities about him and his bus. As a result, the Ministry of Internal Affairs became interested in where the musician came from, because he did not have a driver's license. The bus was taken to a parking lot. When Sunboy's mom saw the bus being taken away, she had a heart attack… Unfortunately, no one could help her.

And the Sunboy bus was also unable to return - it was dismantled for spare parts at the impound lot. As a result, the musician lost both his loved one, and his gift, and faith in people. After that he turned to court, but his appeal was not even considered. He finally became upset in the world and lost his mind. He was placed in mental hospital.

Sunboy in hometown
Sunboy has not lost the ability to enjoy life. This is how he looked after he left the mental hospital

Because of this, Sanboy almost for 10 years disappeared from the musical field - nothing was heard about him. The musician returned only in 2009 and almost immediately he created YouTube channel, on which he posted his songs and thoughts almost every day. And in the 2000s, he met his wife Valentina, who, unfortunately, passed away in 2020.

Creativity Sanboy

Most of Sunboy's songs were written after the 2000s - when he left the mental hospital. His work before the turning point in his life and after is cardinally different. He originally sang about love, good and world and generally considered himself a hippie:

When he got upset in people, he changed his style: he dressed in black clothes, shaved his whiskey, made a ponytail. The musical style also changed, the singer began to wheeze on purpose. Now the most popular song of Sanboy is the composition "My island in the ocean". It is impossible to watch the video sequence without irony, but the song touches the soul:

Another relatively popular song was "Your Green Eyes" performed by Sanboy:

It is difficult to recover fully after what this musician had to endure. But his efforts deserve respect: he didn't give up and continues to make music. Although the level of his playing has dipped a lot compared to what the musician was capable of in the 90s before all the upheavals of life ...

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