A vulnerable person: a biography of Keanu Reeves

A wonderful man and a great actor with an unfortunate fate: a biography of Keanu Reeves.

The life story of the famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves

Who is Keanu Reeves? We are sure that you must have heard the name of this amazing Hollywood actor who starred in various popular films. And most likely, in any way you watched a movie with his participation.

Keanu Reeves (1)
Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves is a famous Canadian actor who has become famous in the Hollywood film industry. The man is a true professional in acting, whose career has been constantly growing, but, one might say, an unhappy person, suffering from loneliness in his personal life and constantly suffering grief and adversity. Let's dive deeper into the biography of the movie star in order to understand what lies behind such a beautiful appearance of the actor.

Birth, unusual name, childhood and adolescence, relationships with family

Keanu Charles Reeves was born on September 2, 1964 in the capital city of Lebanon - Beirut. His father, Samuel, was a geologist, and his mother, Patricia, was a well-known dancer. In addition to Keanu, the Reeves family had three more daughters, who were the youngest children in the house. The future actor received his unusual and rather exotic name from his grandfather and a native Hawaiian named Henry Keanu. The name of the future celebrity is translated from Hawaiian as "a cool wind over the hills."

It is known that the boy's father and the head of the family was a man without a higher education and even served time in prison for trafficking in hard drugs. After the birth of one of the sisters, Keanu's mother left the former drug dealer and took the children, went first to Sydney, and then to New York. There she married a second time, but the marriage also did not last long and the Reeves family soon returned to Toronto.

Childhood photo of Keanu Reeves
Childhood photo of Keanu Reeves

It was in Toronto that the Reeves family finally settled. Here the future actor began to attend schools and hobby groups. The boy began to get involved in music. This was partly facilitated by the fact that Alice Cooper's music studio was opposite the Reeves house. By the way, Keanu's mother began to design stage costumes for the same rock musician Alice Cooper. It is also known that the future Hollywood star attended school without great desire and desire. Due to some feature of Keanu called congenital dyslexia, the boy could not perceive written and oral speech, which, naturally, interfered with the process of gaining knowledge. By the way, Keanu never finished school. But the future actor found himself in sports: Reeves loved hockey, football and basketball. If not for the knee injury that Keanu received through negligence, he might have become a famous hockey player. It is also known about Keanu's love for chess and checkers - in these games he also had no equal.

The first received roles and filming, the best roles, as well as achievements and awards

When Keanu Reeves was fifteen years old, he was invited to the first shooting - advertising Coca-Cola. Later, he was invited several more times to shoot short videos and short films, but he still did not consider the actor’s activity as his calling: for the boy it was just another way to make good money. Other, already more interesting proposals to shoot in one or another film project soon followed. And here, his former stepfather, who worked as a director, went to the aid of Keanu - he picked up the wonderful agent Erwin Stoff for the boy, with whom Keanu is currently working.

Keanu Reeves (2)
Keanu Reeves

The first feature film of a beginner, but already a talented actor was a film called "Young Blood", where he played a hockey player. The role played is quite symbolic, because in the past Keanu Reeves was professionally involved in this sport. After the screening of the film, the actor began to receive offers from the best filmmakers. Keanu's popularity began to slowly grow. Reeves moves to Los Angeles. By the way, at the beginning of his career, Keanu was very responsible in choosing the role and tried to choose the best. The actor was wary of films where there are scenes of violence and cruelty. Some time later, Keanu Reeves was only involved in teen movies and comedies. In parallel with the filming, the aspiring actor was also the lead singer of the rock band Dogstar, in which he was the guitarist. The musical group even toured Japan and America.

In the nineties, the actor managed to star in a film called "On the crest of a wave." It should also be said that in the same period, the name Keanu ceased to be an empty phrase. Then, thanks to his charisma, he was able to participate in a film called "Dangerous Liaisons", and then to star in the comedy film "Bill and Tedd's Excellent Adventure." In 1992, the actor had his big break in a film based on Bram Stoker's famous book Dracula. The young and attractive actor played the role of Jonathan Harker, who was captured by the ancient and powerful vampire Dracula. In 1997, movie star Keanu Reeves was offered eleven million dollars for his role in the film Speed.

Keanu Reeves really became popular after the release of the cult movie called The Matrix in 1999. The subsequent parts of the famous film, released in 2003, brought the movie star about thirty million dollars. Keanu Reeves distributed most of them among one hundred and fourteen people who worked on the film. This was followed by a real flowering of the career of an already held Hollywood movie star. Keanu Reeves starred in many films of the fantasy genre, and also participated in the filming of a melodrama. The actor has always been great at mystical and unusual roles, with which he coped just superbly. This is what he earned not only the respect of film critics and the most famous directors, but also the endless love of the public, including many women and girls.

Personal life of Keanu Reeves, his love affairs and relationships

It is a known fact that Keanu Reeves was a rather shy young man in his youth. However, his gloominess and unusualness conquered and interested the girls. The actor had several love affairs and relationships. Keanu's first love was a girl named Jennifer, who was supposed to give birth to his daughter. However, a week before the birth, the lovers learn that the child has died. Following her daughter, Jennifer herself soon passed away, which greatly affected the condition of the actor.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant
Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant

However, in 2019, Keanu Reeves met a life partner with whom he is in a relationship to this day - Alexandra Grant.

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