"Who the hell is this Pink Floyd of yours?" - the real people from whom iconic rock bands got their name

So who was Pink Floyd, how did a revolutionary in the agricultural industry write his name into the annals of rock, and how did an old woman give her name to a modern band?

Rock band names inspired by real people

"How did the band get its name? What was the inspiration behind it? Or... could it be someone real?". Probably every rock fan has at least once in their life asked themselves these questions questions. And it is not surprising: some groups chose such bright and unusual names that you can't help but wonder what inspired the participants to make such a bold choice.

So who is Pink Floydhow a revolutionary in the agricultural industry put his name in the annals of rock, and how an old woman gave her name to a modern band? It's real peoplefrom which iconic rock bands get their names!

Pink Floyd exists, really - it's not just one person

Perhaps the most interesting name goes to the collective Pink Floyd - kings of psychedelia and prog rock. The band has always stood out from their peers with their deeper, more philosophical and sophisticated work. Today, this cult band boasts an extensive catalog of classic compositions, cool album covers that are rightfully considered works of art, and a big name. But actually, where did it come from?

Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett
Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett

The story goes that the idea of naming a band "Pink Floyd" came to the mind of its original leader Syd Barrett. Allegedly one day Sid was perusing his record collection for inspiration and came across the works of blues artists Kick Anderson (Pink Anderson) and Floyd Counsil (Floyd Council). Seeing these two names, Barrett mentally put them together and realized that Pink Floyd would be the perfect name for the band!

Alas, the two performers who served as Sid's inspiration never met the Floyds in person. And if you ever thought Pink Floyd was a name or an alias. one of the participantsIt may amuse you to know that record companies thought the same way in the early days of the band. For example, one executive once asked the musicians: "So: which one of you is Pink?". The band eventually incorporated this line into the lyric "Have a Cigar.".

"The band is fantastic,
I actually think so.
Oh yeah, by the way, which one of you is Pink?"

Jethro Tull was an agricultural revolutionary who wrote his name in the annals of rock

About the band Jethro Tull The band is one of the most brilliant British bands in the history of rock. The band is renowned for its recognizable style, backed up by a flute leader Ian Anderson! By the way: the use of such an instrument in the rock industry was a big breakthrough, and the band quickly gained fans and... hits. Myself Ritchie Blackmore admits to being a big fan of Jethro Tull and Anderson in particular. However, not only the band is legendary, but also its name - or rather the man who inspired it.

Jethro Tull Group
Jethro Tull Group

Jethro Tull - an agricultural revolutionary, a British agronomist who invented the seed drill and much more. Simply put - his name stands far down in the history of agriculture. And now rock. But why was a prog-rock band inspired by this particular man? A question every fan has probably asked....

When the first variation of the group formed in 1963, they were called the The Blades. Over the next few years, the musicians changed a number of names because they weren't very good, and it was easier to get repeat bookings in clubs if they pretended to be another band (according to their frontman). But in 1968, when they started playing regular club gigs. Marquee in London, they still had to settle on a name. The name Jethro Tull was suggested by their agent, a large history buffand the guys agreed. That's the whole story.

A "tribute" to the teacher

Lynyrd Skynyrd - some of the brightest representatives southern rock. The band had a great reputation, but suffered a huge tragedy in which they lost members... Alas, their story will never be the same. Despite this, Skynyrd left a deep mark in rock history and a great legacy.

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Like so many other bands when Skynyrd first formed - they're now and then renamed. But in the end they settled on a name that every classic rock fan knows well today. However, what almost no one really knows is that the band got its name from physical education teachers! And no, it's not the tribute that many might think it is now. Leonard Skinner He constantly chased the boys and reprimanded them because of their image - in particular, because of their long hair, which was strictly forbidden. Thanks to him, the participants got kicked out of school, but they achieved musical success!

Leonard was known to be creeped out by it at first. pissed offbut gradually he got used to the "notoriety". His son would later say:

"I think he kind of swallowed it. He didn't like it at first, he had mixed feelings about it later on, but I think eventually he kind of started to be flattered by it."

An old lady can be inspiring, too

Greta Van Fleet
Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet - one of the brightest bands on the modern rock scene. These guys are often referred to as the successors Led Zeppelin because of the distinctive style of their lead singer, Josh Kiszka. However, Robert Plant himself said that "this is one of the few bands that doesn't piss him off". So, we're sure, the Zeppelin fans won't mind the obvious imitation either.

So: Greta Van Fleet is very unusual nameisn't it? But what's even more remarkable is that it was inspired by a middle-aged woman. In an interview, bassist Sam Kiszka said:

"We were rehearsing in the garage - we had our first serious show at AutoFest in Frankenmuth coming up. And Kyle (the drummer) said he had to leave early to help his grandfather with some wood for some woman named Gretna Van Fleet. We didn't even have a name at that point, so we decided that name sounded perfect and after experimenting a bit with Gretna, we appropriated it for ourselves! That woman, by the way, was at our concert and personally gave us her blessing!"


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