The moment when Robert Plant decided to become a singer

"I was obsessed with it all!" noted Plante. "One night my classmates asked me to sing in their band The Jurymen at some concert in Swadlincote. I looked into the audience, into the eyes of the real love in front of me: to my right, to my left, and a blonde standing somewhere in front... Oh my God! From that moment on I knew what I wanted to do!"

Why Robert Plant decided to build a career as a vocalist - details about the Led Zeppelin legend

Robert Plant - The internationally renowned British singer and songwriter, who gained fame and great recognition as the vocalist and lyricist of the legendary Led Zeppelin rock band...Plante has been a great success since the end of 1960's And all the way through 1970's years. He became the idol of millions, maintaining the charming image of the charismatic frontman! Well-built, with a long blond mane of wavy hair - he deservedly got his title "The God of Rock 'n' Roll."! The band broke up with the advent of 1980sbut Robert Plant continued to cooperate periodically with his ex-colleague Jimmy Pagewith whom I also participated in the project The Honeydrippers

Robert Plant He is beloved by fans not only for his outward charm and charisma, but also for his powerful voice, through which he has built a successful singing career spanning more than 50 years...To see his skill for yourself, you only have to listen to the famous "Stairway to Heaven" or "Whole Lotta Love! Not without reason it is included in a number of prestigious lists and rankings, such as "The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time according to Rolling Stone. By the way: in 2011 Plante was voted the best vocalist in history by the readers of this magazine! And previously the publication Planet Rock called him "the greatest voice of rock. However... we all know the merits of this man, but what do we know about the moment when Robert Plant decided to become a singer? In fact, it's a very fascinating and inspiring story...

Early influences and lucid dreams in bleak Staffordshire

Robert Plant as a young man.
Robert Plant as a young man.

Relatively normal upbringing of a vocalist Robert Plant's Led Zeppelin in the West Midlands was far from the alluring glitz and glamour that had suffocated him throughout his adult life... Plante spent most of his childhood looking out the window and dreaming of an escape, or at least a bike ride to the picturesque Welsh borders from his home... Plante was an only child in the family until he was 11 years.and he really had a lot of free time. As he grew older, music began to play a larger role in his life, and suddenly it was all that mattered... Even though he grew up in a remote town in the Midlandsrather than in a big, advanced metropolis, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Plante! Strange as it may seem, the Stourbridge was a promising music scene from which Robert were destined to meet...

The Magic of Stourbridge

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

Every week. at Stourbridge Town Hall concerts were held, and it gave Plantu the opportunity to see many of the stars of that time and place... The future frontman Led Zeppelin loved spending time in the crowd watching the incredibly talented musicians! At the same time, he knew in his heart that one day he too would take his place on that sacred stage...

"I pushed my stamp collection aside and found myself cycling to Stourbridge in the West Midlands at night and working at Woolworth's every weekend so I could buy a ticket to Stourbridge Town Hall for five shillings... There, on stage, real magic was happening! The curtain would come down and Gene Vincent, Screaming Lord Sutch and others would appear... Everything seemed so otherworldly, even the gels used in the spotlights...". - the singer told The Guardian.

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

Plante continues, "Suddenly my fellow King Edward VI gymnasium students had pointy shoes and slicked-back hair, and girls were wearing petticoats. Everyone was getting ready to be fashionable, and it was all playing out among the blood, sweat, and cheap perfume on the dance floor... To me, Stourbridge was a kind of 'black' Beverly Hills!"

A moment of truth for the future idol of generations...

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

Those life-affirming nights spent at the town hall, when artists such as Gene Vincent and Screaming Lord Sutch tear your brain apart, made Plante take the microphone and repeat their greatness... When he finally got a call from a friend and offered to sing in his band, Plante not nervous - it was what he was born to do, and by the end of the show everyone in attendance was in agreement with that statement...

"I was obsessed with it all!" noted Plante. "One night my classmates asked me to sing in their band The Jurymen at some concert in Swadlincote. I looked into the audience, into the eyes of the real love in front of me: to my right, to my left, and a blonde standing somewhere in front... Oh my God! From that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do!"

Youth and formative years Planta were built around the concerts he attended throughout his youth, which gave him reason to believe there was much more to life than Stourbridge. Growing up on a diet of the greatest showmen, Plante was more than ready when the time came for him to go on stage... And the singer has never looked back since.


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