Raffaella Carra: the disco star who conquered the world charts

Raffaella Carra was a talented person with a big soul and a very warm, kind heart...

Italian singer, about whom a film was made in the USSR - the story of Raffaella Carra

Rafaella Carra known as one of the most popular artists in Italy! She was loved not only at home: Carra was literally idolized in Spain, Latin America and even in the USSR! This woman was truly charming, especially in her youth: she was a master of choreography, was a sensual actress and a talented songwriter ... In addition, she established herself as a popular TV presenter: she is familiar to many as a mentor of the Italian version of the TV show "The Voice"! Men broke out in cold sweats as her not-so-skinny legs comforted housewives struggling with diets and beauty standards... She gave the world a ton of first-class hits, but sadly, she's gone forever in 2021.

Early years and first steps

Rafaella Carra
Raffaella Carra in her youth

Rafaella Carra was born in 1943 in Bologna, the historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. Shortly after the birth, the girl's parents separated: for example, the childhood of the future star passed largely between her mother's bar and an ice cream shop in Bellaria-Igea Marina. In the latter institution, Raffaella spent most of her time, and it was there that she memorized the titles and excerpts from the songs, while enjoying the TV program Il Musichiere!

As a child, the future Italian star often took part in television productions. At the insistence of her grandmother, at the age of 8, she moved to Rome, where she studied theatrical art. There, her teachers were an actress Teresa Franchini and choreographer Evgenia Fedorovna Borisenko (known under the pseudonym Jia Ruskaja).


Raffaella Carra in the movie Von Rayen's Train
Raffaella Carra in Von Rayen's Train (1965)

First role Rafaella was small and modest, but successfully performed: as a teenager, she appeared in the film "Pain of the Past" 1952 of the year. A couple of years later, she enters the Rome Center for Cinematography: after graduating from the institution, Raffaella is invited to various films - The Long Night of Year 43 (1960), Celestina (1965) and other famous paintings of those years. Closer to the mid-60s, the girl moved to Hollywood and soon appeared in the tape "Von Ryan's Train." (1965) along with Frank Sinatra! However, after starring in an episode of the American television series I Spy, the actress decides to return to her homeland: Carra began to feel homesick and feel cold from life and people in Los Angeles ...

Rafaella Carra
Rafaella Carra

In the same year, but already at home Carra appears in several films and TV shows. Her popularity begins to grow, and soon a new page appears in her biography - music!


Among the most famous and popular hits of the singer are the songs "Tuca Tuca", "Tanti Auguri" and "A far l'amore comincia tu".

Appearing on the show "Canzonissima'70" and striking the audience on the spot, Carra writes "Ma che music maestro", which becomes the main musical theme for the program!

Very soon, the track confidently entrenched itself on the top positions of the charts!

Main works

Rafaella Carra
Rafaella Carra

The singer's first album, titled Raffaella, came out in 1971. The record won gold, and Carr soon became the host of the Sunday radio show. On this occasion, hit songs were recorded "Maga Maghella" and "Tuca Tuca". The video for the last song was a kind of revolution of that time: for the first time in the history of Italian TV, a girl appeared on the screen with a bare navel! The video caused strong dissatisfaction with the Vatican, but at the same time had a great influence on the fashion of those years ...

Towards the mid-70s hits came out Rumore and Felicity tà tà, and with them, fame came to Carré abroad! Carra's tours were sold out to a number of countries, including Spain, Greece, America and even the Soviet Union! The biggest hit of this period can be called "A far l'amore comincia tu".

Soon the compositions became big hits "Tanti Auguri" and Fiesta:

One of Carra's most successful albums "Forte forte forte" released in 1976 in more than 30 countries! The album followed Fiesta with dynamic Eurodisco tracks.

Toward the end of the decade saw the light "Hay que venir al sur", the Spanish-language version of "Tanti Auguri", which became one of Raffaella's greatest hits...

Love in the USSR

It is worth noting that the singer was very loved in the USSR! Soviet people got acquainted with the delightful Carra during the Days of Italian Television. Popularity Raffaella Carra on the territory of our state was so great that in the early 80s the director Evgeny Ginzburg even made a movie called "Raffaella Carra in Moscow"! The tape consisted of the singer's clips for big hits. It also includes a video for Torna da me, filmed in the Moscow metro, and a cover of "Antoshka"!

Around the same time, hit songs were released "Inviato Speciale" and "Soca Dance".

Personal life and death

Rafaella Carra
Rafaella Carra

In life Raffaella Carra there were many men and love ... Singer Little Tony, soccer player Gino Stacchini - even Frank Sinatra himself showed signs of attention to the Italian beauty! However, Carra rejected him ... In total, the artist had two really long novels in her life. So, her relationship with Gianni Boncompagni lasted for 10 years! And it was he who wrote for Carra her best musical hits! The second novel, although it was not long, undoubtedly had a special magic ... After breaking up with Gianni, Carra met a choreographer Sergio Gipinowho was 9 years younger than her! And even when their relationship broke up, the couple maintained a warm trusting relationship until the death of Rafaella in 2021, which was announced by Sergio.

Rafaella Carra
Rafaella Carra

It is worth noting that the singer was never married - Raffaella did not believe in marriage. She did not have her own children: the woman could not have children, which is why she adopted several children from all over the world at a distance. Rafaella Carra she was a talented person with a big soul and a very warm, kind heart ...

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