Interesting facts about R.E.M. legends

"We sounded terrible. When we first started out, Peter couldn't play guitar at all, and I sang... Well, let's just say it was less than impressive. Today I'm a little embarrassed."

R.E.M. - what you didn't know about the legendary band

Group R.E.M. The first of these is the first of the most important events in the history of the development of the alternative rock. Almost immediately the band from Georgia caught the public's attention with its melodic guitar sound as well as its distinctive vocals. Michael Stipe. The success was not instantaneous, but with each year the band grew creatively and found more and more admirers of their creativity. Already in the second half of the 80's (R.E.M. was formed at the beginning of the decade) it became known to the general public by its successful album "Green."which has sold many millions of copies!

But the real success came with the release of the single "Losing My Religion" In the early '90s, the song became a big hit, and the video almost billion views on YouTube! Subsequently, R.E.M. became one of the most popular music bands in history with over 90 million albums sold worldwide!

"We sounded terrible."

Michael Stipe as a young man
Michael Stipe as a young man

R.E.M. formed in the early '80s, and the band's journey began with playing weddings and local country clubs. According to the lead singer Michael StipeThe sound of the band was "awful" at the time.

"We sounded terrible. When we first started out, Peter couldn't play guitar at all, and I sang... Well, let's just say it was less than impressive. Today I'm a little embarrassed."

But in addition to the fact that they played "awful."The story goes that before this happened, the young rockers went through a real brainstorming session, experimenting with all sorts of phrases, even very provocative ones. The story goes that before this happened, the members went through a real brainstorming session, experimenting with all sorts of - even very provocative phrases to no avail. Eventually Michael got tired and went to the dictionary. Without further ado, he chose R.E.M., which is an acronym for "Rapid Eye Movement.". This expression means rapid eye movement during sleep.

Complete improvisation

R.E.M. band.
R.E.M. band.

For many years R.E.M. were on their way to fame and were even considered very successful in the underground! However, their first hit single only received it in 1987, at which time "The One I Love" was in the top 10 in the U.S. and reached No. 19 in the U.K. According to Stipe, the song is "incredibly violent" - about using a person.

So why did it take so long for R.E.M. to have a hit? Maybe it's because in made-up words? If you've listened to the band's early recordings, you've probably found yourself struggling to understand Michael's singing. And no wonder! Stipe became famous for his distinctive singing style, but he once admitted that some of the tracks on the first two albums made up the words himself! An improviser, in a word.

They "ditched Friends."

R.E.M. Band.
R.E.M. Band.

"Shiny Happy People" - the 1991 single that was the only R.E.M. song to reach the top ten in both the U.S. and the U.K.! It was originally supposed to be the musical theme of the popular American sitcom "Friends". The composition was even used to introduce the pilot episode!

But R.E.M., for some reason. refused from being able to make it a recurring theme on the show, which forced the producers to replace "Shiny Happy People" with "I'll Be There for You" The Rembrandts.

"Merry Christmas!"

R.E.M. Band.
R.E.M. Band.

R.E.M. is definitely an amazing band. At least because in 1998 the members invented a curious tradition - up to 2011 they released one new Christmas single every year! That's what holiday spirit feels like...

Alternative rock pioneers, and without a drummer

R.E.M. Band.
R.E.M. Band.

Already by the mid-80s R.E.M. was considered one of the most interesting bands in its direction. But not many people know that during the alternative rock boom of the early 1990s such bright representatives as Nirvana and Pavement considered R.E.M. pioneers genre! А Johnny Marr from The Smiths once said:

"I really respect R.E.M. I think we couldn't help but follow what these guys were doing.

However, the most interesting thing you might not know about R.E.M. is that they recorded three albums Without a drummer! Bill Berry left the band in 1997 - partly because of a brain aneurysm he had suffered three years earlier. But instead of immediately replacing him, the remaining members recorded three albums without a drummer in the studio! The remaining trio used a drum machine on their albums "Up," "Reveal" and "Around The Sun" before hiring Bill Riflin for the 2008 recording of Accelerate.


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