The '50s hit that conquered modern social networks: "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" and the story of its creation

"Put Your Head on My Shoulder" is an all-time hit released in the late 50's. The track became a big success in the USA and many beautiful cover versions were made afterwards. And now, after more than half a century, its relevance has especially increased ...

About the main hit of Paul Anka, whose popularity has not faded after more than half a century

Paul Anka - the legendary singer-songwriter and pop rock and roll star who was an idol for millions of teenagers 1950s years! He owns such loud hits as "Diana", "Lonely Boy", "You Are My Destiny". But he also owns a romanticized ballad "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", which brings back the influence of the cult artist, turning it into modern trends ...

"Put Your Head on My Shoulder" is an all-time hit, released at the end of the 50s. The track became a big success in the USA and many beautiful cover versions were made afterwards. And now, after more than half a century, its relevance has especially increased at the beginning 2020s! And all thanks TikTok.

History of creation and lyrical meaning

Paul Anka
Paul Anka

Paul Anka was one of the most popular singers 50s among teenagers. He wrote and performed his songs, turning them into long-running hits. When "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" saw the light, Anka for two years already was the idol of millions: she brought him first glory Diana, the leader of the American chart in 1957, and other equally successful compositions arrived in time for it. Today is a ballad whose gentle name translates as "Put your head on my shoulder", is one of the most relevant love songs! However, if it were not for the attentiveness of the artist, it might not have happened ...

“Once I noticed that at my concert people put their heads on someone's shoulder ... And then I realized that I had never heard a song before that would sing about this - would express this feeling. So when I got back to the hotel at night, the first thing I did was get to work! "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" was my main goal at the time and that weekend. I had to write this song - a song where a person could take a loved one by the hand and put his head on his shoulder. And I did it!

Thus, on the cult ballad of all times and peoples Paul was inspired by his fans, whom he watched in the hall. You can say "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" reflects the shy tenderness of teenage love and pop culture of those years.

“The fifties were an excellent time – a time of innocence and romance…”, stressed Anka.

As a result, he recorded and released one of the biggest hits of his career while at the peak of his popularity! The touching ballad was released in August 1959 years, and very quickly got to the second line Billboard Hot 100! It was an unquestioning success and a great gift to all teenagers in love, and not only.

"Put your head on my shoulder,
Hold me baby
Come close to me, oh tight
Don't hide that you love me too..."

Popularity on TikTok

Who would have thought that six decades later, this song would once again gain wild popularity! Even if not in its purest form... "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" became incredibly popular on TikTok after being paired with a hit track Doja Cat. The mix was named "Silhouette Challenge" and became a trend with thousands of videos and millions of views!

Cover versions by other artists

The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys

But "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" experienced a return to popularity long before TikTok and other social networks appeared. Inspired and fascinated by the lyrics, over the years many artists have presented their own interpretations of Anka's masterpiece. For example, Michael Buble covered the ballad on his widely successful debut album 2003 of the year. However, we offer to personally evaluate the efforts of musical artists.

In 1966 The Beach Boys released a song called "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)" within the album "Pet Sounds".

And although the lush string arrangement is noticeably different from Anka's hit, the lyrical theme is very similar!

"Let's not think about tomorrow
And we'll shut up.
Lay your head on my shoulder..."


Young Paul Anka
Young Paul Anka

After talking about stories and enjoying covers, we can safely conclude: no matter how interesting other people's interpretations were, no one will perform this song as freshly and soulfully as Paul Anka. With the onset 60s his success with teenagers began to slowly decline. However, he already had over a hundred great compositions behind him, his own label and recognition ... And also several timeless hits.

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