Queen's top five inspirational anthems

Perhaps there are more beautiful, successful and generally meaningful things in the repertoire of the great British band. But we did not focus on beauty or popularity. In today's article we focused on power, a special mood, which is invigorating and instills a kind of faith in the best, a share of optimism and confidence.

Queen's Top 5 Powerful Anthems

Group Queen - one of the most brilliant, brilliant, extraordinary, successful and popular in history! In general - to shower this group with enthusiastic epithets can be very long, and absolutely deservedly so. Although it is worth noting that, like everyone else, these Brits have their own "haters. But as the famous phrase goes: "as many people as opinions". And the vast majority, nevertheless, admire the creativity of "Queen" and, in particular, the vocalist. Freddie Mercury.

He was a genius and a true talent - voices like that come along probably once every thousand years! At the same time, Freddie had special mindsetwhich made Queen's image unrepeatable and unquenchable in our hearts...

Young Freddie Mercury
Young Freddie Mercury

The talents of everyone involved, coupled with Mercury's unparalleled vocal abilities, made almost every tune hit! We would love to talk about the best songs of Queen, but, alas, it's impossible. It's even senseless to touch this subject, because the band has dozens of good compositions! And the matter of taste, of course, plays a role: some like dynamic tracks like "Another One Bites The Dust"or, on the other hand, others enjoy heartfelt love stories in the vein of "Love Of My Life".

Anyway, we decided not to take the responsibility of selecting the best songs. But! We still decided to select the band's most powerful tracks by one criterion: they must be anthem. A hymn, as we understand it, is a song that sounds uplifting, powerful, and sometimes even militant! Such songs, as a rule, rock stadiums of many thousands and instill in people a special faith - faith in the best, faith in one's own strength. But that's not necessarily what the lyrics say.

It seems to us that five hymnsThe list of the films we're going to talk about today does have something similar - a special magic, a special mood, a charge of crazy energy and... a certain hope, or something like that? We're sure that after evaluating our list, you'll understand what we mean.

"We Will Rock You"

Queen at Live Aid 1985
Queen at Live Aid 1985

This powerful song has entered our selection without a shadow of a doubt! It's just made for To rock a huge stadium and make people feel the power of the human spirit! When listening to "We Will Rock You" You literally feel that nothing is impossible - everything is possible, as long as you want it. And Queen knew perfectly well that they were creating something unrealistically powerful - that's how the title of the song translates: "We'll rock you.".

The composition was written by Brian Mayand it quickly caught on with the audience! The characteristic rhythm, two kicks and one hand clap, made "We Will Rock You" the favorite anthem of millions. But the most surprising thing in all this is that for some reason the band decided to release the single only in some countries. But seeing with their own eyes how much this song gets into people's hearts, the musicians, most likely, regretted their decision. However, that didn't stop "We Will Rock You" from becoming worldwide chart topper!

Millions of people listen to this song during difficult times in their lives. Even if you're sad and life seems to have turned into a black hole, "We Will Rock You" is sure to "will rock you."!

"We Are the Champions"

Mercury with Queen at Live Aid 1985
Freddie Mercury

It's not such an energetic, assertive and daring track anymore. "We Are the Champions" is characterized by a quieter, more sensual rendition. Rather, this hymn invites us to feel that we are alive, and that if we try hard enough, all our dreams will come true. Everything is just in our handsAnd it is important to believe in yourself and go to your goal.

"We are the champions." - the title speaks for the song. It's important to realize your value, to believe in yourself, and to finally become "the champion of this life"! Brian May's guitar sounds here much less frequently compared to other compositions. Probably, this unobtrusive nature adds a special militancy and selflessness to the track... By the way: this song is often used today at sporting events.

"The Show Must Go On"

Freddie Mercury in The Great Pretender video
Freddie Mercury

As we see it, there is something of an anthem in this song. Perhaps it is explosive chorus. Or maybe it's all about the tense melody and the dramatic performance. But the whole "picture" changes dramatically during the chorus, which can be characterized as a real "an explosion of emotion."!

This song was written shortly before Mercury's death. Most likely for this reason, there is a certain call, a despair, a challenge to fate in it. "Show must go on"!

«Bohemian Rhapsody»


This song definitely deserves a place on our list - at the very least it has become a personal Queen anthem!

«Bohemian Rhapsody» - is a truly unique creation, and not just because it has a hybrid sound. It may not rock the stadium like "We Will Rock You," but it's sure to touch the heart of everyone in attendance...

"Radio GaGa."

Queen at a concert in Argentina, 1981.
Queen at a concert in Argentina

"Radio GaGa." is the perfect track for the stadium! This song is sure to rock the crowd!

There is something extremely energetic, uplifting, and inspiring about "Radio GaGa"! Perhaps there are more beautiful, successful and generally meaningful things in the repertoire of the great British band. But we didn't focus on beauty or popularity. In today's article we focused on power, a special mood that invigorates and instills a kind of faith in the best, a share of optimism and confidence.

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