Masterpieces of Russian rock: we look at the reaction of foreigners to Viktor Tsoi, Gaza Strip, DDT, Bi-2

Watch the reaction of friends from Italy!

Viktor Tsoi, Gaza Strip, DDT, Bi-2 - how did foreigners react to Russian rock?

Recently, channels where foreigners listen to Russian music have begun to gain popularity on YouTube. And they don’t just listen, but give comments, show genuine emotions ... In a word, they film their reaction! “Under the distribution” (in a good sense of the word) falls everything: from classics and hip-hop to modern rap and electronic dance music. And how are things with Russian rock? Today we will find out!

Our friends from Italy filmed a reaction to the masterpieces of Russian rock: Viktor Tsoi, Gaza Strip, DDT, Bi-2 ... In a word, the review promises to be not only interesting, but also enjoyable for fans of this genre! Well, less words, more to the point! Let's start...

Italians listen to Russian rock

Viktor Tsoi
Viktor Tsoi

First, a little about the channel: Italians by Kuzno Productions is a popular YouTube channel founded in July 2017. In almost four years, he has gained more than a million subscribers, which, in fact, is not surprising: the guys from Italy are filming reactions to Russian music, TV shows, Russian food and much, much more! All this is published on the channel run by Larisa Stepantsova and Daria Pereverzeva. Cinematographer: Vitaly Kazanin. Many people really like the criticism of Italian friends, as evidenced by the number of views and likes under the video. In a word - keep it up, well done! But today we will watch one specific video from this channel, which was published in February 2021: “Masterpieces of Russian Rock: the reaction of Italians” - we think everything is already clear from the title! Our friends from Italy decided to shoot a reaction to Russian rock, and not to anyhow, but to Viktor Tsoi, Gaza Strip, DDT, Bi-2 ... The description under the video reads:

“Viktor Tsoi, Gas Sector, DDT and Bi-2 with their eternal hits. Today we will listen to the masterpieces of Russian rock with a guitar, find out what the Italians think about our rock music and discuss what meaning the guys have learned from the songs they listened to. Get comfortable, today will be a spiritual graduation!

Timeless songs sound in the video, such as “I want to change”, “Lyric”, “What is autumn”, “Silver” ... Actually, we watch, listen and enjoy together with the Italians!

At the beginning of the video, the legendary hit by Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group sounds, which has really become an integral attribute of any protests in Russia ... The Italians liked the composition “I Want Changes”, but what will they say about Yury Khoi's Lyric?

In fact, the reaction to this song surprised many. For some reason, our foreign listeners decided that Hoi sings in this song about anger, protest, disagreement ... One girl also emphasized that she associated music of this nature with ... rap. Well, that's pretty weird. But consider her tender age… As one user wrote in the comments:

“It is very difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it is not there! But the guys even found her in Lyrica ... "

As for the song “What is Autumn” by the DDT group, the Italian listeners noted the uniqueness of Yuri Shevchuk's voice, as well as the annoying motive of the composition itself ... In a word, they were satisfied with the listening! However, many viewers did not agree with the choice of the song:

“The Sector could have Home or Demobilization. At DDT - Do not shoot or Motherland ... "

“Good rhythm, cheerful timbre!” - commented friends from Italy. But what will they say about the “Silver” of the Bi-2 group?

For some, the composition reminded “depressive music from the 80s, inspired by social problems”, for others it gave a romantic melancholic mood ... That's really when listeners from one country really have such different visions and images!


Well, let's sum up: apparently, Russian rock is really liked by foreign listeners. Yes, in our songs there is a generous share of melancholy, and a good cheerful rhythm, and protest, and romance ... In a word, our rock masterpieces are diverse and amazing ... And this is their magnificence. It remains to be added that this video contains truly worthwhile compositions that have been loved, loved and will be loved by different generations of listeners. It's very interesting to watch the reactions of foreign friends, and it's very nice when they bestow warm words on their favorite songs... As you can see, Nicolò and Stephanie had the most appropriate reaction. The rest, for some reason, saw protests, anger, depression in all the songs ... But they should be understood too: of course, it’s hard for them to fully understand the whole meaning of the songs, but it’s very deep ... But what they try is already worthy of praise !

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