The remake of "The Musicians of Bremen" - will a modern take on the Soviet classics please

Today in our article we will talk about the remake of the 1969 musical cartoon "The Musicians of Bremen" by director Nikita Mikhalkov. What to expect from the remake of the beloved Soviet cartoon and who will play the role of well-known characters? Read on.

A remake of the Soviet cartoon film "The Musicians of Bremen

Recently in the Russia increasingly produce remakes to everyone's favorite Soviet films and cartoons, and directors do not aspire to Synopsis by The main characters and certain developments, for example, are taken as the basis of the already known creations. Take the same "Cheburashka." (2022), which has become a favorite of Russian viewers and the highest-grossing The film was the biggest hit at the Russian box office of all time.

Cover of the film "Cheburashka" (2022).
Cover of the film "Cheburashka" (2022).

Here's the director Alexei Nuzhny keeps up with his colleague Dmitry Dyachenko, the creator of the new "Cheburashki.". Summer 2022 year it became known that the studio Nikita Mikhalkov "TriTe." plans to release a remake of the Soviet musical cartoon 1969 of the year "The Musicians of Bremen. And so, in December. 2022 It became known that the shooting of the film is planned for the summer of 2023 of the year. In addition, the following was announced castwhich is sure to appeal to lovers of national cinema.

Cartoon "The Bremen Musicians" (1969).
Cartoon "The Bremen Musicians" (1969).

What to expect from the remake of the beloved Soviet of the cartoon and who will perform in the roles of everyone's famous heroes?

Remake of "The Musicians of Bremen" by Nikita Mikhalkov - what to expect

According to the creators movies many of the original storylines will be completely changed. ribbon will be related to the genres of of the musical and roadmovie. At the presentation Film Foundation On December 6, 2022, it was announced that the filming would use Animatronics and plastic makeup to create animal friends. Sample anthropomorphic images can be seen in the pictures below.

Approximate image of a cat in the remake of "The Bremen Musicians". Photographs from the "TrieTe" studio.
Approximate image of a cat in the remake of "The Bremen Musicians". Photographs from the "TrieTe" studio.

Unfortunately, the details of the story has not yet been reported, but it is known for sure that in the new "The Musicians of Bremen." will tell about the Troubadour's childhood and the beginning of his friendship with animal musicians.

Approximate image of the rooster in the remake of "The Bremen Musicians". Photographs from the "TriTe" studio.
Approximate image of the rooster in the remake of "The Bremen Musicians". Photographs from the "TriTe" studio.

The most interesting thing, of course, is this, castwhich was also presented at the forum Film Foundation. The main character, Trubodur, will be played by Tikhon Zhiznevsky ("Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor."), his friends, the rooster, the cat, the donkey and the dog, will play accordingly: Yura Borisov ("Kalashnikov.", "Bull."), Irina Gorbacheva ("I'm losing weight.", "Chicky."), Dmitry Dyuzhev ("Blind Man's Bluff, The Brigade.") и Roman Kurtsyn ("Thirsty.").

Approximate image of the dog in the remake of "The Musicians of Bremen". Photos from the "TrieTe" studio.
Approximate image of the dog in the remake of "The Musicians of Bremen". Photos from the "TrieTe" studio.

The role of the king was given to To Sergei Burunov ("Policeman from Rublevka"), the detective will be Konstantin Khabensky ("Night Watch.", "Admiral"), and the atamaness will play Maria Aronova ("Battalion.","Ice."). In addition, the film will feature Yuri StoyanovBut his role has not yet been announced.

Approximate image of the donkey in the remake of "The Bremen Musicians". Photos from the "TrieTe" studio.
Approximate image of the donkey in the remake of "The Bremen Musicians". Photos from the "TrieTe" studio.

Interestingly, in the the film original songs and music by the composer will be performed Gennady Gladkovwhich were heard in the cartoons, but with a new processing.

Audience Concerns

Of course, everyone viewer rather skeptical of any remakes former movies. For example, to most viewers the appearance of the new, humanized "crocodile Gena" in "Cheburashka." (2022), seemed like a questionable decision. The film strayed far from the original cartoon and Uspensky's book, and so about "The Musicians of Bremen there are also some concerns.

A still from the cartoon "The Musicians of Bremen" (1969).
A still from the cartoon "The Musicians of Bremen" (1969).

Roughly speaking, the news of the shooting of the new "The Musicians of Bremen was not received very positively. Viewers fearthat the transfer in a new way of the beloved Soviet cartoon, which was a product of its epochwill ruin the whole atmosphere. We can only hope that the new movie will create a furore and will be appreciated.

"The Musicians of Bremen" - a cartoon that has already become a classic

Where would it be without the original? Let's remember a little history creation of the original cartoon, which became the cult hit in the Soviet Union because of the memorable musical soundtrack, in which you can hear the influence of Western rock and roll music.

The plot of the animated film is based on characters from the tale Brothers Grimm "The Musicians of Bremen. The cartoon was created in 1969 In the year of the film studio "Soyuzmultfilm" director Inessa Kovalevsky, by the authors of the script Yuri Entin and Vasily Livanov. The musical composer was Gennady Gladkov.

It is interesting that Oleg Anofriev, Soviet and Russian actor The theater and cinema, which had originally been assigned voiceover role only Trubodur, voiced and sang for almost all the characters "The Musicians of Bremenexcept, of course, for the princess, although he tried to sing her, too, and the donkey. The princess was eventually voiced by the vocalist Elmira Zherzdevaand the donkey is the poet. Anatoly Gorokhov.

The audience initially had mixed impression from a cartoon that reflected Western influences, from the music to the appearance of the characters. But in spite of this, the "The Musicians of Bremen still a bunch of fans, and the songs "There's nothing better in the world.", "Rays of the Golden Sun." and "We came to see you for an hour." is familiar to almost the entire Soviet generation. And many young children today love this cartoon for its bright pictures, cheerful songs and kind characters.


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