"Yura caught star disease": Khoy and Savin's uneasy relationship

Today we will tell the story of the relationship between the leader of the band "Sector Gaza" Yuri Khoy and the manager Sergei Savin. Why the musician refused to cooperate with Savin after four years of successful work? Let's find out!

A rift in the band "Sector Gaza": Khoi and Savin

The legendary band "Sector Gaza" became famous unusual The band remained in the shadows for a long time, but in the 1990s they were the talk of the town. For a long time the band remained in the shadows, but in the 90s it was the talk of the town. At the same time "Gaza Strip" For the first time after the release of two albums, they began to tour extensively, and in this they were helped by managerswho organized the work of the team.

The article will talk about how "Sector Gaza" came to success, who helped the musicians intelligently organize their activities and why the paths of Yuri Hoy and the second manager of the group Sergei Savin quickly broke up.

Savin's influence

Gaza Strip
Gaza Strip

The history of the group, named after a district of Yuri Klinskikh's home town Voronezh, begins in the mid-1980s, when the future leader of the group begins to by concerts in the rock club that opened. A little later, Yuri and his comrades organize commandThe main reason for this is that the musicians were not able to get away with it, performing mostly at local concerts with little hope of success.

The popularity of Sector Gaza grew moderately. After a performance in Cherepovets at one of the rock-club festivals, the novice musicians became known outside Voronezh, and after that there was a record two the band's albums: "Kolkhozny Punk" and "Pluhi Woogi". The poor quality of the tape prevented the band's atypical repertoire from spreading widely, and the cassettes practically did not sell. A more successful time was in the early 90s, when Yuri was able to send recordings of the albums to Moscow with the help of acquaintances. After a while, the band comes out Fidel Simonovwho became the band's unofficial manager until 1991.

In 1991, the musicians managed to record the cassette "The Night Before Christmas" in a professional studio, and at that time the desire of the band to make original compositions and create a special "dirty" charm only. intensifies. Simonov is trying to make more money from the musicians' fame, so he organizes several Doppelgängers and sends them on tour around the country, while the "original" members work on new material in Moscow.

After ascertaining the circumstances and saying goodbye to Simonov, Klinskikh gets acquainted with Sergey SavinHe immediately helps the musicians: he leaves one of his apartments for the band to live in. He immediately helps the musicians: he gives the band one of his apartments to live in and starts unwind "Gaza Strip" in the capital.

Band "Sector Gaza"
Band "Sector Gaza"

The first concert took place in a house of culture, where singer Vika Tsyganova, who was still performing songs in the style of chanson. That night the Gaza Strip had large success with the audience, and the manager after a successful concert had to pay a fine because the audience of the "Sector" fully blew up the hall. A few days later word of the band spread all over Moscow.

Discord and relationship breakdown

Yuri Klinskikh (Khoi)
Yuri Klinskikh (Khoi)

The key to the success of Hoy, his team, and Savin was non-intervention manager in the band's work. Sergey himself admitted in one of his interviews that he had no right to influence the style of the musicians - then Sector Gaza would no longer be the same. Mandatory The conditions for the band members were a ban on drinking alcohol before the concert and the use of foul language. In spite of good ones The musicians sometimes broke these rules, but Savin turned a blind eye to their transgressions.

Sergei mentioned that after the concerts, the members of Gaza Strip lived like real rock starsBut Yuri, the former leader, spent all the money he earned wiselyI would send some to my family in Voronezh, and spend the rest to buy tools and only then leave myself for a vacation.

The first reasons for the rift began to emerge after the band managed to get on the steadily good earnings from concerts. Khoi and his team could already afford a lot, and the fee set by Savin was no longer enough. In 1994, Yura Khoi already finally Decided to search for new concert manager, breaking off the working relationship with Sergei.

"Yura caught star sickness."

"Gaza at the peak of its career
"Gaza at the peak of its career

In interviews, Savin often mentioned that Yuri felt like a real star, and after getting fame and good money, he began to demand more. The musician was not satisfied with the financial conditions - Savin received half of all profits, and to divide the remainder by all members of the band was complicated. Sergey repeatedly claimed that he spent this portion of the money not only on his own expenses, but also on printing posters for concerts, organizing the band's performance on television, and so on. promotion. According to him, Khoi wanted to earn several times as much when he realized that about three hundred people consistently came to the concert and that the band had money. exactly will.

Yuri Khoi at a performance in 2000
Yuri Khoi at a performance in 2000

Sergei still thinks that Klinskikh "caught a star" on a tip. others musicians who raise the rates for their concerts. Despite this, the higher the concert fee, the fewer gigs the band will have, and it already depends on popularity performers. Savin could not provide Yuri and his comrades with a higher fee for performances, and that is why the paths of the musicians and the manager after three years of working together broke up. Despite this, the Gaza Strip successfully was active until the death of Yuri Klinskikh in 2000, and Savin continued to work in show business with other projects.


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