Who inspired Pyotr Mamonov, one of the most extraordinary representatives of the national rock scene

"It was the early 1990s, in the summer, when me and the guys were playing in America. I was walking down Ann Arbor, and I saw a poster that instantly caught my eye - it had a picture of Petya and his band on it! And at the bottom was the caption: "Zvuki Mu - Russian Talking Heads. It was an iconic band for Americans, just so you know..."

Who Peter Mamonov listened to and was inspired by - a list of artists who influenced the leader of Sounds of Moo

Group "The Sounds of Mu. made history Russian rock as something completely new and fresh, extraordinary and contradictory, and at the same time striking the listener's mind... Peter MamonovThe band's leader literally laid the foundation for "domestic punk," as the notorious music critic Boris Barabanov put it. In his turn Alexander LipnitskyMamonov's former colleague in the Sounds of Mu, justified the phenomenon of the Moscow band as follows:

"As a rule, rock bands are created by young people, teenagers even. When you're young, you tend to imitate your idols. But we were 30-year-old "grandfathers" when we started Sounds of Moo, and we weren't interested in imitating anyone at all. We had different goals, different ideas about life, different experiences... And that's what allowed us to be individual. We didn't look around. We made music that reflected our own views.

Pyotr Mamonov and Igor Mukhin
Pyotr Mamonov and Igor Mukhin

To this day the critics are unable to denote The genre direction of the band: in the work of the "Sounds of Mu" there was room for electropop, and post-punk, and even shades of new wave! From the early years Mamonov honed special a musical language influenced by many "artists of color" in America...

The Sounds of Mu phenomenon: even St. Petersburg rockers listened to them with their mouths open

"The Sounds of Mu.
"The Sounds of Mu.

"To the Sounds of Mu." There are no analogues even in the West. This is something completely inexplicable, appealing, and even a little frightening to particularly delicate ears... All his life Mamonov was known as a great by a music lover - he listened to a lot of different music, drew inspiration from every genre, and had a huge collection of gramophone records! As a young man, he aspired to epatageand could have easily become the punk rock idol of the USSRIf the genre had existed in those years... Many critics point out that it was Mamonov who paved the origins of this musical movement from the ground up.

This man was distinguished by incredible energy and artistry. There are legends that when he performed with his comrades in the yard, the entire area Came running to see the eccentric show! Rock musician Alexander Yarchevsky (better known as Mr.Hlup) recalled how the St. Petersburg musicians watched Mamonov's performance with their mouths wide open:

"When the rock lab first appeared, Moscow bands started flocking there-it was the capital's equivalent of a St. Petersburg rock club. And when Petya performed, everyone was in complete shock! It was something completely out of bounds and unprecedented! St. Petersburg musicians and people who knew them were watching with their mouths wide open! No one understood what was actually going on? But no one could ignore it..."

Yarchevsky also said that in the USA "The Sounds of Mu was called "Russian Talking Heads":

"It was the early 1990s, in the summer, when me and the guys were playing in America. I was walking down Ann Arbor, and I saw a poster that instantly caught my eye - it had a picture of Petya and his band on it! And at the bottom was the caption: "Zvuki Mu - Russian Talking Heads. It was an iconic band for Americans, just so you know..."

Early influences and changing tastes

Alexander Lipnitsky and Pyotr Mamonov
Alexander Lipnitsky and Pyotr Mamonov

The members of Sounds of Moo were avid music lovers, especially Peter. As a child, Mamonov listened to jazz records: he was inspired by the Elvis Presley and many black Western artists, among whom were Chubby Checker and Miles Davis. When Beatlemania began, he began to be attracted to rock. His favorite bands were The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Such a mixture of genres and styles played a role in his unconventional musical language, which resonated in the hearts of tens of thousands of domestic listeners...

Closer to the middle 1990s Mamonov found inspiration in the records of more "modern" bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Butthole Surfers and Jane's Addiction. He was especially excited by the heavy metalists from White Zombie and Pantera!

Peter Mamonov
Peter Mamonov

Some time later, experimental electronic music and church chants added to the list of influences. Mamonov liked the vision of the French DJ Colder and American hip-hop producer Blockhead. Icelandic Bands Múm and Slowblow also resonated in his heart.

Peter Mamonov
Peter Mamonov

Not only music, but art in general inspired Pyotr Nikolayevich. His favorite director from his youth was Ingmar Bergman. According to LipnitskyMamonov avidly reviewed all of his films! And the books John Steinbeck were read practically to bits...

Searching for inspiration at the end of life

Pyotr Mamonov...
Pyotr Mamonov ...

At the end of his life, Mamonov retired from the stage and turned to God. Only in him did Peter Nikolaevich see inspiration... In his own words, in life he "tried it." absolutely everything from art, and at some point I stopped getting inflows of inspiration from rock albums and movies:

"I lived art from an early age. It lived in me. I adored and greedily studied everything from cinema to literature to painting! Our family could be called a literary family: dozens of Moscow celebrities of those years, including Bella Akhmadulina, often gathered in our house. As a child, I absorbed every phrase, every verse, every dialogue and every note like a sponge... Today I am surprised to realize to myself that all this no longer gets to me. I still listen to music every day, but it doesn't feel the same..."

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