The famous hit of the band "Zero," the clip to which everyone has seen

Zero was one of the brightest representatives of the Leningrad rock scene. The musicians of this band stood out against the background of other bands in absolutely everything: from the lyrics to the philosophy of Fyodor Chistyakov. While working on the main song of the band's career, the genius "descended upon the frontman," as authoritative experts said at the time. How the main hit of these punk-folk-rockers "I'm Coming, Smoking" was born, we'll tell you in our article...

History of the song "I'm Coming, Smoking" by Zero: interesting facts, clip

"A Song of Unrequited Love for the Motherland" - album with unconditional hits, which is among the iconic works of the representatives of the Russian rock. Who was its author? A band with a rather unremarkable name - "Zero". It was the result of the Chistyakov frontman's work that became the record that helped them to enter to the "first tier" Russian rock.

"Russian rock is an absolutely inexplicable thing. Not many people understand what it is until now...," confessed Fyodor Chistyakov, the leader of Nol.

As in. foursome of folk musicians It was possible to create a compilation of real hits, largely due to the famous song "I'm going to smoke"? The answer to this question is given by the story of the creation of the fifth track on the list of compositions from that album.

Background: "Zero", which was so beloved in the USSR

Group "Zero" - it's about soulfulness. It was this characteristic of the group that helped to win the hearts of listeners and real recognition in the USSR, and later in Russia. It was founded in 1985 by classmates Fyodor Chistyakovwho played the accordion (which would later become the band's calling card), the drummer Alexei Nikolayev and the guitarist Anatoly Platonov. Then they were joined by the bassist Dmitry Gusakov.

Group "Zero"
Group "Zero"

In Songs. "Zero." felt IronyThe music of Chistyakov literally distracted from the problems of the day. Chistyakov's music literally distracted from the problems of the day, and anyone who had ever heard compositions written by Chistyakov, felt a spiritual unity with the musicians. This was very appealing to a wide audience.

"A very distinctive band. Their 'Song of Unrequited Love for the Motherland' is the best thing they've ever created in rock music," say the musicians' fans.

"Coming, Smoking" is the band's biggest hit

On the 1991 The peak of the band's creativity came when the famous album "A Song of Unrequited Love for the Motherland. Virtually every track on that record has received surprising acclaim. It's also interesting that this album's emphasis on the instrumental component of music, this is no longer a classic punk with electric guitarsbut some new An offshoot of Russian rock, specific and peculiar, largely due to the sound of accordion Chistyakova.

Album tracklist "A Song about Unrequited Love for the Motherland
Album tracklist "A Song about Unrequited Love for the Motherland

On the Leningrad stage, it was he who introduced the element of innovation into the character of rock music and was the first Soviet performer to play this Russian folk instrument. In modern times, perhaps the successor "Uncle Fedor's is a group of "Leningrad"which also adds an element of folk-rock into his art.

It is the song "Coming, smoking."which is the fifth track on the album, helped the band "Zero" to acquire cult status. Uncomplicated text and easy to remember music with a prominent Solo Bajan and folk motifs They make a real hit out of a simple song, which was very much in the spirit of the time and history. The credit for this goes to the frontman of "Nil" Fyodor Chistyakov.

Young Fyodor Chistyakov
Young Fyodor Chistyakov

He owns the idea of the song - it has to do with the singer's personal stories and his experiencesthat he was experiencing at the time of writing "Songs of Unrequited Love for the Motherland"being at the cottage in a small the cultural capital of Komarovo, "a place of literary pilgrimage.

Funny music video

Shooting a video for the song "I'm going to smoke" took place in 1992, a year after the song was released. It was directed by Alex RosenbergHe is a young specialist in the field. He was invited by Bakhyt Kilibayevwho played a role in the creation of the music video for the band's song "Zero" and who was then working as a publicist for "MMM". It was the latter that became idea generator for the video accompaniment of the famous hit. Improvisation, simple ideas, conditional subjects - these principles guided Kilibayevwhen I came up with the clips.

Bakhyt Kilibaev - producer of the music video "I'm Coming, Smoking
Bakhyt Kilibaev - producer of the music video "I'm Coming, Smoking

At the center of the composition is. smoking young man. His companion is a boy who also dabbles in smoke. It is interesting that the clip is shot practically in one frame - it is as if the viewer is watching the lyrical hero from the side, By focusing your attention precisely on main characterOnly once in a while does he notice that some absurd things are going on in the background: fist fights, dancing and others fun.

The original plot design, remarkably, did not match the final plot: it involved the "Uncle Fyodor." and drummer Alexei Nikolaev ("Nichols")However, in the process of filming the musicians ceased to be aware of what was going on and did not follow the director's point instructions, which resulted in Bakhyt Kilibayev decided reshoot the music video in a new way, without their participation.

The non-participation of musicians in the recording is also explained by the commercial idea of the clip. According to Fyodor Chistyakovhe was only indirectly related to this project:

"This song... I'm sure that even back then, I would have chosen a different one to shoot the music video... It was pure idea and work by Bakhyt Kilibayev on a song by the band 'Zero'..."

The true meaning of the song

Although the text "I'm going to smoke" does not have long sentences and abstruse phrases, fans of creativity "Zero." Yet they tried to find some hidden meaning in the words written by Chistyakov:

"It all makes sense! 'Life is beautiful and insanely good' only when you're high!" one music journalist interpreted the lines of the song.

Fyodor Chistyakov playing the accordion
Fyodor Chistyakov playing the accordion

However, according to the author of the lyrics and the leader of the band, the song should not be considered serious:

"Both myself and the other musicians, we didn't think this song was any deep ... It was nothing more than fun. We were more invested in the other songs.

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