Robert Plant in facts: the thorny path of a star, full of ups and downs

“The first thing Jimmy asked me then was what Robert looks like! I told him, “Well... He looks like a Greek god, but that doesn't matter. I'm talking about how he sings. It's amazing..."

We reveal little-known facts about the iconic god of rock and roll

Robert Plant - the legend of the rock industry! No wonder he was christened "God of Rock and Roll": a chic figure, lush wheat-colored hair, an amazing voice that at one time excited millions of women's hearts ... At the peak of popularity "Led Zeppelin" Plant was not just the vocalist of the group: he was its talisman and face! Overall, he was a driving force in the rock and roll scene. 70s, leading a luxurious and depraved lifestyle, which, along with music, brought him great fame. "Zeppelin" broke up a long time ago, times have changed, as well as the public with its tastes. But history is eternal. And today we decided to highlight the most curious facts about one of the most influential figures in the world of rock.

He was not the first choice for Zeppelin

"Led Zeppelin"
"Led Zeppelin"

Today "Led Zeppelin" impossible to imagine with someone else instead Planta! However, if not for pure chance, the story would have been completely different.

Terry Reid
Terry Reid

Terry Reid is a British rock musician who has been friends with the members of Zeppelin for a long time. It's no wonder that being a good comrade Jimmy Page invited him to become the voice of the group.

“Jimmy suggested starting our own band when we were teenagers. He asked if I was interested, to which I replied, "Yes, but I'm going to tour with the Stones." Alas, I had already signed the contract, and therefore could not join Zeppelin ... "

Nevertheless, it was Reed who advised Page of two of his future colleagues - Robert Plante and John Bonham.

“The first thing Jimmy asked me then was what Robert looks like! I told him, “Well… He looks like a Greek god, but that doesn't matter. I'm talking about how he sings. It's amazing…"

Finally Reid managed to carve out a modest career as a rocker, and Zeppelin become world music giants!

He lost his little son

Robert Plant with children (the deceased Karak is in his arms...)
Robert Plant with children (the deceased Karak is in his arms ...)

This tragedy happened in 1977 year, when the group plunged into constant tension, before breaking up for good in 1980. While Plant and his colleagues were touring USA, the vocalist's 5-year-old son suddenly died of a stomach virus ... Upon learning of this, Robert immediately rushed home. Subsequently, he said that after what happened, he was seriously considering quitting the stage: the cult rock singer planned to become a teacher.

“I realized that I have to take care of my family, give it more time. I even applied for a job at Rudolf Steiner College in Sussex. I just wanted to get away from it—get away and forget about it!” Robert continues: “It was terrible. I hate the media: they were buzzing about the death of my boy at every turn! It was not easy to deal with this loss. I am very grateful to everyone who supported me during this difficult time. I am especially grateful to John Bonham, who literally saved me ... "

The famous "All My Love" was written by Plant as a sign of love and respect for his late son.

He was supposed to be an accountant

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

If at the time Plante listened to his parents, not his heart, there would be one less iconic vocalist in this world. The fact is that the family did not share Robert's passion for music. The parents were sure that their son should become accountant! And point.

Fortunately, Robert had a completely different outlook on life. He easily said goodbye to school to first join the local group, and then to Zeppelin and become part of a great story ... By the way: he was independent of his parents in every sense of the word. Starting his musical career, Plant worked part-time at a road construction company to somehow make ends meet.

He paid the radio station $10,000 to never hear "Stairway To Heaven" again.

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

"Stairway To Heaven" one of the greatest rock songs and one of the biggest hits of his career "Led Zeppelin"! But what is most surprising, Plant, who wrote the lyrics to it himself, was against this composition. In one of his interviews, the vocalist stated that "a sugary wedding tune", which he hates. As confirmation of his words, one day Robert paid the radio station $10,000never to hear "Stairway To Heaven" again.

One can only imagine how much the radio DJ was shocked.

He repeatedly turned down a Led Zeppelin reunion.

Led Zeppelin and Jason Bonham
Led Zeppelin and Jason Bonham

After its collapse in 1980 year Zeppelin united several times and went on stage, as, for example, it happened in 2007 year. But Plant had no desire to do it again and again, despite all the possibilities ...

“We were surrounded by an army of people who could easily set our souls on fire! I'm not part of the jukebox! I'm over 60, what are you talking about? If we do reunite, it won't be the same story, and it won't be the same Zeppelin. It is important to understand this. I'd rather enjoy the rest of my time playing bingo with joy, drive, humor, strength and absolute self-satisfaction. This is not about Led Zeppelin,” the musician said in 2014.

He pretended to be sick during the tour to watch football

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Throughout his life, Robert Plant has been obsessed not only with music, but also with football. There are rumors that back in time Zeppelin, he pretended to be sick during the tour to watch football.

Since 2009, Plant has been vice president of Wolverhampton Wanderers, his favorite football club, of which he has been a devoted follower for over six decades.

He loves to iron his clothes before going on stage.

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

Plant may sacrifice food or even healthy sleep in order to get on stage and please his fans. But he will definitely never betray one ritual: ironing his clothes. So, on the eve of the already legendary reunion "Led Zeppelin" in London at 2007 In 1999, the vocalist revealed that he "urgently needed an ironing board in the dressing room before the show". According to the musician, clean and ironed clothes cheer him up!

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