"The World's Greatest Guitarist": Brian May reflects on his role and idols

"I will never claim to be a great virtuoso guitarist. I just play from my heart, and that's enough for me personally!"

What Brian May, the legendary guitarist and simply a very soulful man, is reflecting on today

Perhaps the answer to the question "who is the best guitarist in history? does not existFor dozens of rock legends have had their special and tremendous influence in one area or another, inspired one idol or another, and left a diverse legacy. It is so vast and expansive that everyone is bound to find something to their liking. But if we're talking about Brianne Mae.he was voted "the greatest guitarist in the world" by the magazine Total Guitar. You may or may not agree with this statement. However, that is not why we are here today.

The fact that May is one of the iconic of the guitar geniuses of the 20th century, there is no doubt in anyone's mind. But this man, despite his personal and creative merits, as well as the brilliant mind of a scientist-astrophysicist, is extremely modest.

"I will never claim to be a great virtuoso guitarist. I just play from my heart, and that's enough for me personally!"

brayan mey 1
Brian May

In today's article, "electric" Queen legend Brian shares his reflections about your idols, your band mates, and what the purpose of a guitarist in a band is.

About idols

Brian May and his Red Special guitar
Brian May and his Red Special guitar

May's number one idol has always been Jimi Hendrix - a legendary virtuoso whose name has long been a household name.

"To me, he's superhuman! It's fantastic... Every time I listen to his records, I get excited and overwhelmed like I'm discovering this music for the first time! I never stop learning from Jimi.

Another person whose talent our hero sincerely admires is Jimmy Page.

"Jimmy Page is a legend of what heavy rock was when it began. I'll never get tired of listening to Zeppelin, and I'll never stop admiring the man. He's a little older than me, but we went to the same elementary school. I always looked up to him. He was a very cool guy to me! Today I consider him a master of invention.

Jimmy Page and Brian May
Jimmy Page and Brian May

According to May, he has always been fascinated by Eddie Van Halenand when the musician was gone, Brian had to regret something bitterly...

"Eddie is unparalleled. He took electric guitar technique to a new level. In ordinary life, he was a wonderful, kind and funny guy. I was always particularly struck by his spirit - a spirit that just dazzles you! You know, when he was gone, I had to regret something bitterly... We didn't communicate for a long time - I had some things to do all the time. And now that he's gone, I feel guilty about it... I wish I could change it.

Eddie Van Halen is definitely the greatest guitarist of his generation.
Eddie Van Halen is definitely the greatest guitarist of his generation.

And what about to heavy metal?

"It's indisputable: my main idol is Tony Iommi. He's the father of heavy metal, period! His injured fingers and his brilliant mind did it! He's the king of the genre."

About his magic with Freddy

Freddie Mercury and Brian May
Freddie Mercury and Brian May

What does his guitar mean to May? Or rather, the way it sounds?

"For me, it's singing. That's the essence of a solo - to perform a song together with the vocalist, but without words. To say everything with a melody. But it's important to keep up with the voice, otherwise you're a bad guitarist. You can't let your guitar overpower the soloist - you have to shine as one. It's also very important to convey your feelings and emotions with your guitar... If you can do that, then you've done your job well.

According to May, he and Freddie had a special magic: they felt each other perfectly. Their sound was amazing, melodic...

"I like to be melodic. Especially in the vocal moments. When we were working with Freddy, we totally adjusted to each other: first I played while he sang, and then he sang while I played. We looked at this work from different angles to find the perfect points of juxtaposition in the song..."

Love The Temperance Seven

Brian May
Brian May

Speaking of his favorite arrangements, Bryan especially highlights the music of the British jazz ensemble The Temperance Seven:

"To me, The Temperance Seven is the clearest example of how you can create a gem by layering harmonies. You can see their music as a sandwich! Or like lines, like intertwined snakes. And I adore them for that!"

In conclusion

Brian May and his Red Special
Brian May and his Red Special

Knowing your legendary status, Brian continues to maintain a sober mind and respect for his colleagues:

"You can't say about any guitar player that he's the best. Every player has his own character. You know, for me, playing has never been a competition. It's always just a joy. But if I see a dazzlingly brilliant guitarist, I still have a fit of thought, "Oh my God! I can't do this!" But then I meet him, and he says, "Well, you're doing something I can't do. You know?"

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