Samolochka Rastorguev to Germany

Moving Nikolai Rastorguev to Germany - myth or reality? As an avid patriot, he decided to move to the West.

Does the vocalist "Lube" live in Baden-Baden

Nikolai Rastorguev - Russian musician, singer, actor, and soloist group "Lube". He began his musical career back in the USSR, being part of such musical groups as "Six Young Men.", "Sing a song." and "Rondo". Rastorguev also proved himself as a political and public figure. Russian Federation.

Nikolai Rastorguev is a patriot who also actively supports the current president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The artist has long been a member of a social movement called "Putin Team", takes part in the flash mob "Homeland of Heroes". The people call Rastorguev "Putin's favorite" for his warm relations with the President of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Vladimirovich himself has a good attitude not only to Rastorguev, but also to the musical group "Lube". To date, the group is the favorite of the President of Russia.

Nikolay Rastorguev and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Nikolai Rastorguev and Vladimir Putin

Group "Lube"

Nikolai Rastorguev was in the group since its inception. The official date of foundation of the musical group is considered January 14, 1989. "Lyube" is a group that uses pop and rock motifs, however, elements of a military and author's song - integral part of her work..

The team was created by a famous composer and producer Igor Matvienko, which the still writes music for the songs "Lube". The three members are honored artists Russian Federation, among them Nikolai Rastorguev. First Success came to Lube back in 1991, and by the 2000s, the group surpassed in popularity even "VIA Gru" and "Tea for Two". According to statistics, most of the fans are middle-aged and older men, often well endowed.

Nikolai Rastorguev at one of the performances
Nikolai Rastorguev at one of the performances

In 2010 in connection with the receipt of Rastorguev political office and replenishment of the State Duma, the group began to actively participate in the actions of the ruling party and support the movement "Young guard". The popularity of "Lube" grew, the team repeatedly invited to speak at city holidays and other large-scale events.

By myself Nikolai Rastorguev sharedthat among other compositions of "Lube" most of all he loves the song "There beyond the mists", which consists in an assembly called "Collected Works"issued back in 1997.

Also from the work of "Lube" should be allocated a work called "Horse" 1994. The song is very soulful positive emotions at the listener regardless of age and gender. The composition contains choral singing, and the song itself is more like a folk song than originally created. for the pop scene.

Another of the most popular songs "Lube" is "Call me softly by my name", which is considered group's calling card. Its main idea is homesicknesswhich is an element of patriotism. Thanks to the calm and penetrating text work became famous and close to almost every citizen of the Russian Federation.

On the achievements in the music field Nicholas didn't stop. and decided to redirect my love to Russia into political activity. IN 2006 Rastorguev became part of the party "United Russia", which, from his point of view, was a fairly promising faction. The following year, an aspiring politician tried to enter to the State Duma from Stavropol, but due to lack of space, he did not succeed. However, at the beginning of 2010, at one of the meetings, he mandate was given.

Summing up the above, Rastorguev can be safely called patriot. As for the conflict with Ukraine, the deputy has a strong opinion on this subject. Nikolai is sure that Crimea should again become part of the Russian Federation, and is somewhat sharply and negatively opposed to Ukraine itself. According to Rastorguev, Ukrainians will certainly weave conspiracy against Russia and society in this country vicious and zombie.

It is hard to believe that such a successful politician and avid patriot decided to leave Russia and move to the West, to Germany. but in 2015 it became known that the leader of the Lube group lives in a city called Baden Badenwhich is in the southwest of Germany. Despite the harsh statements of the novice politician about the war with Ukraine, Germany generously received the migrant.

Nikolai Rastorguev at a press conference, 2017
Nikolai Rastorguev at a press conference, 2017. Photo: Evgeny Chesnokov, Russian Blogger

Vocalist "Lube" lives in purchased for 30 million rubles apartments in the spa town of Baden-Baden, and an integral member of the musical group lives next door Igor Matvienko. Now the leader of "Lube" often travels to Germany after concerts to improve his health and bathe in thermal waters.

Public to this news reacted violently, divided into two parts. Some seriously criticize the singer, not understanding how an avid patriot, who insisted that he was proud of the country in which he was born, can leave and move to live in the West. Nikolai's actions are often perceived as lies and treason. Others treat Rastorguev with understanding, arguing that it is possible to remain a patriot and at the same time live in another country.

The singer himself indignantly denies buying a home in Baden-Baden. He does not say anything to the public about life abroad, but only talks about his sincere faith in the strength of Russia and its citizens. A few years later after the shocking news about the sudden relocation of the politician to Germany arose different version, which refutes the previous one.

Nikolai Rastorguev
Nikolai Rastorguev

The version says that Nikolai's move is fiction with Ukrainian roots. Since his resettlement is associated with the occupation of the Crimea and the beginning Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the story may turn out to be invented by Ukrainian journalists. According to Nikolai, now he lives in a mansion in the Moscow region, and in Germany it happens only occasionally on tour.

Perhaps the emigration of the famous Russian musician - just a myth inflated by the public. The reasons for this may be quite a bit of. One way or another, find out the exact source of this well-established story. does not seem possible. What other news can journalists bring, one can only guess.

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