Quincy Jones is the most successful music producer of the 20th century.

The whole world knows about Quincy Jones. He has worked with renowned artists such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion. We understand how the musician achieved success and with which performers he collaborated.

The Success Story of Quincy Jones - Produced by Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin

Quincy Jones - musical Producer, musician and song's author. At an early age his friend Ray Charles persuaded the boy to music. He played in various bands during 1950s, in the mid-1960s began composing music for cinema and television and eventually released more 50 soundtracks. Jones has worked with such famous musicians as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion. He is the most Grammy-nominated artist in history with 79 nominations and 27 wins.

Way to success

Celebrity Producer Quincy Jones born March 14 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. His mother worked at bank and suffered schizophreniaand the father was carpenter, and in the past - professional baseball player. Jones studied music with a songwriter and producer Robert Blackwell. The career of a multifaceted jazz and pop figure began with the game on the pipe and creation arrangements for the band leader Lionel Hampton. He then served as music director for the vocalist's overseas tour. Dizzy Gillespie, worked for a record label "Barclay Records" in Paris and led the popular blues opera big band Harold Arlen "Free and Easy" (1959).

Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson
Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson

Back from Paris to New York Jones composed and created arrangements for a jazz pianist Count Basie, performers Dean Washington and singers Sarah Vojanwhile holding a leadership position in "Mercury Records" and producing their own albumsincreasingly focused on pop music. Jones produced the album Aretha Franklin 1973 "Hey Now Hey". In the mid-1960s, he began composing music for films and television gear, ended up writing over 50 scores and emerged as a pioneering African-American musician on the Hollywood scene.
In 1975, Jones founded the label Qwest Productionsfor which he produced incredibly successful albums Frank Sinatra and other major pop artists. In 1978 he produced the soundtrack for the musical adaptation The Wizard of Oz ("Wizard of Oz") "The Wiz" ("The Wizard") starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee Bubble
Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee Bubble

Working on a film "The Wiz", Michael Jackson was looking for a new producer for the release solo album. Jones at first advisedto whom you can turn, but in the end yourself took for the project. Plate Off the Wall, released in 1979, was sold out more 20 million copies and recommended Jones is a master of his craft. In 1982, Jones worked on the Michael Jackson album "Thriller." - was sold 110 million copies. This work is considered the most sold plate in the world. Cooperation musicians did not end there - Jones also worked on the record "bad". Quincy spoke of Jackson:

“Learning that Michael diedI'm speechless. He was so young, he could create so much more! At the moment, the music that we released with this person sounds around the world, and it can indeed be called success. Michael was amazing artist, and his contribution to the world of music is invaluable. Part of my soul left this world with him."

Frank Sinatra won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for From Here to Eternity in 1953.
Frank Sinatra won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for From Here to Eternity in 1953.

Jones produced the 1985 film "The Color Purple" director Steven Spielberg with Whoopi GoldbergOprah Winfrey and Danny Glover starring and also a television series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"in which he starred Will Smith. He also published magazines Vibe and "SPIN", and in 1990 he founded Quincy Jones Entertainment.

Personal life

Jones was married thrice. His first marriage was to Jeri Caldwell lasted from 1957 to 1966, they had one daughter named Jolie. Jones was then married to Olle Andersson, with whom the marriage lasted seven years, they have a son Quincy and daughter Martina. Last marriage Jones was in a relationship with an actress Peggy Lipton. The couple was married from 1974 to 1990they have two daughters, Rashida and Kidada.


In 1985. Jones connected all my connections with major American recording artists to record the famous anthem "We Are the World" for the purpose of financial assistance to those in need Africa. Work in the interests of society covered all of its career, including the fund Quincy Jones Listen Up Foundationwho built over a hundred houses in South Africa in 2001. Target charitable organization introduce young people from countries in need with technology, education, culture and music, as well as to establish intercultural exchange.

Producer Quincy Jones at a photo shoot
Producer Quincy Jones at a photo shoot

Quincy Jones now

In an interview with a men's magazine G.Q.published at the beginning of 2018, Jones confessed that he was happy is watching behind the work of such contemporary artists as Bruno Mars, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. He caused even more attention to his person after another interviewpublished in "Vulture" around the same time that he claimed to be a musical icon Michael Jackson "many songs plagiarized". In September 2018 Netflix released a documentary about the producer called Quincy. The film was directed by his daughter, an actress Rashida Jones.

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