Robert Zemeckis is a genius no one believed in

Do you like to learn about interesting people? We have prepared for you the biography and success story of director Robert Zemeckis!

Biography of the outstanding director Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis is an outstanding director, screenwriter and producer. His talent is recognized all over the world, films are loved by critics and viewers. He managed to receive more than one award, including several Oscars for directing and a Golden Globe. His name is associated with the paintings "Back to the Future", "Forrest Gump" and others.

An outstanding director and screenwriter was born near Chicago on May 14, 1951, he grew up in a small town called McHenry. The star's parents, ethnic Poles and ardent Catholics Alfons Zemeckis and Rosa Nespeka, moved to the United States from Lithuania. The family was not interested in art, but even as a child, the boy began to show a craving for cinema. When his parents' video camera was in his hands, Zemeckis began to shoot family holidays, and eventually amateur films, where he practiced applying his own special effects.

Robert Zemeckis in his youth
Robert Zemeckis in his youth

In his interviews, he said that when he was little, his parents and family honored the church, but did not read books and did not listen to music. Television was his only opportunity to get in touch with art. Despite the clear potential the family did not want to recognize his son's passion creative activity, mistaking it for a useless occupation. Moreover, relatives insisted that he choose a more relevant and useful profession for himself when the young Zemeckis announced his intention to receive an education in this direction.

Student years

Watching one of the releases of The Johnny Carson Show, Zemeckis learned about the education of the field of directing, after which he decided to get this particular profession. After graduating from school, the future student immediately sent his documents to the School of Cinematic Arts in Southern California. Especially for admission, he presented author's video for the song of the legendary band The Beatles and wrote an essay on the topic. Despite all the efforts, at that time the future Hollywood star failed to enter the university, there was not enough level of school education and the knowledge gained. After exams at an interview with the admissions committee, Zemeckis convinced her that he would eliminate all problems as soon as possible, the board could not refuse to train the young talent.

Zemeckis gives an interview
Zemeckis gives an interview

Soon Zemeckis met the writer and talented screenwriter Bob Gale, together they worked on the scenes for the film Tales from the Crypt. The director and screenwriter became not only colleagues, but true friends, together they created many outstanding films. He began his first steps in a directing career while studying at school, presented in 1972 two films at once - "After Honor" and "Elevator". The pictures were noticed by the then outstanding producer Steven Spielberg, he helped Zemeckis to start his career and build a successful career.

creative way

Together with Gale, Zemeckis continued to work on film scripts, although his own early film work was not very successful. At the same time, they were praised by critics, and the scripts were recognized as very interesting. In working circles, the two young people were considered talented guys who were simply unlucky with commercial success. In 1984, Zemeckis filmed adventure film "Romancing the Stone", the main characters on the screen were embodied by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Due to the success and popularity of the picture, the director realized that he had potential, and immediately went to the leading studios with a request to shoot his next picture, which tells about time travel.

Robert works with the film crew
Robert works with the film crew

Then he failed to persuade someone to take up the job, the idea seemed very strange and inappropriate. After long negotiations, the shooting nevertheless took place at the Universal Pictures studio, but at Disney they gave him a categorical refusal. As soon as she debuted part 1 back to the future, it produced the effect of an exploding bomb. The director and the team agreed to shoot two more films, and not only all the film studios, but also the actors wanted to work with the author of the script. All three parts of the film are still considered classics of cinema, Zemeckis received worldwide recognition and fame thanks to them.

Zemeckis breaks into the industry

Already in his next work, he decided to embody the most daring ideas, using unique technologies that combine cinema and animation. The result was the picture "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." The filmmakers received a huge fortune for it, and the director himself was awarded four Oscar statuettes. One of the most outstanding works of Zemeckis is "Forrest Gump", who won six Oscars, one of them for directorial work. The story of the protagonist was conveyed to the audience by actor Tom Hanks.

It was with him that Zemeckis worked on the set of the story "Outcast". The picture also received recognition from critics and viewers. Four years later, the picture saw the light "Polar Express". This time, Robert Zemeckis decided to use a completely new "motion capture" technology. First, the camera filmed the facial expressions of the actors in detail, and then animated them. Beofulf was filmed in the same technique, it was released in 2007.

Two years later, the audience was pleased with the animated film "A Christmas Carol". In 2015, the producer presented to the audience a story called “Walk”, based on real life events, and a year later he invited him to shoot his new painting "Allies" charming Marion Cotillard and Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Robert Zemeckis has repeatedly noted that all his characters in films have the characters of real people, it was from them that habits and behavior were borrowed.

Director's personal life

In his interviews, the director noted that he devotes too much time to work, so it was not easy to find a woman who would put up with the absence of her husband. IN the first time he married back in 1980, and the aspiring actress Mary Traynor became the chosen one of the talented screenwriter. Soon the couple had a son, Alexander, but they failed to maintain the union.

Robert Zemeckis and Mary Trainor
Robert Zemeckis and Leslie Harter

The second time Zemeckis legitimized her relationship with Leslie Harter, an American actress, in 2001. In marriage, they had two children, and the couple say that they are very happy. Zemeckis continues to work on author projects, using an extraordinary approach to work and outstanding talent.


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