Maly has matured: What was the fate of Robertino Loretti, singer of the hits "O sole mio" and "Jamaica"

People of the mind could not attach where and why this little singer disappeared? But the little one has matured: after returning to the stage after his long absence, Roberto was no longer so interesting to the public...

Biography of the owner of the "angelic voice" Robertino Loretti (Robertino Loretti)

Robertino Loretti - an Italian singer who, as a child, conquered the whole world with his angelic voice. In its prime 60s his name was well known to everyone: the wonderful performance of Roberto flowed with a gentle ringing melody, his young voice was so beautiful ... Yes, this is the same Loretti who gave us all the famous "Jamaica"! The boy's popularity grew exponentially, and then he just took off and disappeared. People of the mind could not attach where and why this young singer disappeared? But the little one has matured: after returning to the stage after a long absence, Roberto was no longer so interesting to the public.

Early years

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

In my time "Jamaica" and others hits loretti came from every Soviet iron! And not only Soviet. We can say that Robertino began to sing from the cradle - already in six years the boy was a soloist in the church choir. From that moment began his dazzling career.

The future artist was born in a poor large Italian family in 1947 year. It was difficult for parents to feed eight mouths, and since little Robertino had a beautiful voice from birth, the head of the family decided to take advantage of this. Little Loretti performed on the streets of Rome, helping the family make ends meet. At the age of six he was sent to the church choir, and at eight he was already a soloist in chorus of the Rome Opera House!

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

Then the voice of Robertino was called divine, and it is not surprising that the boy performed the parts of angels. His ability touched Pope!

Success and recognition

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

Success fell on Loretti after participating in a competition on local radio. In their 13 years the boy struck the listeners on the spot and scored the most votes, having won and opening big doors to a brighter future for himself.

He was directly involved in the show program of the Olympic Games 1960 years, and the audience was literally crazy about this sweet-voiced boy. Many even called him the Italian nightingale.

Denmark meets Robertino

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

Execution of Loreti famous "O sole mio" deeply moved an influential music critic from Denmark. Having recorded the number on a tape recorder, upon arrival at home, the man hastened to share his discovery with colleagues! Everyone was delighted with the Italian nightingale, and soon Robertino went to conquer a new country.

He lived in Denmark for four whole years, during which he managed to earn a big name for himself. His youth was accompanied by tours, fans, success and applause. But, despite the insane popularity and good fees, Loretti was very homesick for his native Italy. From his personal memoirs:

“There were three concerts a day! It was exhausting. I wanted to spend time like all the boys of my age: play football, go for walks, have fun with friends ... Then this tour in cold Finland, where I spent almost half a year. It was incredibly sad and lonely…”

But none of those who enjoyed the angelic voice of an Italian boy could imagine what it was like for him.

Sudden pause and scary rumors

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

Oddly enough, today many are sure that at the peak of his popularity, Robertino visited Soviet Union with tours. But it's not. Yes, his wild popularity overcame the Iron Curtain, but for the first time Loretti came to the USSR only in 1989 year! But domestic fans were looking forward to him when he was a boy. But they didn't wait. The reason for this was a kind of greed: the artists received mere pennies for the tour, while most of the fees went to the state treasury. Knowing this system, the producer Robertino refused, despite prayer requests and persuasion.

People did not know about this and continued to wait for the Italian nightingale. And in the meantime, he disappeared from sight - no new songs, no tours. And if the whole world knew the true reason for this disappearance, in the Soviet Union they interpreted it in their own way. So, the domestic media blamed the stingy producers who tortured the boy for everything, and as a result of this Loretti supposedly lost his voice. Other versions have been put forward, among which are a serious cold and a prick with a contaminated needle. And there was some truth in it.

The true reason for the disappearance

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

It seemed Loretti reached the peak of popularity: huge circulations, including sales of records in the USSR, touring around the world, money. According to Robertino, at that time he really wanted to visit Soviet Union. But the artist did not know the financial policy, and therefore his producer personally communicated with the Soviet leader. He also answered with a refusal.

The situation has become extremely unpleasant. The Soviet people were waiting for an answer, but no one wanted to tell the truth. And then one resourceful person put forward a rather curious, but false legend, allegedly Robertino lost his voice. Then hypotheses followed, allegedly the boy became seriously ill, and soon this really happened.

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

It happened in Austria, during the filming of the film "Cavalina Rossa". Loretti caught a serious cold and was injected with a dirty needle, and soon the infection process began. Luckily, the boy's life was saved. Due to age in the same period, his voice began to break. And soon the angelic young voice underwent serious changes.

Return and glory after

Robertino Loreti
Robertino Loretti

Approximately in the middle 60s Loretti returned to the stage, but there was no such excitement around the artist: his wonderful angelic voice lost its youthful freshness and acquired dramatic notes. Nevertheless, the career continued. He delighted the audience with new songs, not forgetting the old ones loved by the whole world. But there was no more frenzied interest around his person.

Already in 1973 Robertino leaves the stage: the artist is tired of constant touring, and fashionable musical trends did not attract him at all, which is why his popularity was inexorably falling. For some time he was a producer and even opened his own grocery store near his home. However, with the onset of the 80s, he again returned to his usual concert life.

Of course, the previous success was no longer there. But even today, despite the considerable age of the artist, Robertino Loretti is still a welcome guest at various venues. So often he no longer tours, but over the years of active concert activity, he especially fell in love with Russia.

Interesting Facts

Robertino Loreti years later...
Robertino Loretti years later
  • Robertino Loretti does not accept soundtrack. The artist recognizes only live sound and, despite his considerable age, continues to tour around the world with pleasure.
  • When Robertino was just a boy, the owners of local cafes actively competed for him. Today, the singer himself owns bars and a nightclub, in which he gives concerts from time to time.
  • Loretti is an avid horse lover! He has his own stable with thoroughbred beauties, and his favorite sport is equestrianism.
  • The guy with an angelic voice was wildly popular among the fair sex. Both ordinary fans and rich ladies were in love with him, however, in 20 years Loretti gave his heart to the one who became the mother of his children. Subsequently, the couple separated, and Robertino married a second time. In his own words, he is a big liar, but he never changed his choice.
  • As a child, Robero played episodic roles in the films "Anna" and "The Return of Don Camillo".
  • In 1963 year when the first female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova flew around our planet, she asked to include Robertino Loretti on her.

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