Restaurant "Arbat": what kind of music sounded within the walls of a famous institution

Unfortunately, along with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the history of Arbat also ended.

What visitors of the famous Moscow Arbat listened to: popular music that often sounded in the restaurant

"Arbat" - today, not everyone knows that in the distant 60s - 70s this name belonged not only to one of the central streets of Moscow. So concisely and elegantly called the incredibly popular restaurant located at: Novy Arbat street, 21.

For the first time its doors opened in 1967. A lot of time has passed, and today that institution no longer exists. But its unique history lives on. We offer to remember it, as well as talk about the music that amused the visitors of the fashionable Arbat.

A little about the restaurant

Arbat Restaurant
Arbat Restaurant

Huge doors of "Arbat" opened wide for everyone in second half of the 1960s. The institution was opened on a recently laid in Moscow Kalininsky prospect - quite a popular and beautiful place. Positioning itself as not just a restaurant, but a whole cultural and entertainment center capital, "Arbat" went down in history as a truly legendary establishment. At that time it was the largest European restaurant! For this reason, it was even included in Guinness Book of Records. No wonder that "Arbat" quickly became new attraction for Muscovites and guests of the capital: tourists were simply crazy about him.

Arbat Restaurant, Aeroflot Globus
Arbat Restaurant, Aeroflot Globus

Legendary Aeroflot Globe was erected in 1972 year, on the eve of the celebration of the 50th anniversary the USSR. Unfortunately, with the onset of the 90s, the historical relic was turned into an advertisement. "Alfa Bank".

Staff was a thousand people, while the walls of the restaurant could accommodate almost up to two thousand visitors simultaneously. As for the cuisine, it was based on traditional Russian food. The institution had an official status "luxury".

Arbat restaurant, bar counter
Bar counter of the restaurant "Arbat"

As already mentioned above, "Arbat" was not just a restaurant, but a whole cultural and entertainment center. Inside was several halls and huge dance floor. The interior looked amazing, which we can personally appreciate from the remaining photographs.

Arbat restaurant, main hall
Arbat restaurant, main hall

Unfortunately, along with the collapse Soviet Union ended and the history of "Arbat".

"Bread and circuses": a scene that has become a springboard for many

Arbat restaurant, main stage and dance floor
Arbat restaurant, main stage and dance floor

From the very beginning, the creators "Arbat" saw it not just as a place where people could have a tasty meal, but an institution where they could have a good rest and have fun. The restaurant hall was equipped scene and a large dance floor. Visitors to the establishment could enjoy Russian cuisine and excellent jazz music performed orchestra. All this strengthened the reputation of Arbat.

Restaurant "Arbat" from the inside
Restaurant "Arbat" from the inside

It is also curious that the restaurant had a program variety show - the only one in the capital! Moreover, according to the recollections of eyewitnesses, quite frank ...

The street on which the Arbat was built
The street on which the Arbat was built

In addition to jazz, restaurant visitors could enjoy discotheque. Incendiary melodies were also an integral part of the institution. For those who wished to spend time in a relaxed and subdued atmosphere, separate banquet halls. The service was really at a high level.

Stage "Arbat" united both halls, and over the history of the institution’s existence, many famous artists performed on it: from Sergei Zakharov To Irina Allegrova and Marina Khlebnikova. For some performers, the Arbat stage has become successful start, a springboard to a bright future. For others, she served as the only nurses.

The structure of the building was designed in such a way that people who ate on the second floor could also enjoy live music.

Interesting Facts

This is what the Arbat restaurant once looks like today
This is what the Arbat restaurant once looks like today
  • Starting from the middle 70s years and right up to his emigration on the stage "Arbat" spoke Maya Rozova - singer and poetess from Odessa.

  • There was a night restaurant under the main hall. "Labyrinth". His story ended at the beginning 70s years of the last century.
  • At the beginning of 80s "Arbat" won the award "The best restaurant in Europe for holding banquets at the highest level".
  • When the coup began in the country, the life of the restaurant ended. Instead, they opened a huge casino, which lasted until 2009 of the year.
  • Rumor has it that the guests of the institution were fed semi-finished products. But these conjectures are not confirmed by facts, and they do not inspire confidence.

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