How the Pribaltiyskaya Hotel almost put an end to Pugacheva's career

Alla Pugacheva is number one among all Russian entertainers. Her talent is still admired by critics, and the singer's unique manner of singing cannot be repeated by anyone. However, even with such unique personalities unbelievable stories happen, which the press portrays not in the best light. We will tell you about the "Baltic" situation that happened to the Soviet diva in our article.

The story of the incident with Alla Pugacheva in the Pribaltiyskaya Hotel: background, facts, and public reaction

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva occupies not the least place in the history of Russian pop song - she is the winner of numerous state awards. Despite the singer's departure abroad, her contribution to musical history The USSR and the Russian Federation are hard to underestimate.

Throughout her singing career, the diva has been embroiled in various controversial stories. One of these situations is related to a conflict in the hotel "Pribaltiyskaya"which will be discussed below.

Alla Pugacheva. Photo by Igor Mukhin
Alla Pugacheva. Photo by Igor Mukhin

Soviet Suite: the history of one of the most luxurious hotels in the USSR

Meaning "Pribaltiyskaya" for the hospitality industry in Soviet Union was hard to overestimate: she was clearly part of the Top 10 placesThe Moscow City Council, where they provided places for temporary residence. Along with Moscow's "Cosmos.", "Intourist, "Russia." and other major hotels "Pribaltiyskaya"located on the Vasilevsky Island in St. Petersburg. It stood out for its remarkable architectural curved facade, the design of which was invented by Soviet architects The hotel complex was built in the late 1970s, and monumental, given that the construction of the hotel complex was carried out under 1980 Olympic Games.

Pribaltiyskaya Hotel
Pribaltiyskaya Hotel

Now "Pribaltiyskaya" is almost invisible due to the massive construction of high-rise buildings that has become commonplace in modern times, but the hotel located there «Park Inn by Radisson" still attracts its guests, largely because of its interesting creation history (it was built by a Swedish company, not a Soviet one, and therefore the hotel building is not quite like the classic Soviet style) and spacious rooms.

The Pribaltiyskaya Hotel now
The Pribaltiyskaya Hotel now

The scandal with Pugacheva, which almost ruined her career

Alla Borisovna visited a hotel "Pribaltiyskaya" in 1987when she was already a pop star. Pugacheva was then performing in Leningrad. While on tour, the diva stayed in a hotel that holds a special place in the singer's heart.

"It's very important for an artist to have familiar places in each city during a tour, so that when you arrive, it feels like home. I had such a room at the Pribaltiyskaya with my favorite and familiar view...," Pugacheva said of the incident.

The conflict that formed the basis of the scandal would now seem like an ordinary hotel room dispute. However, in the days of the late Soviet Union things were different. Hotel room 10 000 was a favorite of the prima donnas. The increased comfort, duplexes, separate rooms for guards, a piano in the living room - all this was invented just for the famous in USSR artists who want accommodation in really comfortable conditions. The problem with the room came to light when Pugacheva and her director О. Unremembered They went to the front desk and told the girl at the front desk that they were to be put in №10 000.

Singer Alla Pugacheva
Singer Alla Pugacheva

Suddenly it turned out that this room was occupied by foreigners and the hotel was ready to provide Alla Borisovna another room for accommodation, and with similar facilities. And then, as her former manager tells us, "Diva" tried to ask to switch rooms with another person, to which she was very rudely answered by the administrator of "Pribaltiyskaya Nina Baikova. After that, Pugacheva seriously outraged:

"Alla's eyes suddenly seemed very bright, she turned pale, I even got scared...," says Nepomnyashchy.

How the scandal ended

The most popular Soviet diva the administrator called "capricious singer." and called the police. After Pugacheva's performance at the Lenin Sports and Concert Complex the next day, scathing articles criticizing the singer's behavior began to appear in various well-known publications Leningrad. Loud headlines like "The Star is getting out of hand," "Shall we put the star in his place?" flooded the national newsstands.

Alla Pugacheva performs on stage in the 1980s
Alla Pugacheva performs on stage in the 1980s

But the climax of this story was created by the public, who, given the then accepted policy of glasnost, began to engage in vigilante justice. They suggested that Pugacheva should be deprived of her title "People's Artist of the RSFSR"The police officers were not aware of the situation, and a temporary ban on performing or leaving the country was imposed. Two more days later, the incident was reported to the "Radio 1." - All-Union radio station, and then people started plugging in "Goskonkert."The singer's behavior was not the only cause of indignation in the country. The official reaction Alla Borisovna's performances and songs were banned from TV and radio airwaves for several months.

And then came discharging - One of the party members, an ideologist of perestroika, intervened Alexander Yakovlev:

"This situation made me really angry. I felt sorry for Pugacheva, you can't poison people like that...".

Other noteworthy moments related to the "Baltic"

Hotel "Pribaltiyskaya" It also performed other functions not related to the accommodation of foreign guests and pop stars. It acted as a film sitesas well as many other significant places of the northern capital. For example, in Peter Todorovsky's film "Intergirl."The film, co-produced with the Swedish film company "Filmstalker AB" The main character often appears in the "Pribaltiyskaya".

Elena Yakovleva in the film "Interdevochka
Elena Yakovleva in the film "Interdevochka

This picture has become a sign of perestroikaas the hotel itself in a sense. It is also mentioned in the film "Brother" by Alexei Balabanov, the cult action film of the 2000s.


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