Ritchie Blackmore: Ten Chic Tracks Where the Man in Black Is More Dazzling Than Ever

Tried to select the "best of the best" of Blackmore's solos that give you goosebumps...

The best guitar solos of Ritchie Blackmore's career - listen and enjoy

Among the many guitar maestros, Blackmore stands out for its unique style and dazzling brilliance. For many fans classic rock Ritchie is one of the guitar heroes, the guru... And some even call him "Guitar God."! After he successfully established himself in the ranks deep purple, the legendary "man in black" formed the Rainbow. Weary of both, Blackmore finally plunged into the world that had so long beckoned him... And it Old English Romanticismwhich is vividly embodied in the work of Blackmore's Night! It seems that it was this project that made Ritchie really happy. Despite the fact that some of the fans were surprised and didn't fully understand such steep changes, we can be sincerely happy for our favorite guitarist. Speaking of his fantastic abilities...

With Purple, Rainbow, or his wife Candace, regardless of the project or style, Richie has always remained "the guitar wizard."! A legend whose playing has always been more distinctive and unique than that of dozens of other colleagues on stage - Blackmore composed and performed some of the most memorable and influential riffs in history! And his solo deserve special attention. In fact, that's what we decided to organize today. We have tried to select the "best of the best Blackmore soloThe selection promises to be diverse.

"Child in Time."

deep purple
deep purple

In general, on the "Child in Time." every member of Purple sounds more amazing than ever! Absolutely everyone in the band shines here in a special way, and, of course, Richie, whose solo can't leave you indifferent. The playful alternation of slow brooding and full of sonic chaos aggravates the feeling of the song, while Blackmore's epic solo bursts into the middle, like a tornado that suddenly assembles from a pile of melodic tones.

For a while, Ritchie literally stole this track, and blew it up! A sea of emotion and a minimum of words - it's bright, bold and brilliant.

"Highway Star."

Ritchie Blackmore
Ritchie Blackmore

Some call "Highway Star." "a badass mixture of Bach and Hendrix"! The song is considered one of the most famous driving compositions in rock, and it is not surprising that Purple fans enjoy listening to it to this day.

And the solo has long been dubbed one of the best not just in Blackmore's career, but in his time and genre in general!

Ritchie himself said the following about this solo:

"I wanted it to sound like someone driving a fast car, so it would be one of those songs that you would listen to at high speed. And I wanted a very definite Bach sound, so I played these very hard arpeggios in a very familiar Bach progression - Dm, Gm, Cmaj, Amaj. I believe I was the first to do this so obviously on the guitar. I think that's why this solo is so different from everything else..."

"Fires at Midnight."

Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candace Knight
Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candace Knight

And this is one of Blackmore's best solos as a member. Blackmore's Night! A great melodic feast, a true extravaganza, an eruption of feelings and emotions...

At first it resembles a slow burning. It is not until the fifth minute that Blackmore finally begins to play a fiery and incendiary guitar solo. The sensuality builds up slowly, but the sound is hypnotizing from the beginning until it explodes near the end.


It is said that Blackmore's opening solo from Lazy in itself inspired many people to pick up the guitar. Not without reason listeners dubbed it one of the most legendary solos in history.

By the way: the studio version of the track lasts somewhere over seven minutes, but Blackmore - like a true guitar guru - often improvised, creating much more lengthy interpretationswhen "Lazy" was performed live.


Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore
Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore

As it seems to us, "Stargazer." represents the zenith of Blackmore's collaboration with Dio: while Ronnie tells the story of an arrogant wizard, Blackmore creates a symphonic oriental atmosphere around her... The result is delightful!

Speaking of images, Ritchie's solo in "Stargazer" reminds us personally of a night sky full of cosmic dustand wonders and stars...

"Gates of Babylon"

At "The Gates of Babylon." also has a strong oriental flavor, but this time Blackmore appropriately makes the song much more sinister.

This is undoubtedly one of his best solos and further proof of why many consider him a guitar God.


Ritchie Blackmore
Ritchie Blackmore

This rousing track is outstanding in both the studio and live versions. And Richie, with his skill, which translated into a terrific solo, really "set the song on fire.!

By the way: the song, like the entire album, was recorded with David Coverdale on vocals. And her beautiful lyrics reflected Blackmore's growing interest in the Middle Ages and witchcraft in particular.


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