Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group

Everything about the legendary group: from the birth of the team to the ascent to the Olympus of glory!

The history of the musical group Queen ("Queen")

It's no secret that throughout the creative path of the group "Queen" ("Queen") they were pursued by harsh and negative reviews from critics. The vocalist and front-man Freddie Mercury was especially hard hit. And no matter how ridiculous it may sound, but even now critics continue to resent and vilify their glory. Critics recently ranked Queen as the 213th Worst Rock Band of All Time, calling them "the most overrated in the history of pop music." Funny, isn't it? Let's try to figure out what's going on here.

The origin of the group "Queen"

A story so unique, so alive, so delightful - truly Royal - could only be sustained by the Queen group, led by the charming vocalist and showman Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury: "I will be a Legend!"

Farrukh Balsara (the name "Freddy" was given to him by classmates at school because it was easier) came to us from the south. He was born in Zanzibar, studied in India, and immigrated with his family to the UK.

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Young Freddie Mercury

Despite domestic difficulties, he entered the Illing College of Art in London and immediately moved out of his parents and settled in a rented apartment with his friend Chris Smith.

One of Freddie's friends recalls:

“Freddie told everyone that he was going to be a pop star, but we didn’t take him seriously ... And one evening in a pub he was sitting at a table, covering his face with his hands. He looked very depressed. Chris approached him and asked what was the matter, and he replied: "Don't be a pop star..." Then he stood up slowly and said: "I will be a legend!"

The beginning of the journey and great hopes

When vocalist and bandleader Tim Staffel left the then band Smile, Freddie came to them, who was constantly backstage at all their performances, and said: “Come on guys… Don’t give up! I will sing!". Then he proposed the name, which, in his opinion, trampled on all the shrines, namely "Queen".

The first publicized performance of the group "Queen" ("Queen") took place in the hall of London's Imperial College in 1973. And then there was their first contact with the press in the person of Rosemary Jordi from the then magazine "Disc".

The first real success of Queen and the first difficulties

Their first album Queen failed miserably. It was a valuable lesson, which will be many more on the creative path of the group.

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Album Queen II

The album "Queen II" ("Queen II" brought them to a new level. It was in this album that the group was one of the first to use multi-track recording.

Their first success was due to the TV program "Top of the Pops". The group placed 10th on the list. After a successful tour of the United Kingdom, where Queen were the opening act for Mott the Hoople, they embarked on their first American tour.

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Queen and Freddie Mercury

Then the group ran into financial difficulties. The managers fooled the guys, and the band didn't get anything from their songs. John Reed (Elton John's manager) came to the rescue, and Queen's business went up.

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Album cover «At Night At The Opera»

When creating the album "At Night At The Opera" the situation was make or break. Not only did the band have no money, they were also in debt. All the staff worked for it.

Queen becomes a popular band

They have reached the limit. As a result, the intensity of emotions spilled over into something more ... This is how the song for all time “Mama, just killed a man” (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) appeared.

Relations with critics, press and journalists

This song took them to a completely different level. Now they led the ball. As for the critics, they missed the Queen's ascent to Olympus. Since their first performance in 1973, the press has still not been able to figure out who Queen is. Most of all, they disliked the style in which the group performed. They did not understand this music, but, of course, they could not deny their success.

Album A Day At The Races
Album "A Day At The Races" (1976)

The album "A Day At The Races" was released immediately after "At Night At The Opera". And, of course, to become a sequel to such a masterpiece is very difficult.

Critics who had a grudge against Queen could now frolic to their heart's content. The entire press was against them. They didn't understand...

Queen guitarist Brian May: “Maybe because we achieved fame on our own, they wanted to recoup us? Because they themselves did not take part in this.

The story of the devastating article about Freddie and Queen

Then there was a story with a scandalous interview with Freddie. New Musical Express music reviewer Tony Stewart:

“We took the biggest music icons, if you will… and mixed them with shit… And then the idea came to interview Freddie Mercury… Then I went to John Reed’s house on Knights Bridge… And it wasn’t a house, but a whole mansion… There was a butler , there was a bodyguard ... At a time when the world was ruled by punk, Freddie Mercury preached some completely extraterrestrial concept, namely ballet! He told me that his main goal in life was to bring ballet to the masses."

The next day, a devastating article came out ...

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Magazine spread: "Is this man an idiot?"

Freddie was tearing and metal... They called him an idiot. Then the group realized that talking to the press is a utopia. They didn't go anywhere...

“We all have our pros and cons. Some things we can do and some things we can't. But I know this even without pissing journalists! ”, - Freddie about the press.

