Rick Rubin - Top Songs of the 1980s by the Most Influential Producer

Based on this selection, it becomes clear: Rick Rubin is not just a producer. He is an innovator who is not accustomed to limiting himself to any particular genre.

Top 9 Major Songs Of The 80s By Rick Rubin

The Def Jam Records label, which was born in the mid-1980s, is legendary ... It's understandable: Rick Rubin launched a record company right from the hostel in which he lived as a student of New York University!

And who doesn’t know about the legendary antics of the producer, which repeatedly hit the headlines of top publications? Yes, the life of this outstanding person could very well form the basis of some exciting film ...

In the field of producing, Rubin has always been distinguished by his creative thinking and unconventional way of thinking. His brash rock sound and influence from the punk scene were key in establishing hip-hop as a commercial force!

We invite you to enjoy the coolest tracks produced by this genius!

9. LL Cool J - Going Back To Cali (1988)

A hip-hop/rap song featured on the soundtrack to the film Less Than Zero. The single reached the Billboard Top 40 and also reached the Top 20 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. In 1991, the work was awarded the RIAA Gold Medal.

Rick Rubin later recalled:

“Sometimes I can write a song about anything. However, Going Back To Cali turned out to be a very personal thing for me. I often spent time in California, where I found inspiration for writing this song ... By the way: I think this was the last record made with LL Cool J!

8. Run-DMC - Christmas In Hollis (1987)

This is a kind of magic in the hip-hop genre! The title of the song refers to Hollis, the New York area where the members of Run-DMC grew up.

Rick Rubin on how his love of music turned into a dazzling career:

“My family wanted me to get a law degree. However, my parents also supported me in all my endeavors, including music… At first, I considered it as a hobby, a youthful hobby… I never considered music to be my main job or profession. But soon it became an integral part of my life ... "

7. Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (1987)

This song, released as part of the debut album of the Beastie Boys, was included in the New Musical Express magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list. Furthermore! She, as well as the famous Hey Ladies, is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

By the way: why did the Licensed To Ill album itself become incredibly successful? Word to Rick Rubin:

“We've been recording all this stuff for a long, long time... And the reason why Licensed To Ill has been such a success is because absolutely every song has a life of its own! Of course, we could have recorded this record in a couple of months ... But then we did not have such breadth and depth! In general, we spent 2 years of our lives on this work ... This album reflects all the events of that time that somehow influenced us ... "

6. Beastie boys - Girls (1986)

This song was the last single from the debut album Licensed to Ill. By the way: a very curious fact is connected with Girls: the Beastie boys never performed it live ... Simply because this composition did not meet their rap standards.

Here's what Rick Rubin had to say about the song:

“Girls was written by me on the train. She was influenced by Shout! The Isley Brothers. The melody was in my head all the way and I just made my own version of it… Yeah, the lyrics of Girls came out really stupid… But the song sounds really cool!”

5. Beastie Boys - The New Style (1986)

Another great hip hop song.

Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, later recalled how the Beastie Boys decided to leave the company:

“It was difficult for these guys to get along with Lior and Rick. If Lior was a leader in every sense of the word, then Rick was just a genius ... I'm sure if they stayed, then their next album would go on the world market! They would be at the level of Eminem, and maybe even higher ... But it was easier for them to leave. This is their choice".

4. Beastie Boys - No Sleep Til Brooklyn (1986)

This song was released as a single in 1987. Its title, No Sleep Til Brooklyn, is a play on the title of Motörhead's No Sleep 'til Hammersmith album.

Listen to Rick Rubin:

“We wrote lyrics together: we shared ideas, and then put them together ... We chatted a lot about this and that ... Almost every evening we visited the Danceteria club. There we really hung out and had fun, found inspiration and just had a good time after work. By the way: work on this song lasted a whole month ... "

3. Run-DMC ft. Aerosmith - Walk This Way (1986)

At first, this song belonged exclusively to the rock band Aerosmith! She first saw the light as part of the album Toys in the Attic. The author of the hit is Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. In early 1977, Walk This Way reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. But soon everyone forgot about her, like the group itself ...

Rick Rubin, who has always loved bold experiments with sound, brought Aerosmith back in popularity in the 80s! It was then that Walk This Way was re-recorded by rockers together with Run-DMC!

This cover spawned a new genre - rap-rock!

2. LL Cool J - Rock The Bells (1986)

This composition is certainly familiar to all fans of LL Cool J. Later, the hip-hop artist recalled how he signed a contract with Rick Rubin's label:

“For a long time I sent my demos to various major labels, but they all refused to cooperate with me ... Then I sent the cassette to Rick. I remember calling him - I was eager to find out if he listened and what he thought ... Finally, he called me back and we agreed to meet ... "


“…We first met in the hostel at 5 University Place. He said, "I'm Rick." And I was amazed and said: “You, Rick? I thought you were black!"

1. T La Rock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours (1984)

In his interview, Rick Rubin shared the details of the creation of this song:

“It's Yours was the first record I made purely by myself! I knew we were all doing really interesting, deep things! Each of them was cool and unique ... But It's Yours was in my eyes a masterpiece ... "


Based on this selection, it becomes clear: Rick Rubin is not just a producer. He is an innovator who is not accustomed to limiting himself to any particular genre. He does not just create a marketable sound... This person helps talented people to reveal their rich potential!

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