The story of Remi Wolf, a girl who gets millions of views on YouTube and loves dogs

“I just loved performing for people since I was a kid,” she smiles. “There are so many short kids videos of me doing the craziest and weirdest show for my parents! I've been doing this since I was ten...

Biography of Remi Wolf - childhood, first steps, music

Inspired by the absurdism of children's television and adding its own originality, music by Remy Wolf is a journey into the outer worlds of pop culture… Singer and recording artist from Californiawhile still in high school Palo Alto Remi Wolf tried her hand at television, taking part in American Idol 2014! She will later release an extended play "You're A Dog!" and several EPs before it comes to a full-length debut... I'm Allergic to Dogs! (which translates as "I'm allergic to dogs!") was released in the summer of 2020. Since then, the popularity of Remy Wolf has grown, as has the number of views of her videos on YouTube: 400 thousand, then 900, Then 3 million… It seems that this is not the limit for a bright and ambitious girl!

Early years

Remy Wolf born and raised in the California Bay Area, close to San Francisco, in a place called Palo Alto.

“It's kind of where the whole dot-com tech boom started. It's like Silicon Valley!" she explains. “What was once an area rich in culture has become an area full of… well, the rich. Yes, it really sucks. I hate this…” Remy sighs. “This is a completely different city than the one that was when I grew up there. He just turned upside down! People here are like, "I have no idea how to cook my own dinner." This is crazy… I had so many unwanted conversations with these people…”

First steps

Remy Wolf
Remy Wolf

Saturated with references to pop culture with lyrics that amaze every now and then, lush sweet melodies distorted by pinball production captivate... Music wolf shrouded in a layer of dizzying surreal images and crowned with humor! Therefore, you may be surprised by the fact that up to 16 years old the girl did not think seriously about the music scene ... Moreover, Remy's interests were completely different: she wanted to become ... Olympic skier! “Yes, it really is,” the singer confirms. During that period, Wolf often trained on Lake Tahoe, and even attended a ski boarding school! But... her passion for music has always paralleled her athleticism.

“I just loved performing for people since I was a kid,” she smiles. “There are so many short kids videos of me doing the craziest and weirdest show for my parents! I've been doing this since I was ten…”

Growing up wolf together with your girlfriends Chloe and Tatiana founded a group Citrusperforming a cappella at various events and parties:

“We were literally wearing the same outfits and dancing and it was really awkward…” she laughs. “But thanks to that, I learned to sing, I learned to harmonize, I developed my ear, and it was really fun!”

Remy Wolf...
Remy Wolf...

After the collapse Citrus Wolf and Chloe started writing music together.

“We were inseparable throughout high school! We hung out every day, just writing songs… Then we started performing – performing at school, performing throughout the city and neighboring cities, and just at some point expanded and became the band that people knew!”

american idol

At seventeen, a singing teacher suggested wolf audition at american idol. What did it bring? Let's find out:

“It was completely by accident… I went through a bunch of rounds, went to Hollywood for a week, played all this party, and I think I realized that show business is crazy,” Remy explains reservedly. “For me, the curtain was pulled back a little. I realized that I did not want to make music. I just knew it wasn't for me..."

Instead of chasing the title of post-reality TV star, Remy I decided to forge my own path. Perhaps partly inspired by a cultural shift in her hometown (or perhaps it was a reaction to the phony creativity of her TV experience), she felt the need for authenticity, however idiosyncratic it might be...

“I have always had a desire to do something completely different than what is happening around!” She explains. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve always been like this: I don’t want to dress like all these people, I don’t want to fucking do the same thing that all these people do ... And why, if I can make it better. I always had a desire to be an individual person and just seek my truth ... "

Career: tracks, clips, success

Remi Wolf
Remi Wolf

Individuality and uniqueness Remy evident in everything this bright girl does! From the stunning visuals to the sweet melodies that cover her lyrics... Tracks like "Woo" and "Photo ID", consist of many layers, sonic, lyrical and referential, so every listening should reveal something new! And it would open if it weren't so blinding... World Wolf is a multimedia establishment that combines contrasting colors, post-tumblr memes and mind-blowing animation!

“As far as my visuals go, it’s all intentional…”

Working with an artist and director Agusta Ir, the two of them create a surreal and beautiful theme for films such as Spy Kids, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other funny tapes:

“I watched all these stupid, crazy kids TV shows and movies because I was the oldest of four kids,” explains Wolf. “So throughout my life, there were always these ridiculous programs on TV… I think they inadvertently inspired me: I just love their stupidity, the colors and the absurdity in general… I just wanted to create an alternative, surreal, colorful universe in which could live…”

However, when it comes to lyrical content, the influence can be a bit more adult...

“I really enjoy painting and I think my thoughts naturally go to weirder images,” explains Wolf. “In terms of music, I’ve also used various substances, so I feel like maybe that plays a bit of a role: it kind of opens up your brain and you see different things and you share them in your work…”

Interesting Facts

  • She's obsessed with... beans! Wolf openly states this in his interview: “I am obsessed with beans. I love to eat beans, cook beans… It’s very tasty!”
  • The first song she wrote was a folk ballad called "Carousel": “I wrote it with my friend Chloe when we were 14 years old… My mother always said that this song is quite intimate in its sound… Pretty strange though… maybe she’s right!”
  • Remy loves dogs! She has a pet named Juno Jameson, a small French bulldog who frequently appears on her mom's social media: "He's my cute tiny handsome little boy! My true love… I look at him and get mad because he is so cute. I just want to explode and squeeze it so hard. He's a puppy, so he's a little crazy, but basically he's just an angel. He knows his name and knows how to sit. Still not potty trained, but I’m still very proud of him…” says “mommy” Remy with pride and love.

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