"I am a golden-haired God": a journey through Robert Plante's career and reflections

"I was just lucky to have limousines waiting outside!"

How Robert Plante's career took shape, and what he himself thinks about the bygone days of his youth

Robert Plant needs no introduction. The man has left a profound mark on the history of rock around the world, thanks to Led Zeppelin He became known as an exceptional vocalist, talented songwriter, and simply "God of Rock". His mesmerizing plastique on stage drove the audience crazy - Plante really looked like a deity, with his wheat curls, his bare chest, and his seemingly effortless movements... One day Robert shouted out of a hotel window:

"I am a golden-haired God!"

Robert Plant on the balcony of the Riot House Hotel
Robert Plant on the balcony of the Riot House Hotel

The public doesn't dare argue with that. When it comes to Plante and Zeppelin, the first thing fans remember is the band's favorite tracks and, of course, the wild rock and roll days of its members! But Robert is so much more than that. Rebel of the '70s and '80s. His biography is rich and his reflections are profound...

"Live the life that is demanded of you."

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

From a young age, Plante was Enchanted by music - especially his mind was stirred by American icons.

"America was the main source of inspiration for many of the rockers of those years. It was noisy, scandalous, revolutionary... Young people were constantly protesting and rebelling in the United States, and these sentiments inspired the songs, the music... We all wanted to express them through our art. As for me, as a teenager I was cut off from this wild but alluring world. Every once in a while my radio would pick up something Smokey Robinson-esque. But then I knew what I wanted. So definitely - America was the starting point of my journey into the world of rock!

But as is often the case, his parents did not share his son's position, which is why Plante even left home when he was not 18 years.

"My parents wanted me to get an economics degree, and I wanted to be part of the rock movement. Later we made up, but looking back, I have never regretted my decision. I made my dream come true - I did something that made my heart burn! Meanwhile, many of my acquaintances had gone to school, built families, found jobs... Except that most of them were not happy with their lives. They were living the life that was demanded of them. They were extremely unhappy..."

The Led Zeppelin crash that didn't happen

Led Zeppelin's private jet
Led Zeppelin's private jet

Before Zeppelin, Plant had already had a chance to gain a foothold on the local scene and become acquainted with John Bonham - It was he who recommended his comrade for the role of drummer.

"John was an incredible person! He was open, emotional, talented... I remember when we went to a nightclub and Bobby "Blue" Bland and the orchestra were playing. John, without a shadow of a doubt, made his way to the stage and sat at the bandstand. He played "Farther Up the Road" and "Turn On Your Love Light! His confidence was the envy of him!"

John Bonham
John Bonham

Sadly, Bonham was not gone too soon. For the whole world, his death was colossal lossFor Zeppelin members it was comparable to the loss of a family member.

"I couldn't influence him, couldn't control him. We didn't live together, and the fact that he was using and drinking a lot was his own leisure time. Outside the studio I had my life and he had his. We were good friends, and sometimes we'd go to a bar together. But I didn't watch John every five minutes..."

Before Led Zeppelin, Plante already had several singles, which turned out to be Failed. So, Keith Moon of The Who once joked that the band's debut album would be the wreck of "the world's biggest lead blimp"! That's where the name came from. But Moon was wrong - already with the first album Zeppelin made a loud statement, and with the second one Plante showed his poetic talent. His mythical images delighted even the gawking crowd, not to mention the engaged listeners...

Personal tragedies

Robert Plant with children (the deceased Karak is in his arms...)
Robert Plant and his children (holding the dead Karak)

In fact, Zeppelin's fate is repeatedly was hanging by a thread and before Bonham's death. In 1977, Robert lost his Karak's son - at which point the band was on tour. Plante was heartbroken and even decided to quit music.

"At the time I thought it was my fault - I thought it was all because I was away from my family. I wanted to get a job as a teacher and start spending more time with my loved ones..."

Plante was talked out of this venture by Bonham, who, by the vocalist's own admission, has always been strong backbone and support for him.

Fear of Solo Creation

Robert Plant and Phil Collins
Robert Plant and Phil Collins

Plante was able to build successful solo career after the breakup of Zeppelin - he started in 1982 with the album "Pictures at Eleven..

In his creative work "God of Rock" mixed elements of folk, blues, African music, psychedelia, Roots-rock and more! This time Robert could boldly experiment with the sound - back in the days of Led Zeppelin, he was striving to move away from the mawkish rumble to the more complex acoustic works. A great role in his solo formation was played by Phil Collins.

"I had a hard time at first. And Phil was at such a huge peak and very prolific. If he didn't like something, he'd stop halfway through and get up and tell people why it wasn't quite right. I liked that because I was still tiptoeing around, not knowing how to act with other musicians..."

"I'm a lucky man!"

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

At the height of their popularity, tickets to Zeppelin concerts sold out faster than concerts Elvis Presley! It's no secret that the king of rock-roll was an inspiration to Plante in his early years. And one day Presley came to their concert because he was interested in a band that overtaken him!

"That moment is hard to describe with words: he was making his way through the crowd to the stage. Everyone was in shock!"

When asked if he felt rock star, Plante replied:

"No. I was just a lucky guy who had limousines waiting outside!"


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