"Pump It": remember the legendary song from the movie "Taxi

Thanks to "Taxi 4", the song became an unimaginable success and spawned a lot of covers! But the most interesting thing is that the source of inspiration was the classic of the 1960s, which we all know very well from another cult film...

The Black Eyed Peas song "Pump It" from the movie "Taxi": history, facts, music video, success, covers

There is hardly a person who has never watched "Taxi" movie. This is already a cult franchise that has become a classic! But today we're not talking about it, but about a song that many music lovers strongly associate with this movie...

Despite the fact that the incendiary track "Pump It." groups the black Eyed Peas only added The fourth part of "Taxi".It's the one that forum users most often associate with the entire franchise. Thanks to the movie, the song became an unimaginable success and spawned a lot of covers! We're sure you've heard it many times on the radio waves. But the best part is that it was inspired by 1960s classicswhich we all know very well from the other movie, the "Crime novel" Quentin Tarantino! But in order not to get confused, let's talk about it one by one.

The meaning and the music video

the black Eyed Peas
the black Eyed Peas

The meaning of the song is easy to understand, even if you are not a master of the English language! A tune that makes you feel good speaks for itself, more eloquently than any words. "Pump It" sings about turning on the music, dancing, going crazy, and just doing whatever you want! In fact, that's the slogan of all the participants. the black Eyed Peas.

The song was filmed dynamic music videowhich, as of 2022, has gained over 700 million views! In it, the band has a showdown in an underground parking lot and also dashing around in a car. But really, there are a lot of special effects. The producers decided that a real - so crazy driving - would cost too much "round money". That's why they decided to use computer graphics - so it was safer not only for the wallet, but also for the car itself (and the band members, of course). By the way: some of the fight scenes were also "cleverly beaten.". And yet - it came out very cool!

The influence of the cult surf-rock hit "Miserlou"

Dick Dale
Dick Dale

And here we come to the most "tasty" part of the whole story - the moment when, in fact, the the idea of "Pump It" was born. And we would like to point out that this hit of the 2000s would not have happened if the singer William Adams (aka didn't stumble upon the cult classic of the '60s. And it happened completely by accident! Word to him:

"When I was in Brazil, I bought CDs there. Among them was a compilation that had 'Miserlou' by Dick Dale on it. It wasn't what I had hoped for at the time of purchase. But when I turned this track on, I was stunned at how hot, how passionate it was! So I gave the guys a listen to it, and I said: "We should make a song like that."

William Adams (aka
William Adams (aka

In my time "Dick Dale's "Miserlou. decorated the motion picture with dignity "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino. But what's even more interesting is that this surf-rock hit was inspired by an earlier classic. And its exact age is unknown, as well as its author, which is why the tune is called a folk song of the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The earliest record dates from 1927, and is called Misirlou. Such a fascinating story! I wonder if in 30 years there will be any more interpretations in the spirit of the latest trends. As far as we can tell, it really is some kind of undying tune!

World Success and Most Successful Cover Versions

the black Eyed Peas
the black Eyed Peas

Most likely, the song would have been a big success anyway. But its use in "Taxi", of course, instantly made it a hit. And the constant rotation of the clip on TV played its part. But the most interesting thing is that the initial chart figures were quite weakAnd now, almost 20 years later, the music video has almost a billion hits! Is it the case that a track only gets better over the years?

the black Eyed Peas
the black Eyed Peas

Against the backdrop of wild popularity, other artists and just amateurs just couldn't stay away. So in the end we offer to listen to the most successful and simply interesting "Pump It" covers.

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