The band certainly couldn't succumb to the crowds that listened to tasteless punk. "Queen" ("Queen") understood that all their grandiose plans were not suitable for that time. And so the guys decided to make a more mainstream record. They did not feel constrained and, therefore, easily decided on a new experiment.

The most important masterpieces of Queen ("Queen")

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Album "News of The World" (1977)

It was with new inspiration that guitarist Brian May came up with the idea of the song "We Will Rock You" at night, which he tapped on the floor, and Freddie "We Are The Champions".

"We just wanted to make a connection between the listener and the band", and "we had no idea that they would become national sports anthems".

The song "We Are The Champions" can be interpreted as an anthem to the elite.

Recognition of success and the coronation of Queen

In 1977, in America, the group was finally crowned. She was at her peak. "Queen" captured the halls and listeners, not letting them go until today.

“But all our concerts in 77th in America were sold out, and in the middle we gave 2 concerts at the famous Madison Square Gardon in New York. And you know… a milestone for any performer.”

Top speed...

The single "Don't Stop Me Now" followed. It was Freddie's songs. She was from his entourage. It perfectly reflects what happened to him at that time. Freddie at the time took up exploring the gay scene "with the same zeal that the BBC does with wildlife films".

Freddie loudly declared:

“I just take everything from life and enjoy myself the way I like it.”

Not the best album

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Album "Jazz" (1978)

Their next album Jazz was not a complete failure. He still achieved the 6th line in the chart. "Don't Stop Me Now", which is still a hit in the UK to this day, peaked at number 80 in the US. The review in Rolling Stone came out abusive. And Queen was not respected there.

“Queen doesn't have the fantasy to play jazz. Queen doesn't have the imagination, for that matter, to play rock and roll."

-Rolling Stone. November 1978

Freddie is on fire! New success

In 1979 the band went to Munich, to the city that would stay with Freddie until the end of his days...then they came literally with one or two ideas for songs. It was then that they recorded the song and the video for it "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Freddie came up with it in the bathroom in 10 minutes. He asked for a guitar and played the chords.

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" became the first hit overseas in America. It hit Billboard, Cashbox and Record World Singles. Roger:

“We haven't finished the record yet. We were only halfway through the album when we were told we were number one in America. "Hooray! Champagne to all!”

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
At one of the parties that Freddie had a lot of...

New direction and bass player talent

Suddenly, the talent of Queen's dark horse bassist Johnny Deacon showed up:

"I've always wanted to do something in the Disco style, even though it was very out of fashion at the time."

The word Funk wasn't even in the band's lexicon. But John made everyone play their own way. Thus was born the hit of all time "Another One Bites The Dust". He even made Roger the drummer play tape-wrapped drums, and Roger hated it. Freddie was very imbued with the idea, he sang this song until he felt bad. He really wanted to embody John's idea. After all, this song had more "black" music.

Michael Jackson went to a couple of Queen shows in Los Angeles. He adored Freddie.

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group
Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury

And he pointed out: "Guys..! You should release this song!" The song never became a single and somehow got on the album. But the song got on the radio, and it was heard by people who had no idea about the group.

Surprisingly, "Another One Bites The Dust" became popular only thanks to black listeners. One New York radio station that thought Queen was a black band started playing the song and it became a hit. It reached number one on 9 different charts and sold over 3 million copies. She was in the "Top 100" for eight months! She was included in boxing rings, at sporting events. The song has become a hymn to triumph!

Queen drummer Roger Taylor:

“I remember people pointing their fingers at the car and shouting: “You guys are bad!”, but “What does this mean?”, It means that “You are good!” Bottom line: "We've been successful in America, which means we've been successful worldwide."

Queen guitarist Brian May:

“Then we became the biggest band in the world. At that moment, we ruled the world."
The sales speak for themselves: people wanted to listen to Queen even when the critics didn't want to listen to them."

The band "Queen" about their journey:

“Now we can say with confidence that we have never been a Fashion Group, we have never been part of Hype, a one-time group ... We just became popular, although no one expected this ...”

Queen ("Queen") - All about the work of the group

Queen has beaten the critics forever!

The rise of Queen to the Olympus of fame, contrary to the general opinion that hit them at every turn, forced the group not only to hit back with double strength, but also to improve the sound, lyrics and, finally, the performance itself, The show that Queen so famous. And, indeed, it was precisely by this that Freddie Mercury showed the world that you should not look up to anyone if you have already chosen your path, and I am sure that it is the right one!



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